Non Soul & Motown Played at The Dungeon.

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Great listening Moz, a real blast from the past, Boogaloo Party, The Entertainer, I also saw Inez & Charlie Foxx, just like a night at the Bung!!

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One of the most memorable songs from when I first went to the Dungeon, Easter Monday 1966! Not saying I heard it on that first visit, but Barry and Dave the DJ's played it regularly.

If we're onto normal Soulie songs..who remembers things like La Di Da I Love You, by Inez and Charlie Foxx, and Ebony Keyes with Sitting In a Ring?

Just thought of another non Soul Track, Here Today by Robb Storm and the Whispers, cover of the Beach Boys song from Pet Sounds.......

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Even though I can't recall the PB version of 007, which DD didn't release until 67, there were many other Ska songs I do remember.

10 Commandments of man, and Al Capone by prince Buster

King Of Kings and give and take by Jimmy Cliff

Guns of Navarone. The Skatalites

Phoenix City Rolando Al

I seem to remember Wet Dream being played in 67, although it didn't chart until a couple of years later.....

Do the Teasy. Joyce Bond

And that's it for now :)

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Around 1970 I had to play Joyce Bond at the slipper, for one man who would ask for it.

He was to us then an 'old square' wearing a suit jacket but I suppose he was late 20s early 30s?

The floor would clear and all the lights would go on and he would dance in the middle of the floor gyrating with his hands on his head, with the crowd clapping in time to the music.

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Take it easy, do the teasy Joyce Bond 1967, a trip down memory lane and a mantra for all !!!!!!

I got asked to play it last week at The Westgate Suites, didn't get round to it though, :(

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i it was a regular played down the heart supose we all had our own dance and memories of the teasy i know i do.

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Re #30 and The Skatalites .

I know this has been on the Heinz beans advert for a while but this tune by The Skatalites called Beardsman Ska is starting to become ingrained on my brain . Can't say I had ever heard it before this advert .

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