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So many not wearing face masks and observing distancing. Some people just don't understand how the virus spreads.

Another example of the general public needing protection from itself.  All this will mean we stay in tier 3 for longer and simply make the situation worse than it need be.

They’re not in a prominent position and nothing like as big as the ‘under the square’ ones were. There isn’t sufficient toilet accommodation to cater for large gatherings. The Council should have anti

2 hours ago, philmayfield said:

So the Christmas market will not reopen. Who's going to accept responsibility for that short lived fiasco?

If your council is like the one who runs Newcastle it won't be them. 

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It was the Council who permitted it on Council land so they are responsible. Mellors hoped to make some money out of it. I don’t think they were being altruistic in bringing Christmas joy to the people. The Council may be in in for a large compensation claim though but that will come from the council tax payers and not out of their own pockets.

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Mellors shouldn’t be compensated, they’ve made a killing with events that have been held on that big slab of marble in the Square in the past few years,  they should take that hit just like all the other thousands of businesses nationally that have suffered during Covid.  

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Knowing of Mellors I have a good idea in who's favour those terms will be.

An event organised by students attracts 150 and a £10,000 fine. The council organise an event that attracts thousands and they just say sorry? The problem of course is giving a fine to an almost bankrupt council only serves to exacerbate the situation and it's the taxpayer who pays in the end...

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