green dragon pub chilwell

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There is no pub of that name in Chilwell, there is a Green dragon pub at Hucknall,Chilwell in the 1800s would have been little more than a village,on a map of 1895, there is an inn marked, I think it is probably the original Cadland. Bendigo lived in Beeston up until his death.

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There is a Green Dragon at Oxton but it's around ten miles from the city.

Bendigo's ring, a small circular piece of woodland, stands near Bestwood and it was said that Bendigo sometimes fought there. Not a million miles from Hucknall but I'd have thought it unlikely that he'd have set up headquarters in the town of one of his most fierce rivals, Ben Caunt.

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Bendigo's house is no longer standing, the Blue Plaque has been sited as close to the site as possible.

The row of cottages where Bendigo lived can be evidenced in the photo below. The one nearest the mill building is reputed to have had the tallest domestic chimney in the UK - unless of course, you know different:)


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