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We don't have up to date mobiles to take instant photo's with, so you can imagine the chances of finding the camera, setting it up, getting as close as possible to the patio window and getting this li

Having a bit of a clearout at home & found a CD I had created in 2003 full of photo's that I had taken with my first digital camera, an Olympus E860, 1.3 MP ! Some of these photo's I had forgotte

A few photos from Strath Brora taken yesterday on a walk to visit the remains of an Iron Age fort.  (Fort photos to follow):   Carol Rock:     Footbridge over the Brora

That's the last time I listen to the lads in the pub , they told me I was a Cormorant !!


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My first was Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC taken in May, the 2nd, same place taken in September.

It looks like the lost gardens of Heligan, in Cornwall.............

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Darn it, it posted the pic before I could put any writing. Above - passing through the Panama Canal, us watching them, watching us! A very interesting day. The Westerdam was a tad wider than us, it only just fit!

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I think I'm right in saying it cost in the region of $220,000 for our ship to pass through. The most expensive one to date was the Disney Magic cruise ship which cost $331,000. Yikes. AND you have to pay up front, no billing.

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