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    I went to buy a shed. The shopkeeper said "are you going to put it up yourself?" "No, just in the garden"
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    This one is rather narrow...
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    I sometimes despair of the younger generation of women, it seems the slightest thing is classed as sexual harrassment. Are all the younger generation of women so spineless that a wolf whistle can cause mental distress. When I was younger it was more upsetting not to get one when you walked past a building site together with the ensuing retort. Perhaps my generation were bought up tougher than the present one. I am in no way minimising real harrassment of any kind but come on ladies (and some gentlemen) get a grip and stop crying wolf so real harrassment can be investigated.
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    That evokes many happy memories of my first shed.
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    I found this one. It is very much like the one we had in our back garden in Nottingham. Always good to make the Nottingham connection. We didn't plonk ours in the middle of the lawn though.
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    Here's a wider one..
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    Really like your street pictures DJ. Can we have lots more please?
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    I haven't seen many postings from our friend Carni recently , I might have missed them but if I remember correctly see hasn't been to well lately.So I have posted this photo to let her know we are thinking about her and make her feel better.
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    A street... in Nottingham.
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    No. I'm moving. When I've moved I'll get a shed for the garden. I'm looking at sheds on t'internet. When I find one I like I'll post a picture.
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    Most of the streets seem to be straight... I'm trying to find a bendy one.. Not much luck. but here's one with a dog leg to be going on with....
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    This is absolutely fascinating. Did you take all those pictures yourself? If only there were more people posting such interesting stuff.
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    My research is revealing that there are a lot of streets in Nottingham. Here's another...
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    A street.... in colour.
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    Another street in Nottingham
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    Really sorry to read this Ayup but I’m not at all surprised by your decision. The troublemakers on this forum have a lot to answer for. Thank you for your endeavours to keep control of things and hope you will continue to look in ...... if, indeed, Nottstalgia exists for much longer. A very sad situation.
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    But it’s easy (and infuriating) to be dismissive without putting forward a sensible argument! Why is it laughable? Why is it sad? You’re just confirming your detractors views. To be honest it’s beginning to seem to me that you are being gleefully confrontational, and THAT’s what’s laughable and sad. Why do it. Why post such inflamatory stuff when you know what will happen. Do you enjoy causing trouble? I’m really sorry, but if it comes down to it I’d rather see you banned than lose half a dozen other members. (Oh dear, better get the fan out!)
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    Not much wrong with this Forum in my opinion - I read the Topics I'm interested in then hit the "Mark Site Read" button !!
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    I only resigned as an Admin, I'm not leaving the site...LOL
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    I'll see what I can do, but I'm going to have to take a break soon. Finding streets is really tiring.
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    It is thirty years ago that the great benevolent monster in the village I was brought up in fell silent for ever. At its peak it employed just under 2,000 men and was the focus of a thriving village. We lived within 250 yards of the shafts and my earliest memory of the mine was walking to and from school four times a day. You could see into the winding house from the road and hear the hiss of the steam from the winding engines. Feel the soft mist from the wooden cooling tower. Watch the wire rope glitter in the sun as it went out from the winding house and over the wheels on the headstocks and down into the shaft. Hear the rumble of the coal preparation plant and the crash as the buckets on the aerial ropeway emptied the waste on to the pit tip to be smoothed out by the growling dirty yellow bulldozers. The chuff - chuff of the little tank engine and the clank of trucks as they were marshalled in the sidings. There was a time in the coldest winters when you could walk down the steepest hill in the village without slipping because of the line where the hot water pipes that supplied the houses kept the road free of ice and snow. The warm smell of the canteen and a blue riband biscuit when I used to meet my dad at the end of his day shift. The miners welfare provided great sporting facilities and of course beer for the adults and pop and crisps for the kids after a walk on a warm Sunday afternoon. The ever present sounding of the hooter calling the men to work was a reminder, in my youth, to get out of a warm bed and get off up to the canteen to catch the paddy to Mansfield. I am glad I was not there to see the headstocks dynamited and then cut up for scrap or tons of rubble being tipped down and then concrete capping off the shafts or the demolishing of the canteen. The only obvious sign of the mine that is left now are the engineering workshops that have been converted into factory units, even approaching the village you would not guess that the rolling green country side and fishing ponds were once the pit tips and washery ponds. There is a generation in the village now that never knew the mine and life has inevitably and thankfully moved on. In memoriam of that benevolent monster, the 22 men who lost the lives and many others that were injured in mining the black gold that lies beneath Nottinghamshire Photo The Chad
