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2 hours ago, Jill Sparrow said:

Wot? No Pine cones?


We have pines next door and beyond , never thought of looking at them

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Santa’s been! He’s left me a small polythene greenhouse!

I have the donkey in the garden to check the weather if its dripping its raining if it is white it is snowing if you can not see it it is foggy if its tail is wagging it is windy if its gone we have h

So far...So Good. Stay at home the weather man said, so we have. We are sorting out cupboards and drawers. 20 assorted pairs of shoes(That is all I will admit too?, (2 full scanties drawers(Thanks to

Hope Nottingham didn't get too much damage with Eunice and hope that Franklin doesn't do any. 

As for us expecting at least high winds, well we waited in vain. Just a quick shuffle of leaves gathered in a corner and all was peaceful again. Looked at forcast and Franklin is on his way but think we'll miss him too, but theres a cold spell om its way. Wish it would rain as we desparetly need it to fill the rivers again. It did rain all day the other day but not enough to really wet the ground. No snow apart from a covering that went in a couple of hours. So unusual as I remember snow still being around at Easter and beyond, one time too in August. The local marketeers were wishing customers a Happy Christmas.

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We've had almost continuous storms and high winds for the last few days....and a lot of rain with it. Three really strong storms in a week - which I can't remember before - and now there are flood warnings all over the place.


But it's also been a relatively mild winter with nothing worse than a few frosts; unlike winter last year, which was much colder.

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We’ve just arrived at our property on the Dorset coast to check everything survived the recent storms.  In the autumn our kids had left a couple of paddle boards hidden by a wall  in the reeds on the water’s edge, they’ve done that for a number of years and the boards have survived.  Not so fortunate this time though.  There was a very high tide over the weekend and our neighbour saw one of the boards flying away, and they’re not light,  other one was still where it had been left. He got togged up and went searching but to no avail.  Haven’t told our son yet ;) 


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On 10/16/2017 at 8:16 PM, DJ360 said:

On reflection your Orange Sun could be caused by Saharan dust being blown up from the south.

A bit sunnier here now and our sun is orange too.

We're doomed..  DOOMED I Tell You...  DOOOMED!!!



Col is that the private fraser from Dad's army phrase ???

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