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A couple more shots of the sluice in Moor Pond Wood, Papplewick. The first shows the purpose built bridge from which to view it.



The Calverton railway line as seen from the bridge carrying the A60 over it. As reported previously, the rails have been recently lifted and the way cleared in preparation for a new path/cycleway being created. For any prospective walkers, take proper boots as walking on the ballast would be a hard going otherwise.



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The Wells Road.  What's left of the  northern side of the Suburban Railway bridge, next to where the Gardeners Pub used to be.

Entrance to the old Alms houses on London road.

Certainly is @philmayfield but now owned by Nottingham Trent University & will be used for degree ceremonies & music.   What is this? What was this? Bonus points if you nam

Sometimes I have to resort to that Stu: 'point and press'; especially yesterday when I wanted to take some more pics of my wonderful magnolia tree - before it is blossomless - and the sun was blinding my vision.

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