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    This is/was Rip,we he came to live with us after my sister in law died and he adopted us, he followed me all over the place and used to sit across my shoulders in the evening when I settled on the sofa to watch a bit of telly,I really do miss him,especially now I've finished work and spend a fair bit of time on my own Rog
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    This is my sister's new puppy, Sheba! Think there might be a lot of dog food involved. Look at those paws!
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    I'm having a pretty mundane day. Up to my neck in Cooking 'Steak Pie' and assorted veg for the family. Also bulk cooked Bolognaise to freeze in portions. Hubbs just gone out for a power walk round the block. I walked into the front room for summat and the door bell rang, now I am a bit of a chicken and don't like answering the door when i'm alone., so I hid behind the door but realised three rings later they weren't going away. I gave in and went to the door. There on the step stood a lady who lives so far up the road I can't call her a close neighbour and we haven't got to know her well. She moved here about three years ago and on Halloween called at our house because we had decorated and we made her and her children welcome. Today, she stood on my step, and when I opened the door she gave me a little gift 'Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts'. How lovely is that, I wonder what made her think of us out of the blue like that. I threw my arms round her and told her how thoughtful she was, we both parted beaming. My day is not mundane any more . It's Brill. It dunt take much to make someones day does it.
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    I'm sure the poor lady is distraught. At times like that one is not worrying about which thread one is in. Re. the digression in this thread. It was a little banter about a side issue which, while it is not the central issue of the thread, can often tend to happen in normal interactions. Nobody is sitting around devising ways to hijack the thread. It's an interesting topic with some good photos. A bit of friendly back and forth makes it even better.
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    Just recovering from the Christmas festivities. We missed the normal Christmas because Mrs PP was in hospital, so we had Christmas this week end. That made yesterday Boxing day for us. We should have been at our daughters in N Somerset for Christmas. We were there this w/e instead. Enjoyed the Pantomime on Saturday, which was directed by our Granddaughter. She also played the baddy. Breakfast in a beach cafe on Sunday morning and Christmas dinner later followed by drinks and board games. One of the best Christmases ever - a month or so late but very enjoyable. Did 10km on the indoor rower this morning - post Christmas exercise.
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    Well, the collapsee amazed us all by climbing the stairs this morning and making himself toast and coffee in the kitchen. Apart from a couple of temporary aids to assist, he ticked all the boxes and will be discharged on Sunday. He's very lucky. For a man who came very close to death, his only medication is Levothyroxine. All this has made him think...as it should...about how much his 6 weeks in hospital has cost the NHS. It made him realise, too, how hard those employees work and how short staffed they are. His treatment, scans, bed, meals and everything else would have amounted to many thousands of pounds anywhere else. We are very lucky in this country.
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    one for the vintage vehicle fans Rog
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    This same cat was rather liberal with her favours and got herself pregnant. We made her a nest in her favourite cubby hole and she duly produced eight kittens. I was at work while all this was going on and when I returned home she carefully brought each baby to me in turn, seemingly for my approval. When approval was given, off she'd go and get the next one. It was easy to see they were different as they all had vastly different patterns (what a tart she must have been!) After I'd been shown her efforts she came and sat on my lap. I felt her abdomen pulsating, then a feeling of wet warmth and there was yet another tiny kitten sitting there. It was all black, like its mother, and it was just as though it was a special present for me. I thanked Pussycat (that's what we called her) and I went to get changed into something clean and dry. We found homes for all the offspring but, I kept my special present. We had Pussycat have the operation to prevent any more instances of unwanted pregnancies.
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    Gus having a warm ! Catnap !
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    Just had a delightful e-mail from a true Notts..stalgian, Stephen Ford...and all is well and good! (Miss him though).
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    We’ve been waiting for weeks for a large rug we’d seen in John Lewis to be back in stock, waiting patiently for an email informing us that it’s available again. Today we decided to go into the shop for a little browse and the staff were moving everything around, finding room for garden furniture (for heaven’s sake!) The rug we really wanted was still on display in a room setting so we asked if we could have THAT one. No problem they said, we bought it 50% off. Ok, it’s been walked on for a while but that’s what rugs are for, and it’s not grubby at all. Result! It looks the bizz too!
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    My grandad had a chemist shop on the corner of Rawson Street in New Basford just along the road from the brewery. I remember the drays clattering by on the cobbled roads. My dad was friendly with Shipstones' Ostler, Mr Tom Kirkland. Between them they fixed it for me to groom two of the shires, Duke and Captain?. I would have to stand on a beer crate to reach their backs and put their food on the floor to reach their heads. My wages was a crate of fizzy pop.
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    Very Old Corner Pin.
