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    Here's a photo of the lovely old graveyard in our village...
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    We were out clapping at 8pm and then we all sang Happy Birthday to an eccentric bachelor neighbour who is 80 today. He had no idea that word had got around that it was his birthday. We all gave him little presents and cards and one neighbour made a luscious birthday cake made with fresh raspberries and with an exploding candle on top! The cake maker disappeared for a couple of minutes then brought out the cake all cut up. It was a lovely sociable half-hour, standing in the middle of the road eating cake and chatting to those near neighbours who we’ve only seen from a distance for 2 months.
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    THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT: Superglue that is out of date will not sick plastic but retains an excellent ability to stick fingers! Bored today so decided to make a sundial, as you do. To this end and in the best Blue Peter fashion I cut up a Lurpak tub for a gnomon, the top of a tub of fence paint for the dial and had the aforementioned Gorilla superglue to stick it all together then set about it. Snorreasyyerno. Read instructions for calibrating on the internet but they just waffled on about Latitudes and angles 'n' stuff. Naturally in the truest traditions of the intellectually challenged I ignored them. The sun still shone OK so the instructions can't have been that important and went ahead and suck the gnomon onto the lid - except I didn't. The glue was old and had jellified to the point where it refused to stick the plastic parts and instead elected to glue my fingers together - something it's very good at. If anyone wants to buy a homemade sundial with an idiot attached please feel free to make an offer...
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    Trying to avoid some twit standing in the road taking a photograph!
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    We had a lovely VE Street party - my second, the first being on Peveril St 75 years ago. Remember it fairly well. It was held under cover in the wide access entrance to the goods yard at the rear of Beals factory. My house front is on the street so we set up the table and brolly at the end of the side driveway next to our Grandsons driveway, so it was a family affair with two Gt Grandchildren Our opposite neighbours were brilliant. One parked his original Willies Jeep on the street and mounted his original US camp radio in the back and played Glen Millar etc. The radio conked out but was soon fixed by another neighbour, a retired Gurkha signals officer. In fact the 'Street team' were quite appropriate for the occasion. Two nurses, two health carers, an ex army lady, ambulance driver, funeral parlour worker, the ex Gurkha - and us, who experienced the war as children. For the car buffs - the Jeep is used for shows and in immaculate condition. It has provenance, putting it on the Normandy beaches. Dave, the owner wore US Army uniform from that period. Our local hotel provided lovely cakes for us over 70's. At 5 oclock I got fed up with tea and cakes and got the beer out. Soon after, everyone else were drinking something a bit stronger than tea.
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    That's not the end of the story. The gas smell still lingered this morning and it's practically outside my kitchen window. I kept on and on about it so my husband said he would ring again but wasn't hopeful. Soooo he dug up at the side of the bougainvillea about 20-30 cm away and found where the gas was coming from. A while ago as I had said before that we were altering the front of the house and putting grass down leaving a flower border either side of the path. We put some plastic shading sheets down to stop weeds coming through and eventually put gravel. The sheets were pegged down along the plastic border with large plastic nails. Quite a few broke but the very last one must have been forced down quite hard because it punctured the gas tube. Anyway we closed all the taps we could. We have a large underground tank so that was closed then my daughters meter was closed and finally ours was closed, gases lit to release the excess gas and we began to feel a sense of relief because we knew it wasn't our ( or my) imagination. We rang a plumber who said it would have to be soldered so now we acan wait tomorrow . Cold meals for us all or else microwave meals, good job it's summer. Part 3 of this saga will be posted tomorrow with a bit of luck. Forgot to add that flies like the smell of gas. When I looked into this hole the bottom of it was absolutely covered in those flies that are green. I thought they were either dead, laying eggs or eating something they'd found tasty. Apparently they like the smell because it smells like rotten eggs. Thought you all might be interested . Lol
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    That's an unfortunate set of coincidences oldphil. I hope everything turns out ok in the end and those involved are back in circulation.
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    Agreed. A lot of people are happy to sit on their backsides and do nothing and with government cash rolling in they are quite content. There has been for many years a large underclass in the country who live off the state and supplement their handouts with a bit of dodgy dealing, petty theft and the growing and sale of drugs. Many people, if they can get by without an honest day’s work, they will. The furlough payments are like manna from heaven to a lot of people. There are, of course, a multitude of genuine recipients of furlough payments who can’t wait to get back to doing their day jobs but are prevented by the current lock down.
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    Thank heavens there aren't any films of Victoria Centre's early days. When I first went there it was chucking it down of rain outside so I had a brolly, having walked from the Lace Market where I had just started working - and in my defence indoor shopping was brand new - so there I was having a goz at all that was going on still with said brolly up - oh, how ridiculous I felt when the Taylor Woodrow workers pointed out that "it wasn't raining inside, love". My favourite shop was a hippy boutique upstairs called I'll Leave It.
