Were you at Berridge?

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On 8/8/2022 at 9:48 AM, Cliff Ton said:

Another which has been borrowed from a FB Group. This is described as 'Late 50s'.



This has been posted previously. Page 28, August 28th 2020.

Teacher, Miss Winstanley.


Back row:  John Woolley, Johnny Kirk, Robert Lee, Michael Hamilton, unknown first name Henshaw, Tony Ward, unknown, unknown, Dennis Turner, unknown, unknown.


Middle row: unknown, Linda Whysall, Adrian Ball, Barbara Scott, Carolyn Dunkley, Maureen Fox, unknown, unknown first name Palmer, Susan Staples, Maureen Pye, Maureen Pilkington, Pat Munday, unknown, Sandra surname unknown, Carole Hawksley.


Front row: Ena Matthews, unknown, Linda Thompson, unknown, Valerie Pullen, Andrew Hopcroft, unknown, Geoffrey Warren, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Wendy Bridgett, Ashley Gardener and June Newstead.


Originally posted by Carolyn Dunkley.

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Through this door...and it's the original, although painted black in my day...I walked with my mum one cold morning early in 1962. I was just 4 years old. The door led to Miss Smith's office and my mu

How many Berridge children have secreted themselves inside this niche situated in the playground which fronts the old infant building, hoping to be left behind when the bell rang at playtime's close?

Lovely visit to Berridge yesterday and nice to put faces to names. Planning a few things I could talk to the children about and sort out my school photos it made me realise that it was 59 years since

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15 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

Another photo supplied by Jill S.  She'll be along soon to explain it all.



This photo is after my time there. I only remember there being one set of steps up to the science lab and there was no lean-to at the end.

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On 7/6/2022 at 8:02 PM, Cliff Ton said:


This photo has come via Jill S, borrowed from a Facebook Group for Radford. It's Radford Boulevard School, Mrs Brown's class, in 1952....who appear to be all girls.



No offence but this is a thread on Berridge School. Why is this here when it has no relevance to Berridge at all. 

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During our Berridge visit in June, we met John Preston who was at Berridge from 1956 to 1962. He has kindly provided copies of his school photos.  This is the earliest, 1956/7.


Back row:. Susan Blatherwick, John Preston, unknown, unknown, unknown, Sharon King


Middle Row: Michael Irwin, Jimmy Sinclair, unknown, unknown, Alan Dunn, Susan Meakin*


Front Row: Stephen Attenborough*, Linda Thompson, John Rowson*, Marjorie Wright, unknown.


Teacher, Miss Peet*


*Indicates there is some uncertainty about the identity.


John Preston lived on Radford Road where his father ran a butcher's shop. John was one of several children in his year who obtained a scholarship to the Nottingham Boys' High School.

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