Robin Hood Chippy Arkwright Street.

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IIRC, they have always been on Heathcote the same double-fronted - but modernised - building that they occupy today.

See my post #23 above...


Robt P.

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the toy stall in the 60s at centrel market was owened by my mums friend ivy dont know her last name,or the name of the stall,ivy was from the meadows but lived on swansdown rd clifton at the time,

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I was in Gee Dee this week. Got the surprise of my life. The mrs usually gives me the "If you really must go in" looks if its a shop that sells stuff I want to look at, like beer, whisky, expensive watches and gadgets, but she actually wanted to go in. Whilst looking at the train sets, she said that she would really like to make a model train scene. I was astounded. I thought it was a man thing...........................

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On 10/18/2011 at 9:44 PM, mick2me said:

There were two chip shops in that area.

One right next to what was similar to an old filling station?

And a bit further up was Pete the Greeks on the same side.

I know this is an old thread but Peter the Greek was a friend of my father when my father ran the Trocerdero gambling club on Alfreton rd. Peter later opened his own club above his chip shop and dad would visit !! When he came up to visit me. Had many a Sunday night in there watching piles of money getting scooped up by various players, even had to sub my dad a couple of hundred on a few occasions, always got it back by the time we left. 

Quiet a few of the Greek restaurant owners would come to the Troc for a game of cards, i think gambling must be in their blood. It served us well though, when we went for a meal it was always free, although I can't remember the names of the restaurant s that we visited.

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I used to work in the chip shop on Summers Street, the owners' son was friendly with the lads who worked in Pete's and we all used to go to the pictures. We had a cafe part to this chippy, I used to put all my tips in the juke box.  I worked there until my dad decided I was ignoring my school work so came up and dragged me home.  I was mortified!!


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