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    I too love wandering round a cemetery, The Rock Cemetery being my favourite....Kev and I spent our 1st Wedding Anniversary wandering round there.....there is so much to see and read. Then you start to wonder what that person did in their life, what did they look like ?....Maybe that's just me, i have been called a little weird on occasion.....
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    Visiting Wilford Hill last year, as I do 2/3 times a year, I realised I was walking up the wrong row of graves, so carefully and respectfully I went to move through the graves to the correct row. The grass was above ankle deep and quite wet. As i walked around the one grave, the earth gave way and my foot dropped into emptiness up to my ankle. The grass was the only thing that was stopping subsidence, and I had the experience of discovering that. I don't feel comfortable in graveyards, and this experience strengthened this feeling. but while I'm still on this earth, I will always take flowers to the people I love. Husband and I have our funerals all paid for and no graves involved, somewhere in a hedge away from public, in the countryside, along our beloved tow paths is where we will be pushing up daisies. Our off springs know our routes so they can chose where. Everyone is happy with this arrangement. Just thought to add, cremations will be the way out.
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    Hopefully, here's me picture.
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    BK you are a kind caring man and certainly not useless. I'm sure people appreciate your moral support as you write to them on here x
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    We are not lucky at the moment.The front "garden" has been converted but everything is on hold. The soil has been put down , the borders are prepared. The grass should have been laid last week but with the hot weather the garden centre said the grass he'd prepared for us had scorched and he was waiting to prepare a new lot. So we lost a few days there, so by waiting we said we'd call the pool man to come to open the pool so we didn't have too many people around ( social distancing) then it rained. All arrangements were changed. Grass (new) should have been laid today and pool opened Friday. It's raining again. Can't see anything being done til next week now. I wake up every morning ( thank goodness) and think " oh dear another day, what can I do today to relieve the boredom" I come up with the same answer, clean, cook, eat tidy up ,eat, jigsaw, eat etc you know the routine. This afternoon when his lesson on PC is finished my eldest grandson wants to come to make some biscuits and cakes. I have so many biscuits and cakes in tins in freezer so think he will get everything we make . Don't think he'll be disappointed though. Usually when any of the grandchildren come down I split the goodies, 1/4 to us and 3/4 to them. He wants to make jam tarts so it'll be a bit different and at least he'll learn to make pastry. ,
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    But the problem is that no one in the Government has got ‘the final solution’. Everyone has got their own ideas and it’s impossible to condense these into a firm policy. At the moment there can be no firm plan because nobody knows which way things will swing. The ‘lock down’ policy does seem to be having an effect but the public need a bit of morale boosting from time to time as well.
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    I enjoy fishing on here, you can always get a bite
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    I gave up the idea of veg gardening years ago when my son and family took over the last 2 floors of our house that led out to the land at the back. We had an orchard and I started off every type of veg I could but as it was on an upward slope I found it difficult to carry on. Then during the summer when everything was ready it was too hot to do anything. Now the only thing we have is a fig tree that I bought for € 1.99 and has at least 10 figs on it already and 3 lemon trees two of which were € 1.99 from Lidl and they are full of tiny lemons. We have herbs in the rockery garden and that suits me fine. Neighbours bring us salads, tomatoes, courgettes, grapes etc in exchange for biscuits and cakes that I make. Fair exchange. In any case fruit and veg are so cheap here.
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    After my recent post about where to get masks and how much do they cost........there's lots of places online showing how to make your own mask using an old t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a few safety pins. Blue Peter would be having a field day.
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    Brew and Loppy. I know the procedure. Up until the other day my husband has been the shopping with my list. On his return " did you wash your hands" then I get "of course I did there's no need to remind me". " did you wear gloves to get veg and fruit" no comment but he just looked at me. But I understand from both husband and wives point of view that this is getting very stressful or it already is.
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    Who said? We have to do it whether it makes us feel good or not. Our govt said the same thing before it got worse . So if it makes you feel better go without but I wish you all the best. Keep your head in the sand.
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    I'm with Jill regarding cemeteries. I love them and find it hard to pass one by. I find them so peaceful and love to read the headstones. I have escorted many a group of friends (Americans) all of the British Isles and they know they will tour a cemetery at some point because their leader is going to drag them in. The older the better. They actually enjoy them too. We called our tours A.B.C. Another Bloody Castle, Another Bloody Church and Another Bloody Cemetery!
