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    This is probably the oldest family photo I have in my possession. The little boy is my maternal grandfather, born 1887 so this was perhaps taken 1891ish. It’s very delicate and precious to me and is on what appears to be China-type material.
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    Hello! Great to be back. I'm enjoying browsing the site to catch up. I've spent the last couple of years with my head stuck in my laptop doing a Master's degree with the Open University. Finished this summer so I'm FREE! Sort of shuffling my feet and looking around at the world and wondering, 'Now what?' The options at the moment are indoor hang gliding or extreme embroidery.
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    Yes BK, there are several 'experts' on here. Cliffton finds photos DavidW will search newspaper archives Ann Swaby is the person to help on ancestry queries Carni is the cake expert Albert is the trains and dancing expert Jill can tell you anything you want to know about The Manning School Loppylugs is the musician Peveril Peril is our resident keep fit enthusiast Benjamin is the DIY expert We all have our specialities, we're a good mix!!
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    I’ve enjoyed Nottstalgia for a few years now and like Ben I’ve had the good fortune to re-connect through the forum with a few people from my teenage years. Having spent 30 years living in the Home Counties and only having time to be with my parents when I visited Nottingham, I lost touch with friends I’d spent time with before I married and moved away. I’ve posted this newspaper cutting before but don’t know if it’s still on here. Hippogirl and I are in this group of athletes at Harvey Hadden Stadium in the mid 60s. We didn’t know each other at that time but we’re now firm friends, thanks to Nottstalgia.
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    I went on Friday. Quite startling the difference when you compare with old pics on the Web! Now Then And a closeup of Derwent Hall from a similar angle This is a shot from slightly further downstream of the village. The hall was just to the left of the photo.
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    Standard Of England pub, Park Lane,Basford, Three generations of David's family in the old 2nd left is David's great grandmother Hannah Oldham, 3rd left David's grandmother Mary Lane (always known as Polly), and 1st right David's mother Rosamund Lye. 4th left is Blanche Scrivens who lived next door to David's family . David doesn't know the others perhaps someone can enlighten him thanks to David Lye for the photo & info Don't know how ive done this,,but on the picture are all my Grandparents,,photo taken in the ''Standard of England'' Park lane Old Basford,,i would think early 50s,,whoever David is who posted in Bygones i don't know,but i thank him anyway. Grandad Ben is on the far left,,served in France and the Navy in first world war,,man of few words but when he spoke,''you took notice''..........my other Grandad Jackson is the one in the trilby,,3 piece suit and fob watch,,very smart man,, served in the Sherwood Foresters 14-18 war,,saw his wounds when he was taking a bath in front of the fire when i was little,, absolutely loved the man,,..........Lady far right is the only one still with us,,my lovely cousin Doris Booth,, i know some of my Booth cousins have a peep at nottstalgia at times,,enjoy. Sorry its on ''Day trips'' was trying to post summat else lol,, by the way where they were all sat in the Standard of England'' was next to the Piano and known as ''Jacko's corner''
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    Just heard from Catfan who sends regards to all on NS. He and Mrs C have been sadly under the weather recently. I'm sure we all wish them both a very speedy recovery.
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    There are no bad dogs just owners I have had quite a few dogs in my time, first one I had must admit, let it run and go any were, then I had a "ROTTI" as at the time I was getting lots of breaking at my salon and (or so I thought) my Rotti would be a deterrent and at the same time signed up to do working dog trials. The trials were brilliant I learnt such a lot from the tutor not just about trails but how you dog thinks and behaviour, I even took my Rottie into college whilst doing part of my teacher's training, at the time their was a lot of stigma about these dogs, she caused quite a stir when we made an entrance into the class room, I told her to sit and wait (wait means you are going to tell her something) (stay means you are leaving her and will return) she sat their for a good half hour till I called her to me. I could have left her in slab square for a whole day and when I did return she would have still been in the same spot. I think every one who has a dog should give it a certain amount of training. I have had one or two dogs since losing my Rottie and taken them to various training classes, but none came up to when I did working trails, a lot of the training is all about the dog, but it's not the dog it's the owners most of the time. Also one last thing I cringe when I see dogs on these thin long leads, what control have the owners got if the dog runs across the road to see another dog? especial if it's a German Shepard. Your dog could cause an accident oh! sorry it would be you, with that silly lead. not the dog that's caused the accident. Sorry to get on my soap box but one last thing You are the leader of the pack and the dog comes second keep this in mind and you can't go wrong. You eat first, You go though the door way first, you sit on the sofa (not the dog) don't feed from the table you are sending out wrong signals to your dog. LARGE OR SMALL DOG TAKE IT TRAINING AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME AS WELL.
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    I stopped smoking in 1993 and stopped drinking in 2005. Chris reckons I've just got to master cream cakes and swearing now!!!
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    We always adopt retired racing greyhounds. Jimmy is our fifth one to date. They come ready trained to the lead and house trained but have limited recall skills and highly developed prey/chase instincts so he's never off the lead except on our garden. He behaves beautifully and is a confirmed couch potato for 22 hours a day. Funnily enough the ones we've adopted don't go upstairs. They don't seem to know what they are. They watch us go upstairs as if wondering how we disappear into the ceiling but don't follow us. Wouldn't have another breed.
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    My first Berridge photograph, taken in 1963, by which time, I'd been there a year! This has been posted before but fell foul of Photobucket! I'm 5th from the left on the front row.
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    Nice bit of news this morning, my sons restaurant has been placed 13th of 737 restaurants in the province of Asti. Since it was opened hes always been number 1 in the village out of 10 restaurants.
