Donny Osmond in LE (?)

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Maybe I dreamt this but I seem to recall that Donny Osmond (or perhaps another of the Osmonds) did an instore appearance at the Oasis Records store on the High Street in Long Eaton. I believe it would have been in the period 1987 - 1992. My wife doesn't believe me and said "Why would he go to Long Eaton?" which is a valid question I suppose, but it's made me doubt my memory.

So, did I make this up or does anyone else remember it? Did anyone out there get the great man's autograph?



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great man?


I seem to remember there a small crowd of excitable schoolgirls who went to see him which even at the time I thought was weird because he was well and truly past it by this stage.

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Dunno about Donny Osmond - I was long gone by then, but back in the 60's I do remember that one of the cast from Corrie came to LE to open the Tesco!

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Not so much past it that he's not still raking it in, at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, he and his sister.

Very true. I think at the particular time when he might have vistited LE though he wasn't at his Vegas stage (hence the fact he was in LE in the first place). :)

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I think most of Osmond's face these days is plastic anayway!

I don't get much online time these days - work have cracked right down on internet use.....and I don't have a mobile phone. I actually have to do work now :)

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