Heart of the Midlands - Who did you see there?

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I went to see Dave Alan, at one point  ( this is about 1970 ) he said, " now here's a message from the King in 1984,..........." dis am de King speekin.... "


I looked around and even the black and asian folks in the audience were pi**ing themselves with laughter. , how times have changed.

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Hello. My name is Jason ROPER. My father is ALAN ROPER and I can tell you that he his ALIVE & doing VERY WELL!! hehe. After THOTM, he actually moved to work for the Nottingham Evening Post w

It’s with deep sadness that I let you all know that Alan Roper, my father, passed away yesterday 2nd November 2020, aged 84 from pneumonia and covid-19.   I’m, to say the least, Devastated.

Always thought Lamcote Coaches (or Motors back in the 50s-60s) got its name from the Lamcote House and Farm, encompassing most of that end of RoT in the 20s-30s. Most of Lamcote Farm was later deve

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It’s with deep sadness that I let you all know that Alan Roper, my father, passed away yesterday 2nd November 2020, aged 84 from pneumonia and covid-19.


I’m, to say the least, Devastated.


Having survived THREE cancer illnesses and a pneumonia and sepsis illness a couple of christmases back, he seemed invincible.


He was the reason I became a DJ and then a redcoat at Butlins in 1990, having grown up with a dad who was a ‘star’, being compère, host and general manager of ‘The Heart Of The Midlands’ cabaret club in Nottingham.  We met so many famous people, like Cannon and Ball (we lost Bobby just this weekend too didn’t we!),  the chuckle brothers, Les Dawson and Norman Wisdom to name but a few.  I wanted to be like him so much.


He was never angry or bitter, occasionally grumpy as he got older but always has a smile on his face, cheeky jokes and and a positive outlook to life and all the crap he had to put up with, like covid isolation and lockdown that stopped us sharing precious time together.


If I only learnt one thing from his life, it would be that strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought your couldn’t.


He was a loving, compassionate, caring and often bloody-minded person, a reluctant parent and a great friend.


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Sorry to here about your father passing away. but he left lots of happy memories, like all the other members I remember Freddy Star, Botherhood of man, Dave Alan and lots more . At the time The Heart of the Midlands  was the only place were you could see these artist.  After I was a little old and it had changed it name  Rock City my son's went there and now even my grandson's go there, so your father will be rememberd in lots of way.


RIP Alan Roper.

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Condolences from me too for your father, i love the photo of him he looked like he was a lovely man. Sad to think he passed through all that life brought to him and recovered only to be taken by this dangerous virus. You have some happy memories of him .

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My condolences too.

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Years ago cousins from Italy came to visit us in Nottingham . We decided to take the to see Tony Christie at H of M, During the evening the wife commented on the number of men coming and going during the performance. We explained the British men drank lots of beer.

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Hi,  for anyone who remembers Alan Roper, compere, host and general manager of the Heart Of The Midlands and then Circulation and Transport Manager at the Evening Post...my dad... he unfortunately passed away from COVID-realised illness on 3rd November 2020.  We are holding his funeral tomorrow, 30th November 2020.  If anyone would like to participate, we are having the service streamed as he has friends around the world.


please feel free to log on and take part in this celebration of his life;









also, we are not having flowers but donations to the Nottingham University Hospitals would be welcomed as a Charity donation for the Lymphoma wards, which can be made via his obituary page;



thank you

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Welcome Wendy-Anne, I'm sure someone will come along and remind you of a few more memories. I've seen a few acts there, back in the 70s. Used to enjoy the chicken and chips in a basket too.

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6 hours ago, Wendy-Anne Holmes said:

I remember being dragged along by my Mum and Dad many times. (I was only about 10) Definitely saw the Grumbleweeds, and others mentioned on here, I seem to remember also seeing Bill Maynard (I got his autograph) Now I wish I could remember more :(

Hi Wendy-Anne Holmes   

A Very Warm Welcome from all of us (hope fully I can say that) do share your memoties with us, good/bad/happy/ or sad,


just asking if I may Holmes A while ago I used to play snooker with a Jack Holmes he worked at Bestwood Coal Offices in Bestwood, is he any relation. you can send me a pm if you like.

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I played with our band "Metronome" at THOTM many times as teens in the 70's. We we supported The Drifters, Rod Hull & Emu, The Krankies and Bernie Flint. We also had our own charity gig there on Saturday October 22nd 1977. 

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