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    46 Years ago today played football for Park Tavern united (old basford) against Kimberley Miners Welfare on Bagnal road ground known as 'Creepers'' we won 2-1....,,still see a couple of my old mates who played that day,,,i recall that day so well,,,because after the game 'Rushed'' back to city Hospital just in time to see one of my sons being born,,,the wife refused to wash the kit that week,,,tut,,,anyway the baby is coming round for dinner today,,,Happy Birthday son''.........
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    If anybody is interested, and no reason why you should be. But it's my 54th wedding anniversary tomorrow, 4th.sept.
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    First venture into good old Bulwell since moving mid June,,,,,lovely atmosphere saw and spoke to many old friends,,,ey-ups everywhere,,, Bumped into a lady iv'e known since school and Locarno nights,,,she married an old friend of mine over 50 years ago,,still together,,put my arm round her and told her ''never mind'' she hit me with her walking stick.......lol,, Also went in ''Wethers'' for breakfast,, same in there,, all old friends and Ey-ups..............offered to Dance with another lady from my teenage years,,,but she wouldn't due to no music......told her ''don't need music me and you'''............Wife interfered and said ''just get me another Coffee''' Lovely Morning,,
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    Nottstalgia's team to beat the Aussies,, Carni. Great solid opener,who can sing,, Sue B can be relied on in a crisis Jill. Will punish,anything out of line,, Nonna. Reliable on any surface Katy wont hesitate with full tosses Margie Captain and good allrounder Mary wicket keeper,,always appeals Annswabey great spinner,, Crankypig loves bowling googlies Moodycow unpredictable,, Lizzie,,fast and furious,, Reckon they'd scare them Aussies to death,,, lol
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    I decided today to change my bedroom. I was in the front one which is slightly bigger but never felt settled in it really, probably as this was the one with the awful smell (covered by a very pungent air freshener when I moved into the house) and I discovered a lot of black mood over the outside wall which has now gone thanks to my PIV unit. Measured up to make sure the double bed would go in and got started. Moving the single bed was easy, got it propped up out of the way in the front bedroom and moved the wardrobe units in the back bedroom (luckily it’s 3 separate units) only one of them tried to topple over but managed to get them where I wanted. Only broke one nail. Managed to eventually get double mattress in, thought at one point it was going to have to stay in the bathroom but after much pushing, shoving and kicking I got it in back bedroom. The bed base however was not as accommodating. I got it out the front bedroom but then it got wedged against the bannister and the wall. The flipping thing would not move forward or back plus I was stuck behind it. B***er. Then I remembered I could undo some screws and it would bend in the middle, so I managed to half squeeze half crawl out and went to get a screwdriver. Decided to make a cup of tea whilst I was rummaging in the drawer for the said screwdriver ( bearing in mind that I was hot, somewhat p****d off and thinking I would have to put everything back) I discovered a ciggie packet with one in it. Found screwdriver and went into front room with tea and ciggie packet. Took ciggie out and smelt it, then put it back and drank my tea. Thought about it for at least a minute and then “chased the dragon”. It was soooooo good, sat back, closed my eyes and relished every bit of it. With renewed vigour I went upstairs, dismantled bed and managed to get it in back bedroom, unfortunately wrong way round so can’t have headboard on, but it is in. Need a nap now, front bedroom can wait I will sort it out another day.
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    Jill, we were walking around a swap meet (mostly tat market!) this morning and there was 1 fella on his lonesome wearing saffron robes. Made me think of both you and Chulla!
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    The crucial thing is that all the people with medical problems are still here posting (or their wives are doing it). As long as that continues, we're all right.
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    So many happy memories there. Beautiful buildings which reflect the original affluence of this area. My beloved library, Forest Dene where I was a regular visitor due to bronchitis in the winter, long gone shops and the bowling green where I remember sitting in my coachbuilt pram whilst mum sat on a bench,knitting and chatting to other mums. Being pushed on the swings on the forest by my grandad. In the autumn, wading through piles of fallen leaves whilst walking to the shops, on reins, with my mother. Later, I walked to and from Manning along this thoroughfare. It was, by then,deteriorating but nothing like the ghetto it has now become. I prefer to remember it as it was. It will never be like that again.
