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I'm on an iMac (obviously a bit similar, but not quite...) but for me to delete PMs I have to do this:-

Click on "Messenger" (envelope icon) at the top to see an Inbox with the last 10 messages

Click "View all messages"

On the far right of each message there's a small square box

Tick the relevant box

In the bottom right corner there's a "Delete - Go" button

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Using my "special" powers (?), I did manage to delete some of Hippo Girl's old PMs - but I can't delete the ones where she has replied to somebody. The problem appears to be using the forum in "mobile" mode - it doesn't allow you to delete PMs. Also, HG seems to have her account locked in "mobile" mode so I can't get into her account to delete more - maybe Mick can do it (he has "super special" powers!)

However, she does have enough space to send a few more PMs!

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I can delete all of your PMs, tho I suspect you may want to keep some.

Or you could copy ant text out of the ones you want and save it on your device.

Or give me the latest date to delete messages up to.


Note: In relation to PMs, see the conditions of use of this board.

Nottstalgia Nottingham Forums Terms of use

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