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Here's your answer. From my brother who is a member of the Arnold history gang:

The Bungalow on rollo drive belongs to a bloke about 50ish. Been in the family for years.

Has been in that condition for about 30 years. He lives in the tin tent ( cavaran ) at the side of the place.

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He does. One of the senior archivists is (or was, not sure if he is still alive) Bill Spick. I used to play with his son and daughter when young. He owns copyright too loads of old Arnold photos.

If you want some gen ask my brother (Peter) and tell him I (Paul) sent you: XXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXXXXX.blot

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Thanks very much Compo, very interesting. I have heard of Bill Spick. It's something I've been thinking of getting into a while.

Have taken Peter's email addy thanks. Maybe would be a good idea to take it down off here as you don't know who is dropping by.


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Bill spicks photos are now held by the arnold local history group as are all the pictures from ken negas collection.

meetings of the group start again in september and all are welcome. details and notes photos etc of old arnold can be found on the web site at

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