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    The first Mrs. L and I used to call this our song. It is almost a play by play of what happened to us. Me butting in between two girls, seeing her home and then the clincher. Next night, after the pictures we called at my place to introduce her to my folks. She said I asked her to marry me after three weeks. Well, when yer know, yer know, don't yer? Great memories I hope you keep 'em coming. We used to sing that song. After we got our first crazy dog we changed the first line to 'Then he bit me.'
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    Proposals for cabinet members: Col - Social and Benefits agency Margie = Home Secretary BK - Minister for arts PMayfield - Chancellor of the exchequer CT - National archives Denshaw - Speaker of the house Lizzie - Foreign secretary Radford (I'll tek me shirt off) Red - Minister of defence Ben - homeland security Mary - Womens equality affairs Trogg - Minister for health PeverilP - Minister for the environment Loppy, Ayeup and Ozt ambassadors Colly - minister for science Katy - Leader of the house Any more? All those in favour say aye... Me? - I'll be the one carrying all the bags...
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    KNEW i had a Picture of Gloria (or is it Jill) outside SAMSONS in Norwich...after we had danced the 'Black Bottom......lol
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    Miss Lizzie Marple Here's an earlier work me & my old man did with 3 tins of paint from Focus Do It All, we took it in turns holding the ladder, still got the brushes in turps in a old mug.
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    As chief toter and guffer I note the orrible arse ministers demand for delivery of his stools in envelpoes and hereby tender my humble resignation. I wish to spend more time my family and possibly heed the mister fer educashuns recommendantion on auntypodeun wine and join the Minster fo internashnul 'fairs in gettin all tired n emotinul an all. yer my bes frends you are...
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    @letsavagoo The purpose of restrictions is not to stop the virus spreading at all - it’s to SLOW the spread. If there were no restrictions, I think the hospitals wouldn’t be able to cope with the number of Covid admissions, let alone other emergencies and the treatment for many other conditions. My husband’s hospital appointment to see about treatment for a blocked artery in his leg has been postponed twice this year already ...
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    Did Banksy pay Nottingham a visit overnight? Quite a crowd their this morning, Ilkeston Road Radford.
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    Up to a point I must agree. It's time to just get on with life - but take obvious precautions.
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    True Mary, when my husband and i went to Disneyland in Florida it was amazing, i felt like a child again. The following year i took my mum and my children. Meeting and having breakfast with all the disney characters was an experience well thought out for children ( and for the child in every adult) I even have a photo hugging Mickey Mouse.
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    Mr Bag Carrier (or do I mean carrier bag?). I know exactly where I’m going, thank you. It’s everyone else who has no idea! (Present government excepted - ooh sorry, I forgot I never lie) Minister for Art, your stools are your business...
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    Order ! Order ! two pints of lager and a packet crisps please.
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    I got the fire pit going this afternoon and roasted some chestnuts in the brass gizmo my dear wife bought me last year. It's made totally of brass and consists of a hinged and perforated container fixed to an arm about about two foot long. Looking at its construction makes me think it could be Victorian. Whatever, it’s a big improvement on the biscuit tin and bent coat hanger I used to use. The results were brilliant. After a few minutes the charred outer of the nuts cracked off easily to reveal the dark yellow roasted nut within. Delicious. Who else enjoys roasted chestnuts? Remember Johnny Morris on kid's TV in the late 50s stood next to a brazier with a big bag full of roasted nuts.( A word of caution, never stand too close to a roaring brazier or your nuts will definitely get roasted lol)
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    Caught the number 2 into town yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm only Mrs & me on it, most of the shops & streets where empty, witnessed a lad filling his big Primark bag in JD Sports with a Adidas sweatshirts £60 each & he had a good 8 or 9! Had 2 drinks in Cross Keys, empty, dinner in Bistrot Pierre only 2 other tables taken, jumped the 28 home, empty. I can’t see this virus or things improving anytime soon, this is going to go on for years & years, or just becomes the new normal & we learn to live with it
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    Nice to see you posting Carnie...hope you ok mi duck......ive been struggling a bit lately with me Larry'' plus ingrower'' playing me up,,hardly been out.....Our Jill always gets me going though,,,cheeky ,''but i like it''........wish i'd shared a 'Parkie' with you back in the day,, You sure i did'nt.....lol
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    Re. Turmeric,. I was taking it when I had my stroke. I don't think that was the cause and the doctor didn't blame it either. He said the problem was high bp. I agree. Mrs. L got bent out of shape about it because, "it's a blood thinner." Surely, according to logic, thinner blood should lower you bp. That was the main reason I was taking it. Some docs prescribe bp thinners eg. 'Clopidogrel'. It all depends on the type of stroke you had. I think we should be careful with any type of herb or patent medicine, but I think, used in moderation Turmeric should be ok. Now, if somebody could convince Mrs. Loppy of that I'd appreciate it. As is my attitude tends to be, My body, my choice.
