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Well, well. I just walked in here looking for memory jolts and what do I find? You're talking about me mum!

Pauline was the last conductress of a public service trolley bus in Nottingham, she was on lates and did the last journey on the 79 I think it was. Is that the one that got all the Players workers at one end of the route and all the schoolkids at the other? She did that route for years. They did a commemorative run a few days later but mum wasn't invited and all she got was a bunch of souvenir tickets tied with a laggy band. I've no idea where mine went but if anyone had a scan of one, that would make me really happy.

Mum died about four years ago, burned to death in the house. Sad.

We lived down the Meadows for a long time. Brierley Street till it got knocked down then Mabel Terrace. I went to Trent Bridge for a few months in my last year and the only memory I may have left would be when I fell off the stage while taking a bow at the end of the school plays. I'd scolded my foot a few days earlier and it was bandaged up like a rugby ball. The last play was all about wallpeper paste and it was ever so slippy up there. The other kids laughed their heads off. I remember cycling back home that afternoon across the disused railway bridge using just my left foot. I had a walking stick to use as a balancing pole because it wasn't easy to stay upright with one foot sticking out sideways with a bloated bandaged ball where the shoe should have been.

Oh yes, someone else might remember me as his mate that went smoking behind the pillars of the railway bridge in a fibre glass canoe that we'd made in the workshop. The PE teacher saw the clouds of smoke billowing out from behind the pillar and he paddled towards us but we'd thrown the dog end away already so he didn't actually catch us.

I've had plenty of cane and strap in my time. Does anyone remember me from Welbeck Juniors? I got six strokes in front of the whole class because my mother had split up with her man and he was a bully so she was afraid he'd follow me home to see where we lived. That meant I stayed at home for more than a month and mum wouldn't give me a note for the headmaster so I got caned for playing truant. I have to say that was the biggest injustice I ever suffered in my life and in the years that followed I got my own back by really playing truant for weeks at a time. And I swear my education benefitted enormously. You'd catch me in the Arboretum reading books I'd bought from that tiny shop on Mansfield Road or in the central library, the Castle, Wollaton Park, anywhere I could learn without teachers and canes.

Oops, rambled ona bit didn't I? OK, time to go, take care all of you.


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Ey'Up! :o

Japanese Uniform Huh. Now would that be from that Army Surplus store on Arkwright Street?

I remember me an me mate John Vincent bought two Army great coats from there.

Well actually they were Womens Civil Defence Coats.


What Bobby Dazzlers we looked walking through town with the the coats brushing the ground.

Everybody stared at us, those were the days before Ozzy Osbourne.

That would have been 1968-9, and the coats cost ten bob (50p).

I think we were the first in Nottingham with those coats, as they had just come into stock.

The fashion certainly caught on. :D

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Hey Ayagora!

Watch out fer Daphne's Handbag! Yer might lose yer Aniseed Balls! Even if yer coat still goes right to the ground. :lol:

Anyway Daphne, wot about an intro?

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There's a mention in Daphne's post of a Trickets.. now thats going back some years..

seem to remember them being on Radford road opposite Kirkstead street, a big rag-n-bone type of place, would be interesting to know what happened to them..

anybody got any info ? :unsure:

re the army coats.. can't remember an army surplus on Arki street, whereabouts were they located? :unsure:

Nidd & Horseborough used to sell some snazzy clothing at the time, they were situated across the road from Atlas street, flares, jackets, shirts, they had it all.

and if they didn't stock what you were looking for it was off up to Hockley, you could always find summat or other up there! :ph34r:


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