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    I was supposed to accompany Mrs PP to the vets today to have the pair of young toms snipped but she let me go fishing instead. Took them herself and I jollied off to Blithfield Res for a bit of fly fishing. Had a lovely day out although I only caught one trout and three roach. When I returned home in the evening I anticipated that the cats would be quite subdued following their ordeal. NO! They were zooming around like crazy. I said to Mrs PP "if that's how having your nuts removed affects you I should have mine removed too". "I''ll phone the vets in the morning" she replied, with an evil gleam in her eyes.
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    After renting Private in Carlton........in a place i could'nt really afford.pretty well skint...being a single Parent with several kids but stll working and just returned to Nottingham from a leafy posh Village ,went to see the local councillor for Bestwood estate (Joan Ducker) within 3 weeks she had got me a place like the one above,,got me back on feet and never looked back.......my boys buckled down to their new enviroment,,they kept the place spotless whilst i was working,,had a neighbour do my Ironing,,and a bit of cleaning,,neighbours either side were great too,,one side a bunch of Bikers great blokes who i shared a drink and smoke with 'over the garden fence'' and the other side a chap with many problems with the Police,,even took a Gun off him one night and buried it on the Garden before the Police arrived,,he'd shot it off in Pub in Bulwell. I was there about 18 months before buying somewhere again,,the Boys tell me ''' Dad they were great days'' which indeed they were,,......i never knock places like the above,,and feel i could still cope with living there again.............
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    Getting used to seeing the Robins around town and quite like the idea of bringing a bit of colour to the streets. In fact today I took photos of a couple of them on my travels. Here I present the City Ground Robin and Rockin’ Robin which is outside Victoria Baths
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    Thanks for the many kind remarks folks,, will indeed keep getting out Nonna,,if only to Wethers in Bulwell,,which incidentally was an extra pleasure this morning cos i met up with the lovely Trogg.......introduced him to my old Geezer mates who made him welcome......then retired out back for our own chat......really enjoyed it mate do it again anytime..............
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    No worries Lizzie managed a shot on me iPad
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    lovely morning in 'Sunny Bulwell'............met some crazy characters as usual.......old Scotsman in Newsagents demonstrating his 'orthodox' Boxing style to Anil the owner,,obviously joined in and showed the Scot my 'Southpaw' style,, ocseyoos yerflipsassanach said he after shaking my hand and going off still laughing and muttering sumat else in Glaswegion,, next in the Cobblers up the 'Alley'' took two pair of shoes for repair,,Dave the owner tells me,,''bring a tenner in friday they'll be ready........into Wethers next for breakfast,,speaking to a lady of about 60 who told me shes off to Tenerife for 10 days by herself and did i want to go with her..'Honest'' ask Donna lol,,declined the offer,,but thanked her. Coming out of Wethers saw a chap in a 'wheelchair who i'd not seen for about 4 years.....told him ''last time i saw you ,,you said Docs gave you 12 months to live ? ''Aye they got that wrong dint they'' said he laughing. Next saw Denis Robinson the ex Hucknall and Bulwell Dispatch reporter for many years (bet catfan knows him) had a short chat nice to see him looked well. All the aforementioned happened in about hour and half,,not much in the great scheme of things,,but Bulwell and its people always cheer me up.........oh yes nearly forgot there was this big bloke wearing........oh no tell you later.................lol
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    Inconsiderate neighbours.
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    Col, Corbyn gives every impression of being highly anti semetic you may not like the fact but it stares most people in the face. As to large corporations stealing tax money that that could be seen as slander they do not steal they play by the rules as they are. Now these rules may well need changing but at this time they are the rules. I have been a tax payer all my life and at 72 am still paying taxes but as a self employed person different rules apply to me rather than PAYE and I have no hesitation in telling the world I will only pay what I have to. Not a penny more till I see my taxes spent wisely and even then it's doubtful. Finally I for one am very proud of what the British achieved around the world and will not judge yesterday thoughts and action by todays standards. Yes we conquered nations because we were better at warfare but once conquered we did an immense amount of good around the globe.