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    I was at pipewood in 1957 and on this pic. I'm seated on the floor far left. Two rows behind me is a Pipewood teacher, Mr Boyle. The teacher on the right was Mr Winkmann. I recognise 6 Ellis lads in this pic and there are also a couple of lads I recognise from Glaisdale drive/Staverton area. The 2 Lads next to Boyle brought a wind up gramophone to the school to play in our free time and the record collection included Wayward Wind and Last Train to San Fernando, which always bring back memories of Pipewood when I hear them. On Sunday church parade the lads who owned the gramophone dressed in fully authentic light blue ted suits complete with ladder-stripe ties and beetle crushers. I enjoyed my time there and returned in '58.
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    The real vandalism was probably flooding the village in the first place and moving people from their homes. Hopefully after a wet winter all will be covered over again.
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    No matter how badly off you are there is always someone worse. I very much admire your fortitude and good humour Ben!
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    Funny how you mentioned things coming on quick since the magic 70. I've had a similar experience. since 70 it has become more and more everything hurts and what don't hurt don't work. I still do plenty of yard work, but I haven't walked the dogs so much. It was too hot a week or two ago, now its suddenly turned too cold i take them in the yard and play ball with them for their sakes, but I am not walking as much. I'm not keen on doctor visits because my symptoms are vague and I would only end up with a battery of invasive tests which would probably prove nothing except I'm getting older. I suspect arthritis more than anything. BTW. Not trying to suggest one should not get checked in a situation like Col mentioned. Just speaking very broadly. Even poor old Jake limps a bit when he gets up from the couch. He's 8 now going on 60 in dog years. He'll soon catch me up.
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    Hi Everyone, The problem at my age is that there is too much to do and now with a couple of great grandchildren added, the time to sit and write is limited. My introduction to the school was walking down the yard in my new uniform only to be soaked from the cloakroom above. How the memories stick and that cap, it stayed with you forever, gradually shrinking to the back of ones head only. It was used for everything including games. I do recall one winter when I had not been at the school long and the older children had built a huge slide in the lower playground. I joined the line, ran onto the slide and part way down fell or was pushed by older boys. My head hit the ground and soon my left eye brow had swollen over my eye. I was rushed to the Eye Infirmary in town and went home that night with my cap perched on a bandaged head with only one good eye. Cheers for now.
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    Day Trips Ben.. I recall a few coach trips to the coast. but they all seem to merge into one. That last few miles through Skeggy or wherever.. along flat straight roads.. desperately trying to see the Sea.. then suddenly some kid would shout 'I can see it!!' Off the coach and down to the beach which was always overcrowded. Those WW2 DUKWs patrolling by the water's edge. ... Chips, rock and pop. It always seemed a bit sad at the end as we sat outside some pub while Dad had a pint and we watched the little pennants flapping at the top of the masts of sailing boats moored up. And I always wondered how rich you had to be to own one of those.. And getting home ... having to be woken up on the coach to get the last few hundred yards home.. We once did a coach trip to Heathrow. Did the 12 mile circuit around the perimeter and never saw a single plane so much as move. What a swizz!! My best day trips were with school. Did one about 1959 from Henry Whipple School to watch a schoolboy international at Wembley. Another one from High Pavement school to London Zoo. Bit disappointing, but the train ride there and back was always a 'hoot'. Lts of train spottng.. seeng Geat Western Locos which never straued to Nottm.. Best ever was to the Science Museum in South Kensington, which also took in the Victoria and Albert and the Natural History Museum. I can still recall sitting in the Cafeteria as the radio played 'Runaway' by Del Shannon. Exhibits included Rover's Gas Turbine Car, lots of working models of steam engines in cases which worked if you dropped a penny in.. that sort of stuff... and a pendulum on a very long wire which demonstrated the Earth's motion...apparently..
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    Ideal for setting up as an estate agent!
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    Even more contrasting is how the place looked before the dam was built vs today. This is Derwent Village remains on Friday and a shot from near enough the same place before the reservoir was built Here's a closeup of Derwent Hall, with the river in the foreground.
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    Don't worry Phil. The water looks much deeper at the Bamford end - and the Derwent and Howden reservoirs upstream have a fair amount of water in them too. The Ladybower only becomes a river at Derwent village itself. This is the view from the side of the main road near the Ladybower Inn and looking northwards from more or less the same spot It is only when you reach the ruins of Derwent village that the reservoir peters out - not far from the very end of the reservoir, near the Fairholmes visitor centre.
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    Stop killing houseplants. Get my house sorted out. See my relatives in the USA, hug Mickey Mouse. See the Rolling Stones in concert one last time. Be contented and happy.
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    Came into the conservatory this morning and Samson the cat was lying there looking quite miserable. He usually welcomes me, but not this morning. Gave him a good old scratch behind the ear. Came into the house and went for a pee. Washed hands and into the sitting room where Mrs PP was reading the paper. She looked up and said, "did you see Samson sulking"? "Er, yes, why"? "Just applied the flea ointment to his neck" she replied. Hmmmm.. so no fleas on my pubes for the next three months
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    I believe in a balanced diet, a cream cake in each hand helps.
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    Been trying to lose weight. Basically keeping 'white carbs' such as bread, pasta rice and spuds to a minimum. Some things I use as replacements include Celeriac, Butternut Squash, White Turnips etc. If I have spuds or chips it's much less than before. 2-3 chips, couple of small bits of spud etc. Also trying to do weights, or a long walk, or a power walk, or a swim, on successive days. Started a couple of weeks ago at 14st 5lb. Have been hovering around 14st for a week or so, with odd dips to 13St 13 3/4lb followed by rises to 14St 1.lb. Today I'm a clear 13 St 13.lb. I'd say that points to a definite downward trend. Hooray!! Only 2 St 13 lb to go...
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