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    In his own words........https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/11289-how-did-you-choose-your-login-name/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-299370
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    We missed out there, nonna!
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    Just to show that working all over is a great conversation starter,,,this morning stood outside Kings mill hospital,,next to a lady of mature years (who was having a fag) asked her where her accent was from,,,Ashington she said in the North east'''' told her i went there to see Jackie Milburn's statue while i was doing some business up the road in Morpeth,,,,blimey she said ''don't meet many people who have even heard of it''' She went on to add she had been down here 50 odd years now,,,living in Mansfield and Ollerton,,,told her worked in Ollerton Marsdens or Farrands,,she couldn'r remember either,,but did recall Vernons Queen street.......asked her if we had dated back in the day? she nearly choked on her fag,,,lol
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    About 40 years ago we had a couple of Atco petrol lawnmowers, he thinks a 14” and an 18”, one inherited and one acquired from somewhere or other. He couldn’t keep up with them and had to run along behind them (not a problem for a 30 something young man at that time). He entered them in a Lawnmower Race in Banbury which was our local town in those days, but wasn’t allowed to race them as he couldn’t disconnect the blades
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    I have just taken delivery of an Amazon parcel. (Alexa had gone green, the light that is, and informed me the parcel was arriving today, she does have some uses.) It was an enormous box so I staggered into the front room with it. Got it open (with help from my boys) and found a large amount of packing as usual. Pulled out yards of the stuff and then some of the air filled stuff. Finally got to the actual parcels, two new dog blankets for the boys. Now these are extra large, they are big lads, but they were in the smallest heavy plastic bags that they could possibly get them in, thought they had sent the wrong size or I had measured wrongly. Well sealed with sellotape as well. Got out my trusty scissors and dismantled the sellotape and opened the bag. The bed was jammed in tight, and I mean really tight, so it wouldn’t budge. After much pulling and tugging, with a few choice words, I made myself a cup of tea. I was a bit worried about cutting the bag in case I damaged the bed so decided to open the other bag which looked the same but heigh ho it might have been easier to get out. Shooed away two dogs who were keen to help, pigs ears worked will keep them busy for 10 minutes or so. Wiggled, waggled (the bag not me) and throw it around my head and it wouldn’t budge. Throw it across the room and drank the rest of my tea. Wrote a post in the political thingy on here and went into battle again. Got a (very) small pair of scissors out of a toolbox in the storeroom and managed to cut one bag open. Have you seen those life rafts that self inflate, the bed coming out of the bag was rather like that. Now have 2 beds out and in position. Pleased with them (good job after all that effort or Amazon customer service would have had their ears burnt off), right size, non slip and look good. Boys have circled them, sniffed then suspiciously and gone and laid down on their old tatty ones that I had put in the kitchen ready to dispose of! Oh well the next parcel due this afternoon will be more welcomed, large chicken sausage treats.
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    He knew it was all over when they told him Ben. He realised he could never compete.
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    Can I strongly suggest that you ask for your email address to be deleted from your post. It can be dangerous to reveal any personal information such as that on a public platform as that there are all sorts of 'nasties' constantly patrolling the Internet looking for opportunities to attack.