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    This has got it all!.. captured in one still.Really gives you the full sense of 1965 on Nottingham Streets...criss cross of TrolleyBus wires..tidy and kempt roundabouts..thought the Bedford might be Bodills?..the built in blue Police Box ..Ovaltine and Robin Hood Pale Ale..the old boy loaded up with brussel tops and King Edwards..was'nt unusual for a "lady of the night".. to be seen hanging around the bogs in the day! Central Market..Parliament St.Baptist Church..square clock and Coombes.Geezer on the Mobilette looks tatered. KTV 516 ..the 47 turning up Bath Street. Another Roy Marshall delight ..( he had the eye.)
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    Like Loppy and despite having adblocker installed I am becoming increasingly pi$$ed off with websites that put advertising banners over what I am trying to read and have adverts that continually pop up in the corners of websites and some that don't go away even when clicked When will these numpties who advertise in this way realise all they are doing is annoying me and making it 100% certain that I will not purchase any of their products.
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    Not working.....don't have much to say about 'hows your day'' lately,,but still go into Bulwell of a morning,,and always something interesting to relate (to me anyway) sat in 'Wethers' this morning chewing the fat with a 70 yr old lady who iv'e said hello to about 4 years,,she is with her husband usually,, but lately been by herself,,husband recovering from major operation,, got chatting and amazingly ,,turned out we knew each others friends from school days.,,her Dad was the school caretaker at Henry Whipple.........and before she told me ,i told her her Maiden name,,she was staggered.........the conversation led on from there.......and so many names from school times cropt up,,just shows its always good to talk,,must have spent an hour gabbing.............told her'' must have known you back in the day'' in fact we must have dated........she laughed and said don't think so'''..........anyway we are now seeing her tomorrow,,..................lol,, just love nice people
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    Just read the sickening story of the polar bear who was shot and killed by a guard from a cruise ship in the Arctic circle because it reacted adversely to cruise passengers invading its ever shrinking environment. Events like these make me so angry. These creatures are not there for our entertainment or to be gawped at by paying audiences. They are a species whose environment is endangered and should be left alone or helped in an unobtrusive way to ensure their survival. Why can't man keep his distance and mind his own bl**dy business? There are too many people on this planet! We need less of em...and more bears.
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    Our last cat was called Kravitz,he followed my husband every where,he would wait by the back door as he saw my husband getting ready to go up the garden(the garden is uphill and nearly half an acre),when the cat saw that my husband had got all he needed he would race up the garden and wait.When i shouted that dinner was ready,down they would both come.He was an amazing cat,one night he jumped on the bed and kept patting me on the cheek until i followed him downstairs into where i had left a candle burning!..another time he kept going to the washing machine then back to me...the washing machine had a leak and we hadnt noticed! When my husband died,it wasnt long before the cat followed.Theres loads more about Kravitz he was wonderful.
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    We've spent much of the day picking and bagging hundreds of small apples about 3" in diameter. Advertised them on our village Facebook page and have had lots of replies. One man came round to have some of the apple branches cos he whittles spoons and had never tried apple wood before. His wife had some of the apples as well to make mint and apple jelly. Another lady who has an animal farm down the road took 3 sackfuls of apples to feed to her horses, pigs, alpacas, goats and chickens. About 5 more bags went to people who wanted them for making juice and/or purée and another lady is coming tomorrow to get sticks of apple wood for her rabbits to gnaw on! We've done about a third of the tree now but I think we may leave it a bit now and see if there's enough root left in the ground to keep the tree alive for a couple more months to let the remaining apples get bigger . I've given it 4 buckets of butt rainwater/washing up water today and will continue with that... I listened with my ear on the trunk afterwards and I'm sure I heard water being sucked up..... I don't think I'm going crazy!!
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    Then there was Sam, next door neighbour moved out & left him behind so he joined our clan !
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    Catfan, apart from brightening the streets up and encouraging people to discover each and every Robin, they will be auctioned off at the end of the season and all proceeds will go to The Nottinghamshire Hospice, a worth cause surely?
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    Well,only gone and done it,, E-mailed the company's i do some part time work for just now..........telling them my working days are over..........can't believe i've done it..........felt very sad......
