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Old Market Square , Nottingham c1960s

Old Nottingham City Transport Single Decker

King Edward Street, Nottingham 1976 Former site of Central Market after it moved into the Victoria Centre & was being used as temporary parking for the Nottingham City Transport buses Ph

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That trolleybus looks just like mine apart from the number of wheels and destination board:


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Might have posted this before, I reckon 1926-1934?

Trolleybus No6 built by Railess Ltd of Rochester in 1926 with 52 seats. Photograph from 1933.

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Ashley's photo of No.6.....I don't wish to appear racist but - Is that a Golliwog in the front downstairs seat?

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Hi Cliff Ton, you really are an Ace at retrieving old photos and some of these certainly bring back memories:

as a child it was quite a treat during the fifties to sit upstairs on the number 22, Hanley Street and take a look down at the Alms Houses opposite. Behind a high, brick wall a long, front garden was beautifully maintained and there were ample trees to give a bit of shade to any of the occupants choosing to sit out on one of the garden seats. These Alms houses were later to become another example of Nottingham's valuable architecture knocked down, rather than considered and preserved for future generations.

Whilst travelling home on a packed bus the other evening, it was unfortunate that the bus had to bypass some prospective passengers at their bus stops. I got talking to a couple of ladies of a similar age about the old double deckers: we were trying to work out how many passengers these buses could take when packed; we reckoned about eighty - with the fifteen allowed standing downstairs.

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I reckon it is. The photographer seems to be standing at the bottom of Buckingham Road, and in both cases the bus is travelling on Thackerays Lane towards Mansfield Road

Looking at one of the other photos - I can't place the one described as Ilkeston Road. I assume the buildings in the background have all now disappeared

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