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I have quite a few recipes for bread without kneading. Just mix roughly leave to rise take out of bowl and fold a few times and more or less it's done. If you want recipe just ask .

Here's a starter for ten:

Herb and Spice Paneer Fritters makes - 12

Preparation Time:- 25 Minutes Cooking Time:- 10 Minutes

Celia Brooks Brown Good Food Magazine - April 2010

1tsp Cumin Seeds

227g/8oz Pack Paneer Cheese – coarsely grated

Handful Coriander Sprigs, stems and leaves – finely chopped

Handful Mint Leaves – finely chopped

1 Spring Onion – finely chopped

Thumb-size piece of Ginger – grated

2 Garlic Cloves – finely grated or crushed

2 Eggs – beaten

2Tbsp Plain Flour

Sunflower Oil – for frying

Lemon Wedges and Sweet Chilli Sauce – to serve

Toast the Cumin Seeds in a large non-stick frying pan for about 1 minute. shaking the pan until a shade darker, taking care not to burn them. Remove from the heat and place the Seeds in a mixing bowl.

Add Everything else. EXCEPT the Oil and Lemon and Chilli Sauce, to the bowl.

Season well and mix very thoroughly.

Using wet hands, take walnut sized handfuls of the Mixture. Then press them into flat little cakes or patties. They can now be chilled until ready to cook or cooked right away.

Reheat the pan over a medium flame and add enough Oil to cover the base of the pan. When hot, add the Fritters, cook until golden underneath, then turn over and cook until golden all over.

Be careful they may splutter slightly.

Drain on kitchen paper and keep warm as you cook batches.

Serve with Lemon Wedges and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

These Cheese Fritters make a tasty starter or serve as a main with Rice and Fresh Vegetables.

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And my bonus answer for 5 points (no conferring):

Thai Coconut lentil Soup

½ an onion - finely chopped

2 or 3 cloves garlic - very finely chopped

½” cube ginger - very finely chopped

100g green lentils

100g creamed coconut

1 chicken stock cube

2 teaspoons green Thai curry paste

2 desert spoons brown sugar

Juice of one lime

Couple of kafir lime leaves

Stick of lemon grass - split

Pour boiling water over lentils and leave to soak

Fry onion, garlic and ginger till translucent in a little oil.

Add in lentils and stir for a few minutes

Add the water the lentils soaked in.

Add the coconut, curry paste, sugar, lime juice

Add the lime leaves and lemon grass

Stir until coconut has melted into the liquid

Simmer about half an hour gently.

Remove lime leaves and lemon grass.

Whiz in blender till lentils are fairly smooth - the soup should still have a bit of texture.

Reheat and serve.

Serves 4

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You lot must ave bin the posh people of Notts

Never eard of that stuff over there wen i wuz there

56lb Bag of spuds & some eggs & we were good for a couple of weeks

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yeh your right there paulus a nice bit of carvery ham when your feeling flush.

but another cheap and easy easy recipi we like in our family

cheese and tomato pie

not really a pie as it has no pastry

2lb potatoes

1lb onions

1lb tomatoes

greated cheese enough for your own taste some like it mild some like it strong i usually use around half a pound of mild cheder.

a little milk and butter for mashing your potatoes

salt and pepper to your taste

place potatos and onions peeled and cut in a pan boil till its soft

while potatoes are boiling cut and dice all bar one of the tomatoes

grate the cheese

when the potatoes and onions are are ready mash together with milk butter salt and pepper.

next add dices tomatoes and mash into the potatoes add cheese to taste saving some to put on top later

place the mixture into a ovenproof dish place into oven for about 20 mins on about mark 4 gas oven sorry carnt remember electric oven teps but i am sure those of you who use it will kknow.

take out of the oven after 20 mins add greated cheese to the top use other tomato to decorate

place bace in the oven or under the grill untill golden brown

its now ready to serve i have it on its own or with mixed veggies and a slice of bread and butter.

serves about 4 people depending on portion sizes.

i also make up big batches of this for freezing placing the mixture in foil containers leaving of the cheese on the top untill we want to use it add the chese in the final few mins and cook in the oven on a meddium heat untill its hot all the way through and then add grated cheese to the top and finish in same way

when the potatoes and onion

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ignore that last line

this is a good dish to do and freez in the autum when all the ingredients are cheep and plentifull essecially if you grow your own veggies all you have to buy is the cheese. one of my friends spent 3 days last year cooking this recipi from me because they had so many veggis on there allotment they did not do with them they took some to local old peoples complex in small portions and gave away to friends and relitives

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Take a dozen Eggs.

Hard boil eggs (10 minutes)

Remove shells

Place in jar of "Sarsons Pickling vinegar"

Reseal the jar.

Wait two weeks

Voila... Pickled eggs.

(Made a jar yesterday )

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Had a laugh will Brian yesterday about American bacon it shatters when you bite it, Thats if you can stick your fork in it

Its not like any bacon i had ever seen when i first came over

Will take a pic

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I did comment last week at the B'fast buffet.

these yanks certainly dont know how to cook bacon!

