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How about providing access to each end of the Great Central tunnel from Vic Centre to whatever becomes of Broad Marsh and fitting it out with lockup stalls for independent retailers?  They could divert the southern end to exit between the Contemporary Art Gallery and the caves.  The northern end could have steps/ramp/lift to somewhere around the vacant Bon Marche shop on Parliament Street.  Add a couple of ramped access points along the route for safety reasons (say Pelham Street  and Bottle Lane).  It is pretty empty at present, aside of the two DHS hot water pipes along its eastern side wall and some rather old soot.

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My thoughts, for what they’re worth (particularly as I am a Nottingham City Council taxpayer).   The way that the high street has gone in recent years we certainly don’t need a second large shopp

Sad the Wimpy Bar has gone..dated a Tracey from up Rise Park at the Vic Centre one...upstairs.jonab mentioned the Maid Marian Way branch..and that was my fave..the ketchup filled plastic tomatoes..rem

You can just spot the Sawyers arms.  

1 hour ago, radfordred said:

What a view, Nottingham planners hang your heads in shame.



Does anyone know why am only getting the tiny icon instead of the intended picture?

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I can see the picture in your post above.

Try this OZ, it may be the location the picture has been uploaded from that's causing you a problem.

I've copied and uploaded and linked  it to a different picture store.


That's the new Broad Marsh bus station on the right, Broad Marsh shops, that were, are just out of shot on the right and the new College and site for Peoples College on the left.



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Many thanks Stuart.C.

Sadly it looks so utilitarian, no style in the buildings at all, just uninspiring cubes of glass and concrete with facings.

The planners have slowly destroyed a beautiful city and unfortunately we let them and now can never get it back. 

Does the city council have a farm somewhere where they plant road sign seeds and grow them until they are big enough to be put out in the streets?

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I hope so, roughly, I think the jeweller's on the extreme left corner, and what become Situll's gift shop, with an element of the throughfare was a St Peter's burial ground 1830-40's.


Think it can still be seen, sort of, in a aerial pic from late 1920's,


Hmm..have the previous 60's vandals  already done their job..

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13 hours ago, HSR said:

I think the jeweller's on the extreme left corner, and what become Situll's gift shop, with an element of the throughfare was a St Peter's burial ground 1830-40's.


Just had a look at that on a few old maps and you're right. 

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Even if they do "destroy" the centre, it will be formalatic, the foot

flow at best...

GGGG Gran is possibly buried here...

Me thinks a Sheffield Girl, missed out on a death certificate by 2 months.


At the time, graveyard then ran to Bridlesmith Gate, a very select area....





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New 69-storey ‘Screw’ planned for Broadmarsh site




Very popular Nottingham developer 2FPUC Developments is putting forward a proposal for a new 69-storey building on the site of the Broadmarsh shopping centre.

Dubbed ‘The Screw’, the building will consist of six floors of retail and leisure and will include a state-of-the-art bowling alley, a 4-D cinema, a casino, an indoor roller-coaster and a niche tea room, along with 63 floors of mixed residential.

Due to the shape of the building, each apartment will have direct access to a private roof terrace, which will also have a 3-D geocoding address to allow for drone deliveries direct to balconies.

Rooftop parking will be available for electric vehicles only and it is also proposed to have several rooftop allotments where residents can grow their own fruit and vegetables.


A first in the UK, deposits for the apartments can be paid for using Bitcoin. It is hoped this will bring affordability to a younger generation currently locked out of the property market by ever increasing house prices. Residential and commercial rents can also be negotiated in the cryptocurrency.

The existing cave network below will be utilised and made safe to allow residents to pass between the major parts of the city, including the castle, the railway station and the Market Square.

The project will be mainly grant funded by the EU.

2FPUC creative eirector, Mr. Quan, added “We cannot wait to get this thing erected.”


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