Fox and Grapes 1963 - murder

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I have finally given birth!      

At last! No more avenues to explore, no more waiting for emails from the National Archives to tell me, "No, you can't have a look!" My short work on the Pretty Windows murder is finally finished!

It's because of this so called snowflake culture we have these problems in todays society, we were all warned by a certain Mr Powel in his "rivers of blood" speech, it was the snowflake culture then t

After the pretty windows, we haven't heard any more from AG. Is he working on another project? He posted some lovely pics too. Like so many of our regulars he is missed.

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On 8/13/2017 at 12:09 PM, Brew said:

(the Riley and Wolseley variants hadn't come out at the time)

Sorry to be pedantic but, the above vehicles were going from 1961, released as a 'upmarket version ' of the mini.

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You're right Waddo, a fact I hadn't realised. The car I we saw though was definitely a mini and not one of the booted variants.

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Firstly, thanks very much, Nonna, for your kind words! The bad penny has turned up again!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any local booksellers to stock my book, so it’s only available on Amazon. So unless you come from Nottingham and like murders you’re unlikely to find it! Bit of a niche market.

 I did have a small flurry of sales around Christmas and although the proceeds on each individual book is small (how to authors get rich?) the charity has benefited by about £60. Thanks to all who showed an interest.

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AG, several months ago I saw something on NWBW re your book and sent you a private message on here to let you know.  As you seemed to have disappeared and hadn’t seen my message I decided to delete it quite recently!   Glad you’ve returned anyway, I’ve always enjoyed your input.  

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Revenue from the book still trickling in! Just had another £5.04 via PayPal. Don’t think I’ll give up the day job, but Winston’s Wish continue to benefit. Must have donated nearly £100 now, so as well as being fun to research and write it’s been worthwhile. 

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