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On my website about Rise Park estate I have some information about the local schools and a Bygones / Timeline of Events page. These now show the opening date of this school as September 1972.

But I have had to change this several times over the recent past as someone always seems to come up with a different recollection.

The current date has been supplied by the school on the basis of some photographic evidence found by the them, though they do not appear to be 100% confident and do not have an exact date.

Enquiries via the City Council have also drawn a blank and it seems amazing that there is no official record of the opening date of such a large school - not even any wall plaque to commemorate the event if, indeed, there was an official opening ceremony

I am therefore wondering if any Nottstalgia viewer might have something more specific - but am now only interested in specific documented evidence and not just vague recollections of the "I seem to think that it must have been around...................." type.

Not something of vital importance, but would be good to solve the mystery once and for all if possible.

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My son, who will be 50 next week,started at Top Valley Comp in Sept 1972 moving across from Rise Park Juniors. We are fairly certain that it opened the previous year Sept 71. Previous to this the kids from Rise Park went to Alderman Derbyshire (now Bulwell Academy) but what year were the first houses on Brownlow Drive, Rise Park moved into?

Number one was the site office in the early 60's

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