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From the posintgs in the 'Nostalgic age' thread it would appear that many of us have a "Nostalgic age" or frame of mind when we post nostalgia. Here are three photos of me depicting my lower (18yrs), middle (26yrs) and older (30yrs) nostalgic age.

1. Taken on the footpath Between Annesley and Moorgreen 1969 .


2. One for Ashley....Where's this exactly? 1977


3. At my late parent's house on Gladehilll Road. c1981/2


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This is me aged about 9 or 10 with my grandma.  Mum used to curl my hair in rags each night as my hair was never naturally curly!   It's only photo I have with my grandma... she was quite old whe

Me 1968/9 on me bike outside house I was born 28 Brixton Road Radford Nottingham Arms in the background. 

I put these together for a book 'wot i rote', makes you think when your lifes compressed into 15 photo's!

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Correct. The 'Triangle' is just behind the subject to the left of the picture. I lived at the next to last house , 65 Gregory street, directly before the canal.

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I was on Loughborough Market a few years ago when I picked up a book of old Nottingham photos.

I spotted a picture of an old train. I havent got a clue what it was but recognised it as one I photographed years ago.

Looking closer I saw I was actually in the picture.

Those who have met me can you spot me?

Methinks Beefsteak is excluded from the quiz as he knew me at the time.


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I am sure there will be some comments on '53809'?

Locomotive No.53809 was built for the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway (Slow and Dirty) in 1925 at Robert Stephenson & Company Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. Wheel arrangement 2-8-0 and classified as 7F heavy freight locomotive, though often hauled passenger trains. Eleven were built in two batches in 1914 and 1925, and were used until withdrawn between 1959 and 1964. Two are preserved. The design used a Belpaire firebox and Walschaerts valve gear. A leading pony truck was added to distribute the weight making the loco a 2-8-0. The cylinders were mounted high on the frame. The cylinders were mounted high on the frame, and sloped, to avoid fouling platforms. Two examples of this class are preserved. 53809 was originally built with the larger G9BS boiler but it was changed for the smaller G9AS boiler in 1930. Designed by Henry Fowler Chief Mechanical Engineer of the LMS (Long Mucky and Slow) 1925 - 1931. These engines gave stirling service during their lifetime.

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