Arts Centre Reunion

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A very nice result through the power of the Forum !!! A short while ago I noticed a new member from Canada named Monk had signed up. In his entry he mentioned brothers in the U.K. including "Conrad Monk ". For over 10 years our family have been taking an annual holiday together and we always ask our Sister " Marian have you heard from Conrad Monk lately ? ". The answer was that she had been unable to find any trace of him. Conrad, my sister Marian Daniels,Eunice Whittle and Margaret Button and others as youngsters were founder members of the Junior Group at The Co Operative Arts Centre on George St. Conrad went on RADA and was a proffesional Actor for 10 years or so and did some T.V. Eunice got her Equity Card and did work doing Voice overs and also as an extra. Some of you may remember Peter Bowles another member who did well on T.V. Through my arrangements with Anthony Monk In Canada they all met up this week in Nottingham some 63 years later.Marian was first at the left Lion at the Council House and they had an unforgettable day including a foray to The Arts Centre ( Now The Nottingham Arts Theatre ) , where Eunice saw her name on a Shield, a graet meal at Bistro Pierre and a trip to Marians sons Alpaca Farm at Thorpe In The Glebe.

Thanks again to the Forum and the W.W.W. which has brought thousands together again.


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