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Through this door...and it's the original, although painted black in my day...I walked with my mum one cold morning early in 1962. I was just 4 years old. The door led to Miss Smith's office and my mu

Sitting on this exact spot, facing the stationery cupboard in Mr Parr's classroom, in spring 1969, I sat my 11+ exam.

The junior entrance as it was in 1969.

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A Berridge class photo From 1959 I’ve found on a Facebook group, ‘Nottingham from the owd days‘. The poster was Mike Smith whose sister is on here apparently. Teacher is Mr Wild. Jill will post the names we know.

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These pupils were born between September 1948 and August 1949. This is their final year at Berridge.


Present are the following:


End of 3rd row behind the girl with the white ribbon is Harry Whetton.

Christine Pass

5th from the left on the back row, Linda Whysall

4th  along the 2nd row possibly Glynis E Fogg*

Ena Matthews 

3rd row back, 2nd from the right, Graham SHEARD

5th from the left on the back row, Glyn Williams

2nd row, 4th from the right, Karen Pope

2nd row, 3rd from the right, Heather Dudley

2nd row up, 1st right, Wendy Martin.


*Glenys had an older brother, Rodney Fogg, born in 1944, who sang tenor in St Stephen's choir during my time there.


Letsavagoo refers to the sister of a Mike Smith. I can't identify her but somewhere in this year group was Susan Smith who lived at 184 Bobbers Mill Road with her parents, Eric and Jennie. She had a brother, Philip, who was in my sister's year, one year below the children in the image.  Susan could be on this photo but, at that age, I'm not able to identify her.

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When I look at these photos it’s a sobering thought that a percentage of those pictured in them will no longer be with us. Those smiling faces looking into the camera, their life ahead of them full of hope. The joy and sadness that life brings all ahead of them. I can clearly recall standing in the yard and hall for most of my Berridge class photos almost 60 years ago. I personally know of 2 on these photos that died in accidents. One was killed swimming when a speedboat hit him and another died in a fatal motorbike accident. There are doubtless others met with tragic ends and some will have passed away through natural causes. This thought came to me as on the above photograph is Graham Sheard. He was my wife’s 2nd cousin and I knew him quite well. I didn’t know him at the time of the above photo but his smiling face is unmistakable from how I knew him in later life. A lovely guy who battled cancer for several years with great dignity and passed away some years ago. I went to a celebration of his life when his ashes were shot into the sky in a firework and exploded in a shower of sparks over his home in Woodthorpe. An unusual event and his request apparently. Let’s all try and be happy while we’re here. It’s not for long after all. 

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Letsavagoo's musings made me think about Terry Hill. According to his birth details, he was in the year above me: the same year as Mrs Letsavagoo.


Terry was a bit of a tearaway. He was caned by the headmaster on a regular basis. I recall one caning in front of the entire school for playing chicken on the railway line down by The Wheatsheaf pub.  Mr Baugh, the headmaster, didn't hold back in making everyone aware of the dangers involved in such activities. Presumably, the caning was given with the full approval of Terry's parents, as it was not for an offence committed during school hours.


Sadly, it proved useless. Not long afterwards, Mr Baugh announced to the assembled school that Terry had continued his lethal game and had been killed.


Terry is probably on some of our photos on this thread. His life was short and his demise was nasty and brutish.  Almost certainly, he wasn't alone when it happened which means those with him may have witnessed his violent demise. An image that would stay with them for life but, hopefully, deterred them from ever playing such a lethal game again.

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My sister has looked at the last photo. She remembers Mr Wilde and is fairly sure that the girl 5th from the right on the next to back row is our second cousin, Susan Sadler. She certainly fits into this age group, born towards the end of 1948.  Her parents lived on Alfreton Road at this time. Susan later became a librarian and worked for a time at Hyson Green library.

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1968/9 children born between September 1959 and August 1960.


List of names: from the back, working forwards


Back row:  UNKNOWN, Christopher CATLIN, Peter OLIVER, Christopher WIDDOWSON,  Ian BATES, Wayne BURGIN, Peter Surname unknown, Ricky SMITH, Colin TAYLOR




Gillian SMITH,  Susan POWELL,  Gaye MACHIN,  Terri SALT, Jacqueline MARSHALL,  Moira WIDDOWSON,  Linda STEVENSON, Alison GREEN, Julie MANTLE.


Front Row:  Gary EYRES, Peter BRENNAN, Andrew GRIFFITHS, Mark SHIPSTON, John PASSAM.


The class teacher was Miss V Bartlett who isn't on the photo.


There are 10 children on this photo who had older siblings in my year.

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Here’s a nice team photo of the winning netball team early 1970’s. I acknowledge Susan Poxon nee Hodder who posted this elsewhere and thanks to Mandy Pike nee Shipman (not on the picture) who helped with the names. Not certain they are 100% correct, it’s been a while.

Back row L to R.

u/k, Monica McDonald, Beverley Oliver, Sue Hodder, Beverley Anderson?, Claudette ?

Front row L to R

Helen Christodolo, Shelia Sanghera, Julie Mantle, Gillian Smith, Linda and Gayle Wing.




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Hadn't noticed when I saw it earlier but Gillian Smith is the younger sister of Kenneth Smith who was in my year and went to Mundella. The family lived near to mine on Bobbers Mill Road.


Monica  McDonald will be the sister of Dennis who was also in my year.

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Wonder if the girl second from right bottom row, Linda Wing, is perhaps a sister of a little mate of mine from the Meadows, David Wing. They moved to Knighton Ave early '60s. She looks very like I remember him.

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TBI was David born around March 1956? If so, then he did have a sister named Linda!   Checked again. There was a transcription error in the mother's maiden name which is why it didn't show previously!  Merreyweather instead of Merryweather!

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This appears to have been taken around the same time as the netball team photo I posted on 24th October. This time a winning stoolball team. Miss Shaw the proud teacher. Can’t quite read the date. Maybe 1973




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Yes Jill. Woodwork shop on the left and science lab on the right. I loved being in both of them. It wasn't like school or lessons at all. Just places I liked to be spending time in. I would have gone in during the holidays had they been open.

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