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    I have no time for either Blair or Corbyn - Blair handing out amnesty to IRA while ppl like his wife make money from charging our troops for so called "atrocities" that (only happened in the mind of fantasists) a long time ago. Corbyn will not face veterans nor support todays servicemen. My son is a serving Marine of whom i am very proud and my late husband served through the "troubles", whether or not you agree with me i really don't care its the opinion of a soldiers wife and mother. My one and only comment on this subject.
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    Impressed by your mention of Liberia Col..........and its Slavery roots, I love History and Geography always have done,, once interviewed a bloke in Manchester,took an instant dislike to him,,first he sat sideways not looking me in the eye......then he answered his phone while i was talking to him,obviously he stood no chance of getting a job with me.,but i carried on and asked him where he was from, Liberia he said ,with contempt in his voice,adding you would'nt know even where it is''........red rag to a Bull now, told him the Capital (monrovia) when it was formed by ex slaves from USA,,Its Population and generally its History,,His mouth dropped open and he did'nt know what to say,,........i then enlightened him saying ''don't imagine from the English people you've already obviously met that we know nothing about other peoples,Countries and Histories,,and you my friend are one of the worst people i've ever interviewed, now go away and think about what you have learned today................felt great after..........lol
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    I stopped work several years ago and I’m less bored now than I’ve ever been. For me, time definitely goes faster as you get older. I don’t think I have an incredibly busy life, but the days and weeks fly by. I’m always thinking things like “….It’s already a week ago since I went there….it’s a couple of months since I did that…….it was last year when that happened”. It still surprises me to find that another day has passed and I’m thinking “where did that go, what did I do ?”.
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    url=https://postimg.cc/image/e6kpisve5/][/url] Think you'll believe this one.
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    Keeping it to just Nottingham......having lived in more southern places......since first getting Married in 1967,,ived in Sherwood,,Carlton,,Old Basford, Bulwell,Bestwood Village,,none of them bad places,,but where i am at the moment is only 2 miles from Bulwell where my roots are,, so if i moved again which i think i will,it would be even nearer to Bulwell,,the day may come when i don't drive ,so strolling distance would be good..........unless one of my kids treat me to a place in Spain ofcourse............then it may be ''Bugger Bulwell''............lol
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    Think you right catfan about Bulwell,, no one praises and loves it more than me and i think you,, but there is the other side to it.......today there were 4 women dressed in their Dressing gowns gabbing away outside Tesco with kids in tow,,it would be funny if it was'nt so sad,, Also in Wethers a regular early drinker who ive never liked was being abusive to a young Barmaid because he thought someone had been served afore him..he needs Barring but no one said a word,,..........Also got threatened myself couple of weeks ago by an idiot on a Motor bike,,told him ''Go-away'' or summat similar.....lol. However these idiots are far out numbered by good pleasant happy EY-UPERS,, like my shaky lady friend who yesterday ailed me with ey-up Ben its me birthday today give us a kiss, to a round of applause from her friends,,naturally i obliged.......Bulwell Forever.........
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    Idiot drivers have always annoyed me........wife tells me ignore...which mostly i do,,but a few years ago i was taking daughter to work in a crappy car which was hers lol,, when a bloke in a big flash 4 wheeler got up me ass flashing and hooting.in Bulwell........eventually over took me and slammed brakes on, he got out and come storming towards me,,little fat twat,, i chinned him, thru him back in his car then did several dints with my boots in his prised motor,,he screamed ive got your number and am getting the Police............police visited me and said well done he asked for it''........no action taken,,small man with oversized ego because he drove top of the range motor..........pillock...........
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    I remember this day at school. I hated being made to wear fancy dress. Mum had me go as a pirate. Sancha Osbourne was a year above me. She had a sister Yvonne and brother Clive. Parents owned two butchers shops in the city. They lived near by on Malmesbury Road. School organised some kind of country dance event. Other schools in the area attended. Visited Nottingham some time ago with my kids. The school no longer there! Dewsbury's paper shop GONE. Delivered papers for them, morning & night. Shilling a round. Two shillings Sundays.
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