73 Red Lion St, Nottingham St Mary

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Always amazed me looking through old Census that nearly every property either had servants or lodgers. Poverty and lack of council accommodation leading to people taking up every bit of available space.

Sounds a bit like today. :rolleyes:

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The Red Lion street area only 97 years ago

Welcome to Nottstalgia Amyamelie1. There's a lot about the Red Lion Street/Narrow Marsh area in various threads here, and if you want to get an idea of what it all looked like in your grandad's days g

A problem of directories of this period is that they don't generally list private citizens but do list shop keepers,businesses,lodging house keepers, etc I have "Kellys" directories dated 1916 &

Not essential to Notts history but a warning to check when trying to get a modern view of an old property mentioned in the old Census.

All that above about our old small shop in Cornwall being a lodging house was totally wrong .

Just found out after being here for over 35 years that the main street was re-numbered in 1925 . Before 1925 , the numbers went 1,2,3,4 in sequence on the north side , to the top of the street up to 67 and then came back down 68,69, etc on the south side.

Explains why I could never make sense of the census when plotting who lived where .

After the Mansfield Rd re-numbering story of a few weeks ago I should have known !

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Red Lion Street A question ?

When was Narrow Marsh renamed Red Lion Street?

In my 1844 Glovers directory it's Narrow Marsh

1860 Drakes it's Red Lion Street

1864 White's it's Red lion Street

1868 Wright's it's Narrow Marsh

1891 Kelly's it's Narrow Marsh

1916 Kelly's it's Red Lion Street

I have a large O.S. map of the area dated 1881 it's called Narrow Marsh

It's Name was further changed in the 1930's to Cliff Road

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Not scientific but just a quick look on the old news stories and the earliest mention of Red Lion Street seems to be 1849..

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A quick trawl through a few sources seems to suggest it changed somewhere in the last 20 years of the 19th century.

On the 1899 OS reprint it's called Red Lion Street.

On Old Maps (which is an offshoot of OS) 1881 calls it Narrow Marsh; 1901 calls it Narrow Marsh; and 1916 has Red Lion Street.

On other maps I found Narrow Marsh in 1875 and Red Lion Street by 1912.

And where did the 'Red Lion' come from? Presumably a pub?

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I belive that the "LOGGERHEAD PUB " has now closed it's doors. Use to spend many a Sunday dinner on the steps will bottle pop and packet of crisp waiting for my dad and granddad. Later played in the back yard long ally skittles.

Hopefully I'm right about the closing

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Thanks to all for telling me about "loggerheads" date being closed. Maybe it's age that make's time go so fast.

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Just joined hellothere, and reading all these comments with great interest as I've just found out Crosland St was around the Red Lion St area, when my GG Grandad John Lowe got married in 1875 on the cert he was living on Crosland St his dad was Charles Lowe, as was my GG Grandma Elizabeth Marson can't find John on the 71/81 census only Elizabeth at her Dads in Stanton on the Wolds with my great granddad and his sister 81 census. There was a Lowes yard on 1 map I looked at, just behind Red Lion Street don't no if there's a connection ,come to a stand still with the Lowes ,so looking at the pictures & reading the messages has gave me a great incite to the area

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Blimey, it looks more like 400 years ago.

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On 7/8/2013 at 9:35 PM, VWGolf said:

Mark - where did your Grandad live in Clifton? And did he used to sing?

I remember a Bill Russell who lived on Ellerby Avenue and he was Jamaican (I think) and he had two children and a fine singing voice. He'd be about the age of my parents who lived nearby.


Hi, sorry for the delay in replying (only 4 years late...!) 

My grandad, Bill, lived on Ellerby Avenue and yes i am told he used to like to sing in the pubs of Clifton! Winning Post was his favourite i think.

Dianne is my mum and Pete my uncle. What's your family name if you don't mind me asking?

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