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    Yet your last 10 posts and responses have nothing whatsoever about Nottingham. This topic Coronovirus has, on this page, more off topic comments than on. I agreed about the political content and have refrained from posting anything political except in the proper place. Should the purists have their way this forum would quickly die, you don't believe me? - count the topic titles. This argument has been raised before but as the 'News of the World' used to claim - 'All human life is here' - (and yes I do know the original quote). Nottinghamains are part of a big wide world and many have far ranging interests so, interesting though the slums streets of Sneinton are, tend to comment on them. We have read and enjoyed long tales of Garden St for instance though many of us have no idea where it is, we have read of interesting recipes, work experiences, seen excellent photographs and heard of medical conditions, shared condolences and commiserations so whether you like it or not this social media. True it has a narrower focus than facebook but it's serves the same purpose though more refined. The fact most hold qualifications slightly higher than a cycling proficiency certificate is irrelevant. We welcome all comers, it's their choice to engage or not
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    Another possible reason for No 10 being there may have been to work the Colwick - Kings Cross freight which ran nightly in the week in those days. It was usually a job for an A1, so No 10 would have been a more than suitable substitute. And it was the influx of the then almost new A1s which made the A3s available for the GC. In the early 50s, there was a 35% increase in services from Kings Cross on the ECML with most trains needing the most powerful locos. The A3s were no longer that so several went to Neasden or Leicester. to work the Marylebone - Manchesters through Nottingham Victoria and Sheffield. They were in poor condition and continually under repair. So much so that some drivers preferred to drive B1s! But gradually they were brought upto standard and, of course, as soon as any were performing efficiently again the ECML wanted them back. 'Sansovino' was recalled by Grantham and 'Pretty Polly' went to Doncaster in exchange for a dishevelled 'Scotsman.' Leicester Central looked after the famous loco for four years before all the A3s were back on the main line. It might have been for longer had the threat of the London Midland Region not loomed over the future of the old GCR. Eastern Region were not likely to let any of their Pacifics fall into 'enemy' hands and so they were transferred to ECML sheds. Most of them were overhauled, virtually rebuilt, and emerged from the works in top condition for a glorious finale.
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    I doubt we will ever get the "true" facts, Col. Seems like some will always try to politicize any issue. We are dealing with a unique problem and there seems to be as many different opinions as people. Meanwhile the innocent suffer. Even the so called 'experts' tend to disagree with each other. Speaking of experts, a customer of mine made the following observation when the topic came up. "An 'ex' is a has been, and a 'spurt' is a drip under pressure." I never forgot it and have never claimed to be an expert at anything.
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    Rob - very poignant observations there about Sir Winston's vision for Europe. If it were on 'anything political' I would say that he is turning in his grave. Instead of being leaders in Europe, we just gave up.
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    Dave Greenfield keyboard extraordinaire Rest In Peace youth x One for Mr Dawson
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    Don't mention bathrooms, Nonna. I'm still reeling from having mine done in November/December 2017. Answered the door at 9pm one freezing, dark evening to find a very young plumber's mate standing outside in a blizzard, clutching a lavatory bowl! I can laugh about it now!
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    ‘Aberdeen on a flag day’. It’s a long time since I’ve heard that delightful expression, although I remember as a child, my Scottish uncle not being amused!
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    And here was me thinking they were steering handlebars Glad to see you read steam Mags. Bottoms up! Or am I too late.
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    Try ukmeds.co.uk. Local firm. I bought a pack as a a contingency. They have a selection.
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    Don’t recognise the top one but the lower one I think is a give away. It’s on Cope’s jewellers Parliament Street. My mum worked at Copes in the office of the factory which was in Lenton. A long history of clock making. It was G & F Cope that designed and built the Council House clock, the one in Yates and several others around the City.
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    Noticed folk wearing face masks when driving alone in the car? Who are they going to get this bad flu off? What they trying to prove? Plonkers
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    Sounds like " Catch 22" Mary1947. Thing is, most kids his age can most likely already know how to ride motorcycles....Bloody nuisance, this Covid19.
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    Also fun to choose someone at random and look them up on the census, find out where they lived, who with, where they were born, what their occupation was, etc. They are all real people with stories to tell.
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    I agree that a certain amount of tidiness is required around the graves. The problem is that, in my experience, the overzealous tidiers want to hack everything down, even in the margins of the churchyard where the wild flowers flourish. The councils are just as bad, cutting back verges way beyond the need for road safety purposes. All grassland needs to be managed but there is a season to do that and Spring is not the time. Let’s enjoy the wild flowers whilst we can. To many wild flowers seem to be considered as just weeds. We even have wild orchids growing in our meadow.
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    I saw you taking the photo.
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    That opens up a whole different philosophical argument that would be fascinating to explore but here is not the place..
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    It seems our local facility is so busy the are restricting cars according to the last number on the reg plate, odd one day even the next. Vehicles only no pedestrian traffic at all. I'm told at one time the queue needed a patrol car to prevent it blocking the road.
