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Millers tes were on Latham Street not Leyland Street. Easy mistake to make.

Bulwell maps have moved slightly and are now in a general maps folder here: Mitch

After half an hour I've already been proved correct. The collective brain power of this forum is gob-smacking.

10 hours ago, benjamin1945 said:

I remember Millers the Tea people Smiffy.......they used to sell it direct to houses.....from a little blue Van.......can't think where Leyland st was though..........

Brought back memories Ben, Ringtons the tea people have been in Newcastle since 1907 i remember them delivering to my gran down the back lane but never the front street.

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Funny that Gem i remember Ringtons Tea as well.........don't know if they came down to Nottingham or not?

But in the mid 60s Moores stores took over Marsdens/Farrands and they were a Newcastle company.....and i worked up there for a short while,so might have come across Ringtons up there.................

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Ringtons delivered to Rudd until at least 2000, Mum had their tea for years and we did from 1968 until we moved to Yorkshire in 1971. One of the last things that Mum bought us were two blue and white mugs sold by Ringtons celebrating the Millenium.

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Thanks Ian123 and everyone else too. My Brother has just informed me that it was indeed Latham Street, should have gone to Tabsavers...

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