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Hello yourself, my dear lady!!

Long story. In a nutshell (case, more like!), I was forming a band made up of ex- Some Chicken, ex- Jabs, ex- Agents members, rehearsing a drummer in the back room of the Test Match in '83. The Singer famously hated the drummer personally and vice versa. Having run through the first number, I asked if all were happy with it.

The drummer said 'yes - apart from some bloke shouting his dog in the chorusses'.

The singer said 'yes - apart from some prat putting a shed up somewhere'.

As we were also looking for a name at the time, I decided on Shedfixman and the Dogshouters; although we later decided on The Raving Shirtcliffes - after clocking a law firm's wall plaque as we staggered out of the Ad Lib club one morning. All of us would soon go on to form a much more famous local group and for no sensible reason whatsoever, I took the title with me. For the long moment it would be improper to give this group's or my actual name; other than -

The Actual Shedfixman


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Friends Welcome too from me. I don't understand you for most of the time but that might have something to do with the medication my wife is on or it's an age thing, anyway keep posting, one day it will all fall into place, Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee crazy

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