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That bit of road takes me back to my Coop had a small office that backed on to Wollaton street and next to that was a goods delivery place that recessed into the building........

EATING IN THE FIFTIES * Pasta had not been invented. * Curry was an unknown entity. * Olive oil was kept in the medicine cabinet * Spic

Hopefully this shows everything mentioned in the last few posts, including Ben's and Hey Arnold's memories.   Park Place (as in the old photo) is the double-headed arrow, leading out on to P

Teenagers from the early 20th century look old compared to any teenagers today.

Today people can be well into their mid-60s or older, but don't look like old dodderers; eg Paul McCartney, Dustin Hoffman, Cliff Richards.

Teenagers behaviour isn't as adult though.

I watched two around 18 years old the other on a skateboard,and one on a kids struck me at the time that sixty years ago kids this age were flying Spitfires risking death every day...not hanging round chip shops.

As for McCartney & Co.....I'd look a damn site younger with their diet and homes in the sun...private health care and dentist and a private gym in my mansion.

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you know your getting oldwhen all the coppers looklike little boy and girls and most of them do now and because hieght restrictions have dropped some of them look really smalll even to me.

as for baby food tins used to cover them in sticky back plastic to make them look better and store all kinds of things in them ones in the kitchen had one patern ones in garage or work shops had another , ones in kids rooms different again each child had different patern. at my house

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Stone slab wth my Ginger Beer plant on it that i would feed every day

Wow! a Ginger Beer plant, do you mean brewery type plant?................. :)

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He doesn't even mean a 'plant' plant! Don't know where the name comes from cos it doesn't resemble anything leafy, LOL. I have the recipe to start a plant if anyone is interested.

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Did it last year lots of exploding bottles & it attracted fruit flies millions of them , I had to get rid of it.

I made about 10 . 2litre bottles all gone now but so good whilst it lasted.

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On 30 July 2012 at 8:57 AM, Cliff Ton said:

Paul McCartney, Dustin Hoffman, Cliff Richards.

50 years ago, people of that age would've been sitting around in old peoples' homes with grey hair and walking frames.


Spotted old Cliff being interviewed on Lorraine the other morning, each to there own & there all Gods children & all that, but I could not take my eyes off his barnet it was almost purple in colour it looked ridiculous, think it's time old Richards & McCartney dumped the hair dye & grow old gracefully.

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Has anyone seen the Commonwearh Games? which is being flimed in Birmingam. When the kast night games had finished the sceen was of an evening out line of the city center,  What a beautifull site.

That brought me thinking about my own city Nottingham Which was once queen of the midlands. Now i don't even reconise t do you?

Comming into the city up Alfreton Road, well this is my approch to Nottingham  not very impressive if you are a visitor.

Flower beds GONE

Seats for you to sit a while GONE

Lions which would give a roar when a virgin waiked past NOW SILENT

YATES GONE   yes i know its stilla pub, but come on ""Sludge an' Lettce""

Big Shops    TOBYs      Pearson's      Griffin n' Spalding  Burtons and many more GONE

and what about our duck?


                   ""  AY UP MI DUCK""

I met a chap in Nottingham  who had come to see the sites

He'd travelled down from Blackpool where he had been to see the lights,

He said "I have seen Nottingham Castle, though it looks more like a hall, and seen the statue on the grounds of brave young Albert Ball 

I went alog to Woolton park and saw the Raindeer running free.

I took a trip to your Sherwood and saw the Old Oak tree,

I took a trip around the Council house, sat awhile in the Market square.lovedthe flo wers up the poles, ans even fed some pigeos there.

I saw rhe Galleries of Justice, called in the County Traven for just a pint, I took a trip around the Sand stne caves, folk told me that I should.

I even called in at your Oldest Inn and partaken it's pint of beer. cruised along the River Trent gosh!! it is really pleasant there.

""But"" there's one thing I have missed and can not find,   could you tell where to look??  I hear it mentioned everwhere'

                                   "WHERE CAN I FIND THE DUCK!"""?

I looked at him in Puzzlement,  "WHAT DO YOU MEAN"?  as I am a stranger here myself. ad this "Duck"" I've never seen.

We decided to join forces and wonded  off to seek around the steets of Nottingham this creature with a beak.

We Hunted High, we hunted low   YET!!!! No where could we find. but you could hear the locals talk its name 

 but never have I seen. Yet never once have we seen this bird?? 




Yet not once did we come across this most elusive brid.

The time has come for me to leave your City  and it really is a pity, that the one thing we did not see was 




I am sure that a lot of members with stories about out city 




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Alpha, the 43 never went from Hucknall Road. It started in Bulwell market and ran via Highbury Vale, through Basford, Hyson Green, market Square, Arkwright Street to Trent Bridge. The 44 ran from Bulwell Hall terminus, (near the old 'Bonemill' crossing), down through main street, then followed

the 43 lines to bottom of Derby Road, then Parliament Street, past Central market, up by Victoria baths and onto Colwick Road (past Carter Gate depot). It finished at Colwick woods where the rail crossing is. The turnaround was a couple of hundred yards before that. They both then did reverse routes. I often wondered how many journey's t'owd 44 could do in a shift. The name, Jack Alcock rings a bell but I bet if I saw them, I'd know.

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On 7/27/2012 at 5:55 AM, katyjay said:

Delivered to our door, was pop, milk, bread, meat, groceries, veg, newspapers, laundry. We also had a meat safe, it was built into the narrow pantry, wood framed with mesh on the front of it to keep the flies out, I'm guessing. The pantry floor was those red tiles that kept things cold too. Mum shopped just about everyday, despite all this stuff coming to the door!

Remember that bottled orange of the milkman ?    I love that stuff !

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On 7/28/2012 at 7:02 AM, katyjay said:

Paulus, you must have lived in an end house? Our coal 'ole was the storage place outside that ran parallel to the pantry. The coal man [ikey Marshall from Basford] would have had to traipse through the kitchen to put the coal under the stairs. Consequently our under stairs was a 'glory 'ole' for the mangle, dirty washing etc.

We used to have a coal shed in the kitchen when we lived in bulwell hall  ( Grindon crescent )  incidentally i looked at that street on google maps doesn't seem to have changed since i left in 1974 

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@Beekay did the 44 bus go along alfreton rd? i'm pretty sure that is number bus i remember getting in the late 60's when we lived on gamble st to go to visit my grandma who lived on manchester st, we used to get off either just before or just after the bath in.

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And the 71.  All went along Highbury Road, Vernon Road, Radford Road, Bentick Road, Alfreton Road, Canning Circus and beyond.  Also the 42 to/from Northern Baths, same route.


If memory serves correctly: 43 to Trent Bridge, 42 to City, 44 and 71 to Colwick Road.


At the Bulwell end, 42 to the baths, 43 to the Market, 44 to Bulwell Hall and 71 to Rise Park.

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At Northern baths, there was a trolley turnaround for the 42. At the last stop, the conductor would alight and proceed to a post which held the lines. Here the 'ducky' would pull a lever fastened to the post and this would operate a set of points so the driver could do a U turn for the return journey. There was also a set of these points outside the bank on Alfreton Road next to the top of Pevril Street.

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How does one get these highlighted names with @ in front of them?

Seen it in quite a few posts, but nobody tells me owt. 

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