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I have quite a few recipes for bread without kneading. Just mix roughly leave to rise take out of bowl and fold a few times and more or less it's done. If you want recipe just ask .

7 hours ago, philmayfield said:

:biggrin: ‘Patatine fritte’ BK. 


Non c'e' ne sono. Mi dispiace . 

They ain't none. Everyone knows you don't eat chips wiv every fing. Fried potatoes.

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10 minutes ago, Beekay said:

But Cara mia, I suppose you're gonna tell me you don't have chips wiv 99 ice cream cone ??


No we don't , mio caro. 99"is that the one with a flake stuck in the top.?

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Lunch today. Emptied the packet of pasta there was 112 g. Too much I thought but here goes, 1/2 garlic clove, 6 mushrooms, 1/4 courgette and a few tiny sweet tomatoes ( Pachino if you see them they are very sweet). Saute alltogether in a little olive oil, not too much or else everything goes soggy, just leave until its still a bit crunchy. Cook pasta and add to pan with veg toss and add some parmesan if you like it or even a little black pepper. Delicious, I may finish off the rest its still in the pan. Took 10 minutes to make including cooking pasta.

Freshly picked ( this morning) cherries for dessert.

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I work in a 5 star hotel, and often get the unused meals from the michelin starred restaurant. Rather good I would say.


Oh, and if any of you want mates rates for Rockcliffe Hotel, just PM me and I will send you the discount code. Think of 100 quid per night for 5 star hotel, spa and breakfast. 

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Unused meals?? Thought a 5 star Michelin restaurant prepared their meals to order and then were served and eaten, or are they in vending machines? 5 Star, I wonder.

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