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Can anyone remember the little old Salvation Army lady that used togo in all the city pubs at weekend rattling her collection box?

I always gave her 50p, S.A. being one of the worthwhile charities.

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THere is a guy on the Vic Centre Market who used to organise that.

He is a big guy, he may even have sold stuff in the pubs in the early days.

Cant remember his name, but he still has a stall in the fish market.

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The last time I was in Nottm we went to an Irish pub near Maid Marian way & a guy came in & we bought cockles from his basket,I seem to remember they were about 3 quid,but they were worth it unionflag

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I've not seen the lady who collects for animal charities for a while. Hope she's keeping well.

Quite a good looking lady with long dark hair as I remember?

What animal charity did she collect for?

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Nothing like a late reply eh Nick

We used to get the Sally Annie mob in our local on a Friday night and we used to give the teenage (18 if she was a day honest) 50p to flash us her stockings!!!!!!!

Incedently the cockle blokes worked for Kershaws . Local joke " ere pal ,ow much are yer crabs?"

"Pound a piece mate"

" Well shake hands with a millionaire"

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Good BUMP there Nick

And a photo to boot.

I think the Fish man from Vic Centre, has been discussed. Now retired?

Eric Dickson or similar?

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Memories memories! At the Plough and Harrow Hucknall one night with band full on no lights cept strobe lights going etc in came the sally army and my old mate john saw these uniforms and started screaming "it's a raid! it's a raid! "drugs squad!" and ran down fire escape. Re the cat woman, did she have exceptional long black hair? and well made up? lived on St Annes? if so had a cat off her, lived 20 years (Ahhh) re the fish seller, one used to come in Fox & Crown Basford, standard sales pitch was "CRABS" (loud) "who wants CRABS" (sold very little)

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