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Jeff's fashion shops

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You don't have to fork out a fortune in overpriced so called fashion shops nowadays.

With the plethora of charity shops about there are some real bargains to be had, top name stuff too, at the fraction of the price !

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I first started wearing wranglers in the mid seventies and always got them from Jeff's. They used to sell seconds, labelled as"irregulars", with a small fault in the dye or stitching getting you a pound or two off the price. I remember jeans were a lot tougher then. You literally had to break them in like shoes when new. They gave me saddle sores between the legs.

Also used to go to the wrangler shop in Calverton if someone had a car.

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If I am not mistaken (and at my age I probably am) Jeff's was owned by the same chap that owned Johnson's Menswear.

There was a shop in Denman Street that was run by a mate of mine, Alan Baines. I can remember buying clothes there in the mid 60s.

I bought two suits, one a grey striped suit with matching gun metal grey shoes and the other was a pea green 3 piece suit with matching shoes.

Cuban heels and all. Thought I looked It and a bit more!

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