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3 hours ago, Compo said:

how far beyond Nottingham they could travel?



Nothing of any size could get beyond Clifton Grove, there is an old ford and gravel bank  just before you get to Beeston Weir. The water at times is less than a foot deep.

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The Wells Road.  What's left of the  northern side of the Suburban Railway bridge, next to where the Gardeners Pub used to be.

Entrance to the old Alms houses on London road.

Certainly is @philmayfield but now owned by Nottingham Trent University & will be used for degree ceremonies & music.   What is this? What was this? Bonus points if you nam

Was the Beeston canal wide enough for barges or only narrow boats?


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I thought it was one's finger. A photo of him, arm in a sling, appeared in the NEP which spurred my father into writing a sarcastic Letter to the Editor!


I think they do hernias, Brew.

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It was one's shoulder.

He fell orf an orse.


My Mother in Law fell off a bus a short while after and the same surgeon fixed her  shoulder up.

She was right chuffed to be touched by the same surgeon as charles.

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6 minutes ago, Brew said:

Ee bah gum wi got sum raight posh folk on ere

President Mugabe was actually a Yorkshireman.....say his name in reverse - E-BA-GUM!

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Thought Ee-bah-gum was more over the pennies to the west than Yorkshire...... Its all foreign to me

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