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    More like 'Hows your yesterday' but just wanted to share my day with you as it's a while since I had anything Nottinghamish to write. Yesterday we had cause to head to Nottm, we didn't visit anyone because Chris is recovering from the virus that is doing the rounds and didn't want to pass it on. We just dropped Granddaughter off at Nottm University, she had to attend a seminar. She has a place offered, if she gets the grades. She is hoping for Warwick but is more than happy with Nottm. After dropping her off, we headed for the Embankment to enjoy our picnic, then drove to Mcdonalds for ice cream. I know that fast food is not to everyones liking, but if you haven't tried their ice cream, just give it a try. Delicious. Must say, the Embankment looked grand. Such a beautiful sight. There were at least four boats, eight rowers and cox in each and some single people sculling. Not much mess from the birds, people strolling, some cycling. The cafe was open. The whole place looked lovely and the sun was shining. I felt a pang of jealousy because I can't visit the river more often. Yesterday, our visit reminded me of how the Embankment is something to be proud of. Wonderful to see. So many memories of the area in my time living in Nottm
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    Let’s get this ‘Day Trip’ topic back on track as I’m old enough to remember when half the back page of the E.Post listed all the different rail trips available that weekend. (full page at Bank holidays) As a railway fireman I also worked on quite a few, the first one I remember was Easter Sunday 1950 when the Ilkeston Labour Party ran a trip from Ilkeston (run round the train via Bennerly Junc.) to Rhyl. Nth. Wales. 10 coaches & a ‘Black 5’ in charge. Bit of a ‘hic up’ at Crewe as no conductor to Rhyl waiting , 20 minutes before one turned up looking forward to the overtime he would be on! Nice day at Rhyl (muddy beach?) but had to go in the Conservative Club for a drink as the Pubs were shut on Sundays! On the return we dropped the conductor off at Crewe quite ‘chuffed’ with his ‘soft’13 hours at Sunday rate whilst we arrived back at Ilkeston just after 12.00 then ’empty stock’ back to Nottingham for a 22 hour shift! But the day trip that sticks in my mind was the first match of the 1959 football season, Forest at Blackpool and Jayne Mansfield switching on the Illuminations, which in those days went all along the seafront. 3 trains going but 1 was a summer train not returning until Sunday afternoon. We were the 2nd. excursion picking up at most Erewash stations to Codnor then over Butterly, Ambergate etc. and a conductor again from M’chester into Blackpool. Not due back until 11.50pm so my driver went to the match whilst I went to bed for a couple of hours. We still had time for a stroll onto the seafront to see the lights switch on when this big black car stopped in front of us, I couldn’t see the back seat passengers face due to the roof line but, believe me, Jayne Mansfields claim to a 44”bust was no exaggeration! Management knew from the tickets sold that 2 trains couldn’t manage the number of day trippers so had “arranged” a duplicate to us, unfortunately given our same number & timing. So at 11.50 pm we sat & watched him leave, then backing onto ‘our’ train we told the station foreman of the ‘probable’ error only to be forcibly told to P---Off”, he’d been on duty 12 hours and he’d dealt with 33 extra trains that afternoon! Passing thro’ M’chester the conductor shouted “you are Nottm. men aren’t you ‘cos somebody was flashing a light back there”! Too late to stop we carried on about 4 miles to where the conductor was due to leave us anyway and there in front of us was the duplicate train with the relief crew to Nottingham now 4 miles behind! With hindsight only one train should have been late into Nottingham but that night 2 trips had a longer ‘day trip’ than expected. So did we as by the time we got back, took the train to the sidings & returned to the Loco it was 8 am, over 26 hours after signing on on Saturday morning!
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    Because it's a sad day for the site, when a well respected member of staff is ridiculed and then hounded out solely because he has the guts to stand up to a few argumentative and childish individuals who are intent on boring the majority of members senseless, thereby they give up posting, and then they can have the site to themselves. This is now currently happening !
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    1/ need to stop people quoting last item.. 2/ have a thick skin 3/ have plenty of time to spare 4/ learn how to deal with ''Assholes'' 5/ be a nice person 6/ oh yes a ''sense of humour must help''
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