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Doing a bit of family history research, and I've come across someone who lived at Berlin Terrace in 1911.

I've never heard of it before, and I don't think it still exists.

I've no idea which part of Nottingham it might've been, only that it was there in 1911.

Any suggestions?

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Name changed 1939 at a rough guess. Even the Royal family changed their name to an English one around 1914...

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Doesn't tell us too much but a quick Google brought up these two mentions:

Scroll down,_1891_Census_Street_Index_A-B


'Nottinghamshire County

Council: Chief Executive:

Legal Services

Add. Dep.: Deeds relating to Bunbury Street,

Walker's Terrace, Rushcliffe Terrace, Berlin

Terrace, Caulton Street and Cope Street,

Nottingham, surrender and admittances relating to

schedule of properties the Manor of Mansfield,

taken for air raid precautions, agreement between

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Banking Co Ltd

Co Ltd, records and The National Telephone

relating to the Pinfold, Wilford

6 bdls

1827 - 1993 7313'

From half way down page four of the below doc

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Thanks for the links. I'd Googled the name myself, but it didn't come up in the first half dozen results so I didn't look any further.

It does give some information which I didn't previously know. Looking at the reference numbers on the National Archives pages, I now know it was in the St Mary's district i.e. Lace Market/Broad Marsh area, so I'll do some more digging.

There may have been a name change after the war(s)?

That would explain why Hitler Street didn't last long

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Looking on an old map, Berlin Terrace is 1 of 5 terraces that was between the backs of the houses on Wilford Crescent east and Bunbury street,there would be about 12 houses on each side of the terraces, it looks like it is now the playing field of Arkwright junior school.

I would imagine that it was demolished in the early 70s as I can remember a lot of houses being cleared then in that area, and I think the school probably dates from the 70s.

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