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    Art is surely just a personal opinion and judgement. Nobody is right or wrong. I like Banksy's material and think he's clever and original, but I don't understand why people will pay millions for Van Gogh or Cezanne or Matisse or Picasso. I don't rate them at all.
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    Ask those with jobs at risk and they'll say lift the restrictions and let nature take it's course. Ask those of a certain age and at risk and they'll say damn the young, they only stand to lose a job, not their life, and in time will get over it. I agree with the idea RR but still can't see how we protect the vulnerable without making them prisoners.
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    Perhaps your dream is telling you that you need to get a dog instead of thinking about cats! Walking a dog is good exercise and good for meeting new people. Now that is a WOW
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    Well the current one, Simon Armitage, certainly nauseates me. He was on the Today Programme recently reciting a load of doggerel which was worthy of William McGonagal. When you think of people like Masefield and Tennyson, to name but a couple, he is insignificant.
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    How's my day? I dare not say! Lest for my sins I'm sent away, To Poet's Corner, Be that where it may, To write obscurely, far away, It's not just Politics that's banished, It now seems verse must also vanish! So, no more will I post my rhymes, In 'How's Your Day'.. Oh! what dark times..
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    Margie lives in Ely, far In getting there I go by car, To take her presents, I wrap and box 'em If she's not there, I go to Wroxham.
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    BK used a teapot to Brew his cup of tea but then he went and painted it, so now he drinks coffeeeee
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    Thunder crashes from rock To rock, the cataracts reply, Lightning’s dazzle our eyes. Apparently not ! Disjointed, discordant, metaphysical nonsense.
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    DJ 360 Didn't you know that Jaguars are notoriously unreliable and have quality problems. Might have been worse you could have bought Range Rover frames.
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    That’s the problem with living out in the sticks David! We both went into our local pharmacy on 10th September to have our jabs. We did the same last year too. Our GP surgery hadn’t even got the vaccine at that stage. Now the locals of Mapperley Park are struggling to get the flu jab and are willing to pay £25 to have one done privately in Sherwood somewhere. But then, how safe is it, how effective is it? I don’t listen to my daughter-in-law who is into conspiracy theories and anything else to get worked up about. Think David Icke has a direct line to her.
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    Knew a few girls down that way Jill.........sadly no conquests ,, Edit........Dolly nearly was,,,but her Dad put a stop to it,,when he saw her in my Granville basket going down Hove road....
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    As Home Secretary I’d have to make speeches wouldn’t I? Could I just write them and let Paul deliver them please? We are a team
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    If the pubs were shut they would be drinking at home with their pub going mates. We’re talking about the irresponsible here.There’s lots of them out there saying Covid is a load of nonsense and it won’t happen to them. If it wasn’t for the irresponsible we might be able to contain the situation until a vaccine is available. Unfortunately there are a large number of people who say they will refuse vaccination.
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    More than a smile I suspect!
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    Has Ben posted an advert for a housekeeper? Must have missed that one! there'll be a few more zeros on it yet, if so.
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    Today has started better than the last few and I managed a gentle 6km on the rowing machine with little discomfort. Watched the morning news while rowing and feeling quite concerned for those that still live in Nottingham. There was talk of Liverpool being put on tier 2 and all that it implies with Covid restrictions, however Nottingham has a higher incidence that Liverpool! Glad I live in a village and away from the Cities.
