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Well folks, it's that time of year fixtures!!

Notts away at Crewe first game, 18th August

First home league game against Hartlepool, 21st August.

What do you think our chances are this coming season?

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I know what I'm doing on the 13th August then !!

I was actually looking at our chances last night (By coincidence, as I didn't think the fixtures would be out for another couple of weeks) The only problems I can see are in the shape of Sheffield Utd, Stevenage (Money behind them,) Crawley (again money) and MK Dons.

Of the three relegated sides from the championship maybe Portsmouth will bounce back , Coventry are an unknown factor on a bit of a downwards spiral as are Doncaster Rovers, so nothing IMHO to worry about.

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Notts county v southampton youth,............this could be reality if Greg Dykes proposals are taken up,...what an insult to all teams in divisions 1 and 2 and the conference,i believe it could be the "death knell" for many smaller clubs with faithful supporters.

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Just been reading the fixtures too. Me and the lad could get to 4 this year, Morecambe, Blackpool, Accrington and my 'local' (Glad they got relegated) Crewe.

Don't suppose I've mentioned it on here, but he's our lucky mascot, he's never seen them loose. 10 matches 5 wins 5 draws. No mean feat in this day and age!


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