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this topic has probably been done before,if it has i apologize. i am new on this forum, so i wouldnt know.what is the greatest rock album of all choice, pink floyd- the wall.let me know

your choice. gord (the dude from niagara)

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Depends what you call rock, but yes think I agree with The Wall, though Sgt Pepper still exceptional as "different". Won't be everybody's taste but new album "Human Remains" by local band Hell is getting rave reviews, not least due to the actor who does lead vocals, After years of berating my son for "wasting his time learning to play this style" quite getting into this myself! lol

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My favorite album of all time.

I am torn between Abraxas - Santana, or their third Album (Santana III)

Worst album of all Time Caravanserai - Santana

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Some of the more obvious candidates from my perspective would be:

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Led Zeppelin II and IV

The Who - Who's Next

The Who - Quadrophenia

The Beatles - Sgt Pepper

The Beatles - Abbey Road

The Beatles - The White Album

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

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Dire Straights. Brothers in Arms .............Over the years I've bought 5 different copies of this . The first was to replace my brothers copy which I had 'borrowed' to play in "The Arriba" nightclub, and I inadvertently lent it to someone to tape whom I never saw again ! The second was a copy for myself, the third was a gift for someone, the fourth was a CD to go in my car , the 5th was a replacement CD as SWMBO left the first one in the CD player in my car when I sold it. (I've got an empty CD box if anybody wants one !!...LOL)

Paul Simon .. Graceland......Very innovative sound , even if some of the lyrics are weird as a bottle of chips !

Mike Oldfield...Tubeular Bells , 1 and 2.. one is just the soundrack of my adolecance really and 2 is a part of my 'discovering ' music again.


ELO..Greatest hits... Sorry to shove a few compilations in here but I never bought any of their Albums over the years so I can't really put any of them in. This is another that is constantly on in my car. opening track "Mr Blue Sky" usually blares out at a rate of Decibels when the sun comes out !!

Beach Boys .. 20 Golden Greats.. Sorry another compilation, but my family love this when we're on holiday , particullarly when driving round Cornwall.

Madness .. Complete Madness.. Another holiday blaster !

Specials .. Greatest Hits.. One more holiday special !

North of Watford.. Volume 1.. A bit of 'Northern' to drive along to also !!

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Diffult to choose one, so here's a small list-

The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

The Clash - London Calling

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Led Zeppelin - III

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

Free - Live

Television - Marquee Moon

Green Day - American Idiot

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

and many many more

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Hi Gord--- Met a guy with your name in 2006 in Niagara were you the one operating a tour bus, seemed to remember you talked about Rock *****Seargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band rocked my Boat.

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Adge Cutler and the Wurzels greatest hits....LOL

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This is a toughie,and it will change tomorrow!! So a short list of 5.Rainbow/Rainbow Rising- Pink Floyd/Wish you were here-Rolling Stones/Exile on main st- The Who/Meaty beauty...-Deep Purple/Machine Head.

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Truth........ Jeff Beck

Live Cream Vol2........ Cream

Spooky Two......... Spooky Tooth

Irish Tour 74........ Rory Gallagher

Zeppelin 1.........Led Zeppelin

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Anything by Bad Company

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Are You Experienced? Hendrix.

Closer to the Truth. Tony Joe White

and very grudgingly because it is a great album built on lies and theft.. Led Zeppelin 1.

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