50s & 60s breakfast cereals and free gifts

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Sadly, the subject of many a 60s teenage boys erotic dreams has died today aged 82. Raquel Welch, born Jo Raquel Tejada shot to fame in the movie One Million Years BC in which she had only three

Not a breakfast cereal but my ideal breakfast, not every day though, is bacon, sausage, tomato, black pudding, saute potatoes, beans, fried bread and lots of Worcestershire sauce. Followed by toast wi

David, somehow Brigitte Bardot never did it for me but Ursula Andress coming out of the sea in that white bikini in Doctor No was something else, phwoar!

When my hubby and I were courting, sometimes he'd come to my house and my mum would make him tomatoes on toast. He's never heard of it till he had them at our house. Well, he did come from posh Carlton, LOL.

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I used to use a transport cafe on the A38 near junction 28 of the M1 (To tie two topics nicely together) I wasn't feeling particularly hungry one day and just asked for tomatoes on toast instead of the usual fry up.

He looked at me 'gone out' and had never heard of it before. He talked me out of it (I know, breaking strain of a kit kat me !) and I ended up with 'the usual'.

A couple of days later when I next called in it was on the menu !! He said he'd tried it himself and liked it so it went on the board !!

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Always use a plastic or wooden spoon to stir the beans or tomatoes as the metallic taste comes from using a metal spoon


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But tomatoes on toast can be delicious, especially with: the toast lavishly spread with butter, hot tomatoes on the top and plenty of salt and pepper to garnish - that's living alright! Those were the days.

Still are the days for me - toms on toast, loads of butter and salt/pepper for breakfast tomorrow....slurp.

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Cheese Whizz used to come in jars. It was advertised in the 60s as a quick and tasty snack on toast. We arrived here by 'Thread Drift' - not unlike 'Continental Drift' but on a smaller scale :crazy:

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That's when there the best!

Recipe for Weetabix:

Take three weetabix, douse them in milk (full cream, semi - or if cholesterolly aware - skimmed), put in the microwave for 2mins. When cooked (!), sprinkle with sugar.

Result: a loverly comfort food.

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