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Will be away for a fortnight from tomorrow morning. See you when I return.



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Sri Lanka....tropical, lovely and warm. hoping to see turtles laying on the beach at night. Also visit to tea plantation and wildlife reserve. SWMBO's birthday whilst we are out there. She doesn't know it yet but a locally made Sri Lankan chocolate cake awaits her in teh birthday night hotel.

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We look forward to any pictures.

Thanks for the good wishes gang, just back tonight. Here's a starter for ten - more to follow in the next few days:


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Some basic Sri Lankan road rules:

  1. Is your vehicle fit for the road? Yes: Use it on the road. No: Use it on the road.
  2. All vehicles are designed to take at least twice as many passengers as there are seats provided. ie a motorbike is a family vehicle taking up to four passengers and a 40 seater bus will take at least 100 people.
  3. Is it safe to pull out into the road? Yes: pull out. No: pull out.
  4. Is it safe to overtake? Yes: overtake. No: overtake anyway.
  5. How many vehicles can travel side by side on a two lane road? Usually four maximum.
  6. Only drive one way at any one time on a one-way street – it doesn’t matter which way.
  7. Which side of the road should you drive on? Your own side – whichever that happens to be at any given time.
  8. Who has right of way at a junction? Whoever pushes hardest.
  9. What are traffic lights for? To make life exciting for any pedestrian wishing to cross the road.
  10. Which way do you turn when in a filter lane? Any way you choose.
  11. On which side of the leading vehicle do you overtake? Any available side.
  12. If a bus is overtaking a lorry in front of you and something else is coming towards you, what action do you take? Overtake the bus and lorry together and hope that the oncoming vehicle will swerve to avoid you. If it hits you, just pop your head out of the window and wave – it’s ok.
  13. If pulled by the Police for a minor traffic transgression what should you do? The fine will be an automatic 2,000Rupees, so offer him 1,000 and say you have no more. This is neatly folded away into his pocket and a verbal warning is issued, which conveniently, doesn’t require noting or paperwork.
  14. What is the one place you should not park? Neatly by the roadside.
  15. Horn. Use of the horn is essential to let those in front know that you are about to overtake – or just to ask them to move forward in the gridlock.
  16. How does one turn right on a busy road? Simply turn right; all vehicles will swerve to avoid you – mostly.
  17. If your Tuk-Tuk taxi rolls down an embankment with your family inside on the two seater bench what action should you take? None. A hundred thousand people will block the road and manhandle the Tuk-Tuk back up the bank.

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Many thanks for the return welcome. I had a great time and recommend the island to all. Photos to follow in a day or two.

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Reading your rules of the road reminded me of the reason I changed my mind and didn't hire a car when in Bali in 1990 !! They drive exactly the same over there !

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