Peveril Secondary Bi-Lateral, Aspley

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On 3/1/2015 at 4:09 AM, Raj said:

I was at Peveril from 68 to 71. I remember Sam Ward (Head), Witham (English), Smith (Music), Peter Leigh (Sports) and Kercum (Metal Work). I have very fond memories of the school; Witham helped me a lot since I couldn't speak a word of English. I joined Peveril 3T1 in 1968 when I moved from India to Britain. I seem to remember that I was the only non-white kid at the school at that time. My kid brother, Jas, attended the school years later.

I think i remember you Raj. I remember Sam Ward, Head Teacher, Mr Smith music teacher was wonderful. 

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Nice to see @Beni posting again. We've recently been in touch re Berridge photos.  I think Raj was incorrect about being the only 'non white' pupil at Peveril in 1968, though. There would have been a fair number of Asian and Afro Caribbean pupils there from Berridge, alone.  Speaking of Berridge, you might like to have a look at the Were You at Berridge thread as there have been lots of updates.  As a matter of interest, do you remember who taught you during your last year at Berridge? Alan Parr or Trevor Williams?  Trevor Williams passed on earlier this month and is fondly remembered by so many former Berridge pupils.

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