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    Thanks for the link of the bus routes Cliff Ton it helped unlock a few memories for me and confirms in my mind where the 18 terminus was. I was born in my aunts' house on Longmead Drive 75 years ago this week. When I was about 10 I used to catch the 18 bus from Trinity Square to Longmead and can remember clearly now sitting on the top deck and looking in the churchyard. During the journey there was a water works/pumping station somewhere near the junction of Hucknall Road and Haydn Road. The route then carried on to Edwards Lane and turned off into Alderton Road, at the crossroad with Longmead Drive it turned right and the terminus was on the right a couple of hundred yards up opposite a block of two shops one a grocer and the other a greengrocer. Another memory was sitting close to a heater on the bus, it was a large chrome circular unit bolted to the bulkhead, fantastic as I lived in a world where my dad's cars didn't have heaters.
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    If he has 2 pairs can he lens me a pair.
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    At least Col was far sighted in having a second pair of glasses. Hopefully they'll eventually be a spectacular outcome.
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    Yeah - socket to him!
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    Groan.... vitreous humour presumably...
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    Hate to sound pessimistic but I think nature will solve the problem with or without our assistance. Something will annihilate a large proportion of the world's population and balance will be restored. There won't be a housing shortage then and life will be very different. Nothing is forever. All situations and problems are temporary...and so are we!
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    Phil. It’s not all about profit! We probably won’t recoup the cost of our solar panels But our electricity bill is quite low now and we do get money sent back to us from the solar panel company - average of £150 quarterly. We pay £40 / month on direct debit to the electricity company but some days this summer we were using less than £1 per day according to the smart meter. I pick the times to do the washing and the dishwasher etc to make the maximum use of the solar energy. I get a kick out of knowing that I’m helping our planet by using a natural resource to provide electricity.
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    Paul, I have a recurring dream where I'm still working. It always turns out that something is proving frustrating or awkward. So I say to my bosses.. "Listen.. I've had enough of this..I've worked way beyond where I need to and I'm off!" Then I wake up and I realise I retired 6 years ago... which is all well and good except I no longer have the option of storming out...
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    No chance of'Squeezing you on me new ''Chaise Longue'' with Eartha and Fenella then Jill......lol
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    No pun intended, eh? Why not go all the way and give yourself a transplant? I'm sure Amazon has all the necessary bits!
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    If Phil isn't interested, you could have this one. It's in Eastwood. I can't supply the female decorations but providing your own should prove no problem for you, our Ben!
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    Got home from Dorset yesterday to find my Covid test waiting for me. I did it as instructed and can’t say it was very pleasant ....... made me gag poking the swab on my tonsils. The courier has collected it so now I’d better go and do a big shop in case they tell me I have to go into quarantine in a few days time!
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    I'd forgotten about Christopher64 and his connection with the area. If he's been lurking recently this might bring him back. I'v been looking at the 1939 Register on Ancestry and there's an entry for 43 Garden Street which mentions those names. Edith Mary Watson, born 1890, Hosiery Machinist. George William Watson, born 1888, Motor Engineer's Labourer Joan Mary Watson, born 1920, Despatch Clerk.
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    You qualify Beekay. To go on Bondi you have to be a pom or a kiwi.
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    Don't know if it would work 'as is' Margie but at least you have a the basis of an actionable plan. Not sure why we would need extra money to stay home - but I'll take it if it's offered! Perhaps we could have elderly only days out, separate shopping days etc. Our local tip has alternate days according to the last number of your registration plate, maybe we could carry a card that shows our age to gain admittance to shopping malls, public transport etc. Anyone under age will be turned away... I too am not sure if this could be a serious suggestion or not. Who are the elderly? according to the graphs the most vulnerable start around 65 although no doubt the Sun can come up with an expert to say its wrong. Maybe we could revive the old pensioner political party... who wants to be PM?
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    Are you saying that going on Nottstalgia actually drives you to sleep? Maybe somebody ought to advise the Insomnia society, they'd pay a fortune for the recipe. Cheers Mary, take care.
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    Believe I mentioned previously that I had to have a swab test before Brighton would accept me prior to my heart surgery. The nursed promised she would avoid the ' gagging area, then with the same probe up my nostril and I never realised it would go that far ! It were bloody awful, but they don't tell you that when testing. Like the nurse said, " If we did, nobody would have it"
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    Johnny Carrington (John Henry Larvin) and his wifes memorial stone at Carlton Cemetery
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    I know we can't stop progress and can appreciate that it was probably damaged due to the activities of the Luftwaffe over Nottingham but who on earth would want to replace such a beautiful Carolean building with the trash that stands there now? Some people have no soul!
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