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was having a game of cards last night after going to arts theatre to see joseph. or friend george brown was there he told me he and his older brother tom who were both in care at a home in beeston both went to beeston fields school from infants to senior but he is 73 now so would have been there a long time before you mudgie but did remember mr roberts as head master.

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Just found this site, knew about the one by Dennis Hallam. I was in the first group that left at age 15 in 1948. I have posted a picture of the class on David's site. Got there via Roundhill, Church St. Junior. Mr. Houghton was the music teacher and one teacher was Mr. Coates. We were mostly in the annex and the last year we made a large scale village on a big board and gradually brought it forward in time.

Was back in Beeston in 2013 with my son, daughter in law and two grandchildren showing them my old stomping grounds. Big changes. Could barely get around or find a place to park.

Still a little tug at the heart strings for the old times. Scanned passing faces to see if I could recognize anyone. Dropped in the Commercial for a pint.

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Welcome Wilfred. I too am new to this site. Join in the fun and memories.

I was interested in class sizes as mentioned. I was in a class of 52 at Haywood secondary.

Things are a bit different here. At the end of spring term the children have their exams and if they fail they stay behind and do the year again. They have 3 months summer holiday to think about what they didn't do during the previous year. It must be embarrassing for them , in a class of 11yr olds they may have a 13yr old who's been held back to recuperate.

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While in the RAF which I joined in 1955 I started taking the Ordinary Nation tests and in those, failing one subject meant taking all the courses again the following year and I knew people who took the same year three times. Is that still done ?

ln 1957 I got a job at Rolls Royce in Derby as a draughtsman and was there until the summer of 1960. From there, my wife and I emigrated to the United States and have been here ever since. We don't get back too often. We now live in near Lakeland Florida.

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