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Not sure that end of Grassington would be classed as Bobbermill? I'd say Ainsley Estate, But bang on @philmayfield word on the street it was a never opened station for a planned Nottingham underground railway system :Shock:  


What? Where? Year?



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The Wells Road.  What's left of the  northern side of the Suburban Railway bridge, next to where the Gardeners Pub used to be.

Entrance to the old Alms houses on London road.

@philmayfield on fire, back on track & back on tread, it’s Nottingham (sorry) & it topical & easy peasy      

The former NatWest bank in Radcliffe-on-Trent now a bar/restaurant.


The gate at the side of the property has been fashioned out of the strong room door. You can still see the "Chubb" label.

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I remember playing in a school football match for Glapton against Stanley on a pitch close to Gerard's soap works. The air was thick with the smell of the soap and by the end of the match you could taste nothing but soap.


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Almost certain it's Gerard's chimney. Looks somehat different without the factory buildings at the base but the decorative brickwork persuades me.

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On 11/30/2020 at 9:21 PM, philmayfield said:

Goods were offloaded from ships in Hull direct into barges which came up the Trent.

Does anyone know when the last Trent barge found its way up river to Nottingham and how far beyond Nottingham they could travel? There seems to be some barges on the opposite side of the river in this photo.


Photo: My  brother fishing opposite the Waterways buildings near Trent Bridge circa 1973



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