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    Just what the site needs another joke topic, god help us
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    I just called one of my cats Buggerlugs for attacking his brother. One of my mum's 'swear words'.
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    A 'bitty' sort of a day today.. First off I made Hummus from half a can of Chick Peas plus the rest of the ingredients. Only made a half can because the big blender broke so I'm using a 'mini blender' which won't hold a full can...For some reason it came out very 'slack' and even the addition of the rest of the can of chickpeas didn't really rescue it.. Still I had some with 'fingers' of toasted bread.. for lunch. It was OK. I'll finish it tomorrow. Due to the cars standing idle a lot, I purchased a Chinese made 'Smart' battery charger online, which arrived today. It contained the 'Virus Fighting' message I posted elsewhere earlier.. This thing looks for all the world as if it were designed in the 1970s and build quality seems no more than 'adequate'. but for 18 quid I suppose OK. It doesn't just charge batteries.. it offers temperature and voltage sensing, from which it seemingly 'judges' the requisite voltage for efficient charging. Also.. as far as I can tell from the rather poor 'English' in which the instructions are written. it offers a 'repair' function. We shall see... Anyway, it finally indicated 'Full'.. showing 13.4volts. This dropped quickly back to 13.0 v once the power was switched off. We'll see what the battery is showing tomorrow... Not generally understood that 12V car batteries are fully charged at about 12.9 v and pretty much flat at 12.2v. Next up.. my new 'Linear' Power Supply for my Audio Server appeared. Direct from Portugal where it's made.. to a UK design. After carefully unpacking it... bleaching everything as I went.. I was suitably impressed. Seems like a pretty hefty toroidal transformer plus other bits in a box to match the server. All impeccably made. All that to get 18v DC and 3.0A, as opposed to whatever the cheaper laptop style power supply delivers. Still. such things can often have an extraordinary impact on final sound quality. I'll get rid of the inch thick dust off my audio rack tomorrow, connect it up and see how it performs. Finally.. my 'baby' daughter the designer turned 35 today... She's half my age..... She just completed this 'lyric video' for her partner's latest song. Her first attempt at a video production. All the graphics are hers... all the music and production are his. It's not my kind of music but I'm proud of them both for having the ambition...
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    A question and answer of the subject: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/water.html
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    No your not PP. You've got some rust proofing and undercoating to do.
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    After being a bit 'below par' on Friday.. I spent Saturday planting up and potting on... Yet more Aquilegia and Echinacea seedlings were potted on. I took 'basal' cuttings of both Red and Yellow lupins a few weeks back. The Yellow ones have failed but all red ones have rooted really strongly and now been potted up singly. I'll see if I can get more Yellow ones. Assorted Fuschia and other cuttings were potted up as single young plants. My first sowing of Green Beans had not emerged after 15 days so I checked them out. All had 'rotted off'. So.... I planted four more of them in different compost and less deeply. I also added four each of two other varieties of old seed. They have two chances. Also planted out the last few of the very old Carrot seeds I had. . and also some more Sunflowers.. to repace direct planted ones which had also not appeared. Forecast is for cold tomorrow.. so I'll probably be playing about with the hi-fi. Or even finally tackling some D.I.Y....
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    Ah Ah a date at last Jill...........we'll sit by the Bogs whilst you sip the Babycham........
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    Thank you WIll2017, You have cleared up a hazy memory for us. Things get a bit foggy these days. I'm sure benj will be pleased to read of the location as he too has memories of the Juke Box.
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    I've been on here 18 months and I still don't know!
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    Just reading some recent posts here about Doormen who were also Boxers, or had Boxing connections, there are other threads here linked, (search them). Dont forget Frank Froch, who was the bouncer... Er Sorry, Doorman at the Arriba, (with sidekick George?) and The George Hotel (also mentioned here re Mary aka Mrs 'beehive haircut' Slocombe, the barmaid with Nottingham 'Au Wiedersehen Pet' connections) Franks Son Carl is a well known boxer today. I remember going to see 'Raging Bull' when it premiered at the ABC (Date?) Many of these faces were there including Stu Morris, also of recent Nottstalgia postings.
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    Found this photo of Leen Valley signalbox on http://www.annesleyfireman.com//index.html. The site owner is Chris Ward, who was the loco fireman on this engine. It depicts the 0620 Daybrook pick-up goods at Leen Valley Junction Signalbox but the date on the photo is 23/12/64. Although the track was still in-situ until 1965 the line had actually closed to al traffic on 1st June 1964; apart from use for a short period of time as a carriage and waggon storage facility, so a bit of a puzzle there. [photo credit: Chris Ward]
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