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Picture the Past has quite a few photos of the two Eldon Streets, where the buildings are boarded up and unoccupied and obviously waiting to be demolished. Those photos are dated 1958, so I'd guess they actually came down in the late 50s/early 60s

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It became available in April 2011.

On the original topic, if homegirl101 wants to find whether her grandparents were living on Lower Eldon Street at a time outside the range of any available census, she could check the Electoral Registers. Local Studies Library have some, and the Archives have a lot.

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Thanks cliff ton,visit the archives regular,unfortunately,i am not that good with the Electoral Rolls they seem to change boundries so often.

How on earth do i find people when you do not know where or when they lived,other than somewhere in Sneinton.The only reason i know my grandparents lived at Lower Eldon Street is because that is the address on their marriage cert.

Having no living rellies willing to speak to you makes it really difficult,aaarrrggg!

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