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Anybody still around who remembers in th 40`s 50`s the Caf downstairs , the Jukebox around which we spent a Sunday afternoon ,and the Dance Floor upstairs with live music , a local Bulwell band I believe ,there was also a caf near Steggles Butchers ,they also had one of the first Jukeboxes. we had seen

We used to have a Pint or Three in " The Three Hoss shoes" down some steps off Highbury road and near the Station, before going up for a dance ( Or attempting to ) I believe a Mrs Holmes ran the Dance


Image of the Old Town Hall Bulwell

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I never went in the Old Town Hall, I walked past it many times, I never went in the Three Horse Shoes either, I wasn't much of a drinker, I did go down the steps a few times when I was young. I remember Steggles pork butchers on Main Street, I reckon thew were the best pork pies in the area.

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well brian you will be pleased to know that you can still go down the steps to the Three Horse Shoes for a pint and that the railway station is still there only now it has Trams as well as the Robin Hood Railway line to Worksop from Nottingham Midland. Steggles has long gone (Ewart died many years ago) There was always a big queue outside at Christmas s their pies and bridge rolls were a massive attraction.They had a bakery etc at the rear The only Juke box I can remember in Bulwell was at the Penquin Cafe - I spent all my three penny bits there. That place is now a chinese take away.

As I recall the lads from Bulwell would go to Hucknall for a rumble every other week and likewise the Hucknall lads came to Bulwell Town Hall also looking for a fight every other Saturday night.

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I remember those ‘Three Horse Shoes' steps being immortalised in the film ‘The Ragmans' Daughter' by Alan Sillitoe around 1974. It involved the scrap yard Hendersons in front of the pub, and was a love story starring Victoria Tennant (her first screen role) and Simon Rouse. In one scene she eloped with the wayward youth from the upstairs bedroom window of ‘her' house (at the side of those steps) and tore off into Bulwell Market on the back of his motorbike.

Another scene saw him nicking a transistor radio from Woolies and being arrested and sent to borstal-I saw them filming that scene whilst waiting at the bus stop in the market and thought it was for real!

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