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  1. Any body out there go to Cottesmore

    Headmaster first year Happer, then Heathcote Deputy Head Marsden

    Science teacher year 1 Davy the Ashmore

    Technical Drawing Fletcher

    English Macferson/ Marsden/Adams

    Geography Scott He went on to climb Everest /Gunby

    RE Anderson/Lewis

    Metalwork Davison

    History Henry

    Maths I cannot remember

  2. It is a small world I was born the Morning after Roger Bannister ran the first sub four minute mile.

    In Gamble Street, Off Forest Road West number 61 up stairs front bedroom at 7.20am. It was not in the papers as that roger chap took all the news that day.

    I went to school at Raleigh Infants, then Windley Junior then on to Cottesmore.

    Not to bore you all on my first posting that will come later! We left Gamble Street mainly because the Council were about to take our roof off and knock it down in 1975.

    They were moving us to Beechdale Road just up from the Early Bird Pub to Number 120. Just think an inside toilet at the age of 21 and a bathroom heaven.

    Bath nights before were at Boden Street baths once a week, we used PHB Soap

    (PHB) Pit Head Baths soap as my Dad worked at Hucknall Number 2 pit.

    Thats all for now if anybody is interested I have lots more memories

    CSI Clifton