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If you get a chance to say anything to them, tell them to put the thing back on the ground floor in its original home. I don't know anyone who thinks the current location is an improvement.


I've just had a look back through this thread...and you're right about time flying - including the occasion when I unwittingly caught a photo of The Engineer.


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Yet another update! We've put some serious hours in this week, building the clock in Birmingham (Millennium Point - access is free if you are anywhere near but read on to understand what you might

Thought I would pop back to the forum to see what's occurring.   Must say I don't visit the clock for fear of seeing it not in fine fettle.  I am saddened to hear that it might not be gettin

Thank you for the kind comments, especially from those of you who have followed me on this journey. On location, I think the natural daylight is great - it is after all meant to be a sunflower, cobwe

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As far as I know, if it plays at all, it will still be Rameau's Gigue en Rondeau II (unless the one-track CD has been replaced).

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