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As stated, it's the former junction of High Street and Front Street at the south end of Arnold. The road priority has changed since this pic was taken and the road runs straight up to the left nowadays (High Street or 'Back Street' as the locals often called it). To the right (Front Street) is now pedestrianised but used to be the main road straight though Arnold.

The building on the left is the Liberal Club which is still there, the business just beyond it also. The patch of grass of grass with the white railings around it, we used to call the 'garden fork'. It is now a paved area with some seating. Just behind it a row of modern small business premises now stands. There's a takeaway food shop there and an estate agent if I remember correctly. Wilkinsons store stands just to the right of the car. This used to be J Sainsbury and formerly the Carnegie Library. Where the taller brick building is in the centre there is now a Greek restaurant called Emilio's.

To the left just out of shot Is the Home Bar and to the south of that a J D Wetherspoons pub 'The Ernehale' (The former Co-op) among other businesses.

I cant be specific about the year (maybe the model of car witll be a good clue to some knowledgeable folk on here?) but I'd place it as 1960s rather than 1970s.

Here's another Picture the Past shot showing some of the changes detailed above.



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I would have said sixties...if you're on Picture the Past there are plenty of pictures of this junction over the years.This one from the same camera as yours shows the library to the right has recently been demolished,the site not having been built on yet.


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