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    I've had a lovely couple of days, my cousin and his wife from Australia passed a couple of days with us. They have been touring Europe and will be going on to Uk tomorrow. I 've taken them to all the small and picturesque villages round here and today it was the "Palio" in Asti. We went to see the medieval " sfilata". I dreaded trying to find a parking space as its a popular and famous event and Asti isn't all that big. Anyway I saw a space for us both ( my cousin was going on to Annecy after so they took their car and I mine) we had a 5 minute walk to see the beginning of the parade, hardly anyone around , front row and in the shade. We were very lucky as further down the road it was chocabloc. We had good views of all the 1200 participants excluding horses. We were also lucky because every so often they stop and they stopped in front of us. There were also the bandieri ( flag flyers). Took loads of photos so will post some when theyve been uploaded. The only photo I didn't get that I wanted to get was the final carriage pulled by 2 couples of huge, huge bulls. My phone battery let me down and I wasn't quick enough to use my camera. There were 21 horses running in the actual palio. Waiting now for the result of the winner,
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    But some loved their Grammar. schools, like me (and Lizzie! ). Maybe Carlton le Willows was enjoyable for me because it was brand new when I started and there were no traditions to uphold. Most of the teachers were fair and we metaphorically built the school together. It gave me a very good education and I can only speak well of it.
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    Ben, When we came back here in 88-89 we bought a bar that was always busy , or so it seemed. It was busy maybe the busiest in the village. The problems was the oldies ( men) would go in the morning and have their coffee and then meet their mates for a game of cards. The bar had 2 rooms one was large with card tables and chairs the other was a smaller room where you could sit for a while and enjoy your coffee or ice cream in peace . My husband got fed up with the oldies sitting down all day playing cards and only consuming one drink, getting up one by one ( toilet visit) and nipping out of the back door. He soon stopped it by installing games and slot machines and a snooker table. It encouraged the younger generation and the oldies rather to their discontent were confined to the smaller room. Smoking was still allowed then so you can imagine , you could cut the air with a knife. The bar ( no longer ours) now has a Dehor where the locals sit all day smoking and drinking. The locals now being, Marocchini, Macedoni, Rumeni etc. A truly international bar ....the Chinese run it. You have a business but you can never guarantee what clientele you get.
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    I finished my tea and laid back in my recliner to drift off into oblivion. What a lovely day. Suddenly I felt a tickle on my arm and without looking, I just brushed the insect off. Back to oblivion, aaaah. Felt another tickle on my face. This time I looked and saw a flying ant. That's OK, one or two ants don't scare me. Feeling quite itchy by now, particularly on my legs and a little thought popped into my thoughts..........OH NO, Flying Ant Day. I'm covered in them. The lawn is alive. The lawn is like a 'Silver coloured life force of its own'. That's the end of my 'Basking' before it even began. Oh Hum! Has any one else got them today?
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    Had my annual blood test for thyroid screen yesterday at 8am. The phlebotomist looked around 12 years old! I'm needlephobic, so I was expecting problems with such youth and lack of experience. Never felt a thing! Totally painless. I congratulated the 12 year old on her skill and skipped off. Not even a bruise this morning.
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    Wouldn't touch a flu shot with a ten foot pole. They can stick it where the sun don't shine. Everybody I knew who had one got sicker than a dog. I was offered one today when I called in to renew a prescription. It was a robot so I was not polite to it. Hope it's chips get fried.!
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    must be the High Pavement curse. My right ventricle blocked with fatty tissue, led to the heart attack. Still here after 12 years, albeit with a "degraded" arterial wall. Medication, decent diet, good coffee and lots of fresh air courtesy of the bike. You often describe some stunning walks round your way, so, stick with it, and good luck.
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    Congratulations ben, a beautiful Granddaughter how lovely.
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    Four mugs from one tea bag... that's not just weak it's terminally ill !
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    Not only Nottingham but Clifton. His parents lived at the bottom end of Farnborough Road; they were among the very first residents on the estate.
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    Birchenall also played for Leicester City. A great character, and very skilful
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    The photo is dated 1974, so we are seeing Ben aged 29-ish. That'll be about the time he started wowing the ladies at Marsdens everywhere.
