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Mme has a good way of cooking/serving sprouts.

Trim the grotty bits away from about 500g of sprouts and cut in half lengthwise. Blanch for three or four minutes in boiling salted water and quickly quench into cold water - this part-cooks the sprouts and, more important, helps retain their green colour and allow to cool. Then, thinly slice a red chilli and a shallot. Chop about 100g walnuts. Lightly fry the chilli, shallot and nuts in a small amount of olive oil, add the sprouts and stirfry the whole thing until the sprouts are tender but still al dente. Best if there are some browned bits on the sprouts for extra flavour.


You can add some jambon cru/prosciutto/Jamon Serrano chopped into postage stamp size pieces at the end if you want. You can also add chopped bacon at the start of the frying.

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Isn't Iceland  known for its volcanoes?  That would probably mean sulpherous soil.  Between Sprouts grown in sulpher and Marmite you should be able to have a room all to yourself.   

No: They made a mistake they were really trying to land in Tibet  

Now why spoil a good thing?

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