Whats your tipple?

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Quite like the old Blue Monkey's B G Sips & I can do a bit of Jameson.

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Merlot Shiraz Beaujolais Claret Burgundy Taken in small sips with good music and even better company.......

If price is not considered Single Malt Whisky - Glenmorangie Signet Blended Whisky - Johnnie Walker Green label Red wine - big bold shiraz - Chapel Hill The Vicar White - a waste of land that coul

What are your opening hours?

Brace yersen'!!

Seem to like most drinks,but depends on company and mood:

Stones ginger wine.

Crabbies green ginger wine.


Woods rum.

Knobs Creek.

Old Forester.


Casltemaine xxxx.

Four Roses.

Brandy Alexanders.


Cherry brandy.

Remy Martin.

Cork Dry Gin.

Grey Goose.


Tom Collins.

Like a Hobgoblin now and again (mick?).

Belfast car bomb sorts out the liars..

Right now..to the other door of the sideboard!!

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I was weaned on Home Ales and Kimberley Ales, and had my fair share of Shippos and Mansfield Bitter. Like everyone else I hated seeing these breweries die one by one. But, I have to admit that the beers available today are superior in taste. A pint of cold John Smith's in the Roebuck is better than what I remember about the ales of my youth; bearing in mind tastes do change with age.

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When I was old enough to drink it was mild then progressed to mixed and finally switched to bitter. In the summer if outside tends to be lager or cider.

Since I joined Camra I try all sorts of bitter but prefer Harvest Pale or BG Sips.

On the whisky front I like Chivas Regal and Dalwhinnie

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Up here, in my part of the world, we are in Thwaites country, although the Blackburn brewery is now closed and the production comes from Marstons. Its Wainwright's bitter is a star turn, along with a local craft bitter, Flat Cap, from Bank Top brewers in Bolton.

At night, though, it's Vina Sol on standby, and a fine Sancerre when a client has paid and I'm feeling flush.

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Most things too numerous to mention, but less quantity and variety nowadays.

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My tipple varies and is governed by mood, company and 'the scene' rather than the taste; although it needs to taste good as well..

Local pub with mates or other locals = a quality 'hoppy' real ale.

This evening in France, village bar = Laffe Ruby.

Nightcap fav is farm calvados sipped over a square of black chocolate. Only occasionally.

Days out fishing with friends = shared hip flask of various brandy concoctions.

Latest fav apero, that everyone likes so far, is the liqueur drained off peaches that has soaked in home made calvados for 4 months.

During Summer my fav tipple, if ever I make it again, is home made cidre from the wood. After working outdoors on a hot day it is quite a pleasant experience to step into a cool stone barn and to tap off a pint of cidre. Sooo satisfying.

Another fav tipple is taking a cupped hand full of water from a remote loch or stream. Refreshes the soul.

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If price is not considered

Single Malt Whisky - Glenmorangie Signet

Blended Whisky - Johnnie Walker Green label

Red wine - big bold shiraz - Chapel Hill The Vicar

White - a waste of land that could be used for reds

Beer - Guinness on draught

Being more realistic

Single Malt Whisky - Cardhu 12 year old

Blended Whisky J&B Rare

Red Wine - Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz

Beer - Coopers Sparkling Ale

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Dont drink often but agood Barbera goes down well and a Sambuca or Limoncello goes even better after a meal

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Tarragona in Spain had some cracking local wines..fresh,young and easy to drink.

Mexico was great for beers and the cactus juice.

USA though was a whole journey of Bourbon, I would start at one end of the bar and work across!!

Got a rollicking from a trooper for singing a "bit" of Pitney in Tulsa in the a.m.

Always drink local poison,especially the thick rum in the Caribbean.

Nowadays I just have a livener in my coffee.

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Ian and Michael #67&68

Talking about rum as you were. Just come back from a holiday near Bundaberg in Queensland and did a tour of the Bundaberg rum distillery (owned by British drinks giant Diageo) with sample tasting of course. Interesting tour similar to distilling whisky but using molasses not barley, nice but don't think I'll be switching from single malts to rum. Now got myself thinking of a trip to Tassie where they are making some fine single malts.

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Opening of the largest Malthouse in Australia 3 June 1907

William Jones and Son (Maltsters) Shrewsbury England

Messrs. Jones Ltd. placed their Queensland malting under the charge of a trusted employee in the person of William George Chilvers sending him specially from the old country for the purpose. Mr. Chilvers comes of a famous malting family; his parent George Chilvers being the leading maltster of Britain and Mr. W.G. Chilvers was practically recognised as one of the few foremost maltsters, there being but three or four in the whole of England occupying this position.

Taken from an Australian newspaper 1907.

W.G. Chilvers was my great uncle and his dad George was my great grandad so the taste is in my genes.

Weaned on Home Ales and Shippos

Beers now are Smiths, IPA and Peroni if in Italy

Red wine - Chateaneuf Du Pape

White wine - Sancerre

Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic

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Bundaberg is good tack Oz, my Brother in law swears by it.

On my travels years ago I got fairly steamboats on Knockout Whiskey, had a picture of Mohammed Ali on the label..made after the rumble in the jungle episode.. very good!!..that's where I got the filled banana BBQ recipe...see "funny how you always remember at the end"..( Topic ad).

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It depends on the weather.

Nonna will know this - on a hot day in Italy (especially in the back streets of Venice) its Aperol spritz. It is the most refreshing drink I have ever tasted. I dont tend to drink it when its not hot weather. The hotter the weather the better the spritz tastes. I have tasted spritz in Rome but its not quite the Venetian version. Spritz does not have enough alcohol to get you very drunk but has enough to refresh you and much to my surprise, its far more refreshing than beer.

In Prague I am maintained on Pilzner Urquell. I will not speak of Bohemian absinthe as mainly I have very limited and possibly distorted memories about the stuff.

In the depths of the Russian winter I prefer Beluga vodka. Once it was not available in the west at all. Now it is, but it is expensive. its worth it. The Russians are doing what they are good at, and maintaining some exclusivity about the best vodkas. Now the best is Radnik. The best is reserved for those who know. I always drink a glass of Beluga vodka in a certain bar in Moscow on the day of my flight home.

The best beyond anything is champagne. I adore it. British Airways have Taittinger champagne which is totally acceptable.

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