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    The Co-Op stocked the Manning blouse and was the only outlet other than D&P to do so. The blouse had sort of maroon and white stripes, not red and white...which would have been much easier to find but was not permitted, grey skirts, for daily wear and for hockey/netball plus the white aertex shirt were stocked by the Co-Op. Everything else was D&P. Green wraparound overall for science subjects, petersham tie, grey flannel knickers!! red pursebelt, beret,blazer,badges for blazer and beret, hockey boots, tennis shoes. We had to make our own cookery aprons. Mine was yellow, my house colour. We also had to make our own tennis skirts. Both these items were such a mess by the time I'd finished with them that a neighbour took them to pieces and made them properly, The same person also made my dance tunic. At Berridge, no one wore uniform so all this came as a shock. Every item had to be named with tape. Heaven help you if it wasn't, for there were regular inspections. Shoes, black or brown. White sandals permitted in summer. Heels no more than one and a half inches, measured from the inside. Again, regular checks were made. Grey flannel knickers to be worn at all times. Skirt hem must touch the floor when kneeling. Hair tied back at all times, no jewellery other than a watch, no nail varnish, no makeup. No kidding! Things have certainly changed in 50 years.
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    Just for you Katy
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    Ben that's going to be me in the future, sit back and watch others work. Have just changed my log fire to a coal fired one, even though a close friend cuts trees down for a living and logs were always in plentiful supply, it was getting dangerous for me with my chain saw cutting them down to size , my arms did not always move the way I wanted. after a few close calls the chainsaw has gone. From now on its going to be coffee and crumpets( pyklets) at 11.00hrs and coffee and cakes at 15.00hrs. I have looked at an electric bike, I might have to buy one now to fill all my spare time so I do not annoy the other half any more than what I do now, I seem to spend more and more time in the spare bedroom now, LOL
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    My sympathies Trogg, the solution would be to fit a trailer with seat on it, possibly with a roller underneath. Then if you fancy it you could soup it up and go mower racing! But seriously, if it's feasible, I would certainly consider adapting a sit on trailer. Regards, Beekay.
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    Glad you enjoyed it Sue. Same here except Montecatini, but we do Elba .
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    I'd guess that not only did the knife belong to the man, so did the female..
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    The old police station with air raid shelter and no railings. Looks like the trees have been pruned too. The new station was a grey concrete building (typical 60s style) with a flat portico. They used to put an illuminated Christmas tree on it for the duration of the season.
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    Nothing wrong with Charlie Dimmock, a more relaxed figure than she used to have possibly but I would have her in my team any day.
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    Why would anyone want a tattoo? Why would they want body piercing? I must live in a different world!
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    I once ran a Thames Trader pantechnicon from Liverpool to Ilkeston using paraffin, apart from the white smoke when it started the wasn't much if any difference in the way it ran.
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    Don't think so, Phil. Never saw her again from the day I hit the road. Don't even know if she's still alive. She was a genuine, nice gal. I regret the way it ended and would apologize over my attitude if I could, but some sleeping dogs are best left lying.
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    Bet she were a bit of hot stuff.
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    Happy Birthday Lizzie. Enjoy your Day.
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    Midland Mag. They were an institution. Each man was an expert in his field. The good thing was you could get to speak to the person doing the job and not just pass the faulty part over the counter. Now you just fit an exchange unit if you can physically get at it to remove it. They used to close the shop for their annual day out and take the opportunity to put a photograph in the Post of all of the staff.
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    Sutton in Ashfield, Loppy. Has a very interesting history. It was a US Army base during WW2. Now part of Sherwood Forest Hospitals.
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    Aldi is coming to Arizona later this year, with a store about 10 mins away in my neck of the woods. We are in California right now and have an Aldi near us. They have some great deals, will look out for the laundry detergent. That is, assuming some things will be the same on both sides of the pond!
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    That was the standard thing to have at Fairham. Mine was an RAF grey/blue colour. It was often difficult to see what colour it had been, because they were always covered by felt tip and biro scrawlings with the name of your favourite group/football team/singer/whatever.
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    I remember that episode. Norman Bird slightly over-did the part of the creepy, weird man...complete with Hitler moustache. Mary Millington was in a lot of those soft-porn films of the 60s-70s (so I've been told).
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    Ireland bowled out for 38? I am sure this game was a lot of use in preparing for the Ashes...…….not
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