Asking questions about use of the forums.

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Oh yeah, it's the dog's name - come off it. You are a man-eater (watch it Ben) - carni-vore!

Are you saying you need a password to get into Bulwell ? Or do you need one to be let out ?

Thought you were one of my ex's Sue,she was a Sue B and born in 48,

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OK. I clicked yours. It gives me the option of ignoring yours or all. I'm not sure why I would want to see them or ignore them? As you can tell, I am not very up on these things. There must be some need for it but I am baffled! :unsure:

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I have just received a time lapse MP4 video (.mp4) but it is 65mb, which I viewed in windows media player. I found it very interesting and tried uploading, but no luck. Maybe its not possible to do this in this format and size. Can anyone help or advise.?

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Daughter trying to put photo's on for me,but i cant remember my password,what do i do? can the moderators help on this?

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Can't answer because I don't know what the limit is but those that post images here , upload their photos to an external hosting site such as Photobucket (or in my case flickr )  . 


You then insert the URL of the image (must end with suffix .jpg) in your message/reply . This method keeps the data limits for the message board to a minimum.

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Has anyone got an answer to my problem ? Every time I open up a link within a post, such as the latest on in the Cyclists topic, I get logged out, and have to sign in again. Any ideas ?

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