And its difficult to dip in your 'eggs over easy'

However something that was always missing on all the buffets I saw in the US over the years.

Tinned tomatoes!

Last week in Vegas, I saw them for the first time, but only for one day on the buffet.

They were labelled 'Stewed Tomatoes' or was it 'Tomato stew'?

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You have to ask for sunny side up if youre dippin

sausages are crap too

I like hash browns

Ps What was the weather like in Vegas it was peeing down here last week same today yesterday i had aircon on in the car !yada!

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Caribean chicken, made easy!! I make this every couple of weeks, goes down a treat!

Either served with rice & peas or salad.

Get chicken, Drumb sticks, legs or wings work well.. If your using legs/drumsticks take the skin off, wings chop into three pieces at the joints, you dont want that pointy end bit so chuck that.

Make yer marinade, Asda do tubs of chicken seasoning, caribean bbq chicken seasoning, jamaican or jerk. I use the normal chicken seasoning as i find it tastes the same as caribean bbq (& is a little cheaper) So add around half a tub into a bowl with a few teaspoons of normal oil & give a good stir till its nice & runny but still thickish, Cover your chicken in the marinade & pop into a overn proof dish, Cover in finely chopped onions & peppers, leave in the fridge for at least an hour & cook on gas mark 6 for around 30mins till cooked.

Youll need to soak yer black eyes pea's ove rnight, not sure about kidney beans as i hate the things so i never use them.. Your BE peas need to be boiled for around 45 mins when cooking, cook rice in a seperate pan.. Once cooked, add the rice & peas together along with a nice generous helping of the juices from the chicken youv just cooked & give it a good stir.

& served! Voila... So easy yet so tasty, a must try for chicken fans. Also works great with peri peri sauce! :)

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One thing i can never do is think what me & my partner can have for the next week or so.. I try to plan it to make it easier when we go shopping. everything lately is starting to become quite 'samey'... Any idea's from you guys? Need some inspiration! lol

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becouse of our lifestyle know i never plan my meals ahead now but always make sure we have the basics for a meal of somekind in the house bread eggs milk potatoes pasta for the lads tined beans toms ect i usually keep frozen veggies mince and chicken portions in the frezer and we can always find a meal all be it something quick cheap and easy like i had last night tomatoes and poached egg on toast ,or maybe a casorole or shepaerds pie we can prepear be befor we go out part cook and pop in the oven for about half hour giving us time to have a cuppa and a few mins relax befor we eat.

dave dose most of the cooking in our house now and often boils more potatoes and veggies than we eat so i get mince out freezer and turn it into a sheperds pie to pop in the frezer for another time or in fridge for next day dosent waste food and saves time prepearing for another day. with a small baby in the house i know time soon flies away and prepearing two or more meals in one day can help when my sister was working she would cook and plate up all her pototatoes and vegitables for the week on one day and freeze them and just cook the meat or fish she wanted for that day just befor they ate she said the only problem was remembering to take out of freezer to defrost befor she went to work. that ment she had more time to relax and enjoy her time off apart from this one day when she did her big cook said it was just as easy to cook large amounts as small amounts but she used to work in works canteen so was used to cooking for more people than most of us are.

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thats exactly what we usually do, we'll grab things like Pie's, chicken, mince meat, loads of frozen veg as well as fresh, all the basic things.. tinned beans, pea's, tomato's, pasta, rice... So like you say, theres allways a meal & i usually manage to make something nice every night. we usual have the same-ish things every week, kievs, spag bol, pasta bakes, pie, taco's etc.. All getting abit Samey, but i never know what to plan to have.. im rubbish with things like that! lol

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Chicken and Chorizo: Serves 2/3

6 chicken thighs (skin on)

1 pkt chorizo sausage for cooking (chop in inch pieces)

8 new pots

4/5 small onions peeled and halved

4/5 garlic cloves (optional)

3tbs olive/veg oil

2 heaped tsps dried oregano

sea salt and black pepper to taste

Method: Pre heat oven to 200, place chicken skin up in large roasting tin, add onions and pots, drizzle with the oil, sprinkle oregano over everything, lightly season, bake for 40-45 mins near top of oven, reduce heat to 180 add chopped chorizo and garlic bake for further 20/25 mins or until chorizo is slightly browned.

Best served with nice crusty bread mop up the juices!!

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Not really recipe though is it, i assumed this would be totaly different thats why i made a new thread for it lol

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Pataks do a sauce called "Butter Chicken" I only buy such things when on offer but this sauce is a mild spicy dish that can be made into a meal really quickly.

Chop chicken breasts or pieces.

Chop and fry an onion, a few mushrooms, and some chopped peppers if you have them and set aside.

Stir fry the chicken bits and add the sauce from the jar, rinsing the jar with a little water to get the sauce out and cook on low heat for about 10/15 minutes.

I often add bean sprouts and noodles and just serve as-is.

OR you can serve it with a rice of your choice.


Prep 10 minutes

cooking 20/25 minutes-ish.

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