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    Now it can be told. Thinking that you have had enough of my medical problems I have not reported that back in October I fractured my right shoulder. I was crossing Hucknall Road outside of the hospital; it was rush hour with the traffic solid and creeping along. I walked, safely, in front of a lorry with a big gap in front of it. I did not trip but felt myself stumbling forwards. I could not save myself and fell heavily. Keeping my head high I fell on my right shoulder. I could not get up, and the lorry driver got out of his cab and helped me to the pavement. The shoulder felt sore, the bus came and I went home. An hour later I was in the doctors, who said she could not detect anything broken. Next day I was in QMC A&E where and x-ray showed a big crack just below the ball and socket. What followed was the most inconvenient two months of my life. For 78 years I have used my right hand/arm to do almost everything. Now it was only my left hand/arm. My God, talk about inconvenience. Climbing Everest was easier than getting out of bed. Even wiping my backside left-handed was totally alien. No driving. Hospital visits for checks and exercise routines. I am almost back to normal now (but not quite). It should not surprise you that there is no-one on this planet who is more careful than me when they are walking. The only advantage of this predicament was that I had three months without drying the pots.
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    So, on Friday I asked Mrs Col to contact our good friends to see if they would like to accompany us to a rather good Chinese Restaurant on Saturday evening.. My treat.. to celebrate my birthday. Mrs Col said that she'd asked them but instead they had invited us to their place on Saturday afternoon as a couple of other friends we don't see often were coming over. I agreed and we were all set to leave here about 1:30 pm, when Mrs Col told me that things had been put back to 3:00 pm. So.. I went along with that too. Then.. about 2:50, my oldest and her hubby turned up, with the Grandkids. They do sometimes drop in unannounced. So there was I saying "Great to see you, but your timing is rubbish, we're just going out!" At this point No. 2 daughter turned up in her car and just said. "Get your coat on and get in!". It was only then that it dawned on me I'd been 'set up'. I was whisked off, along with Mrs Col.. to a rather nice family meal in a local country pub. Belated birthday treat from my girls. Very nice surprise. Col
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    N'mind about cats and dogs, let's hear it for guinea pigs. This is Sam No.1 with daughter Barbara. They are lovely pets, but not long-livers. Used to let him run around the house until it all went quiet. We would find him nibbling the wallpaper nearest the skirting-board. He use to have the occasional habit of suddenly squeaking and jumping vertically into the air, turning 180 degrees at the same time. We had three cats. Mention has been made about giving them a bath. We did to one of ours. Have you ever seen a totally soaked cat straight out of the bath with all of its fluffy fur gripping its body? Er, what body? There's nothing on them. It is the most pathetic example of an unhappy animal you will ever see.
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    Tiger, Winter 2003.
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    Bit of a nice one last night, I hosted a poker night and lost....but a couple of very old friends came an ex army buddy and his lady wife. I know the lady has been learning to paint for a number of years what I did not know was that she is into steam locos. I was given a calendar made up of 12 of her paintings all of different steam locos and apparently all in their correct setting and factually correct. Having just lost to her trip aces I mentioned a back scene for my new 'n' gauge layout "not a problem" I was told. So I now have my own private artist ready to work for ......................nowt, almost worth the loosing.
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    Many thanks all. It was an odd sort of birthday, but enjoyable nonetheless. I went to Nottm by train, for the day. Mrs Col still a bit under the weather with a cold, so happy to stay home. My sister passed away on Feb 2nd 6 years ago and my neices, brother in law etc. all like to get together for a little Memorial meal. Not morbid at all. Just an excuse to meet up and have a natter, and remember Pam. This year it just fell exactly on my birthday. (3rd). I set off from Wigan. There was a suitable train on the platform as I approached. It was half empty, but I preferred to grab a coffee and wait a bit for the next one which was actually part of my schedule. That went well, as the next train was completely rammed. It was all I could do to get on at all and I spent the half hour or so to Manchester Piccadilly pressed against the doors. Still the journey was brightened by a phone call which was my two Grandkids belting out 'Happy Birthday' to me. Lovely. Train from Manchester to Nottm. was a much less crowded affair and I grabbed a table seat facing the right way. After a few minutes I went to the loo and returned to find that my seat had been 'nicked' by somebody else. She must have come out of another carriage as we hadn't stopped anywhere...but 'Hey Ho'.. plenty more seats but I always like to grab one with a window and a decent view. From Nottm station I walked up to Queen Street. I'm always surprised by how much of an uphill 'pull' that is. Caught a No. 45 bus to Gedling to my friend's house, which is tucked away in an almost secret little spot. The route of that bus took me up via Woodboro' Rd and I was pleasantly surprised to get brief glimpses of the tremendous view from up there and also some of the precipitous slopes just to the left of the road as you approach 'Mapperley Top'. I tried very hard to spot my ex girlfriend's house on the right, but really couldn't be sure.. Quick cuppa at my friends' and I paid over my share of the deposit for next year's trip to Mexico. Can't wait. Next up, Dave kindly ran me to the Arrow in Arnold for the meet up. That place has certainly changed. It was something of a talking point when first built in it's 'Pointed' shape. Full of Arrow and Robin Hood based decor as I recall and I'm pretty certain my few visits would have been in 1966. The rebuild seems much bigger and more 'corporate', but not that special. Also surprisingly quiet for a 'Food' pub on a Saturday Lunchtime. This was borne out by the pretty poor steak I had for lunch. Looked more like a 'Rib Eye' than the Sirloin it was sold as. Barely chewable to be honest. And the waitress exhibited all the charm of a disgruntled warthog. When I politely enquired whether she had any Horseradish Sauce, the reply was "No" and she walked away. A couple of minutes later she walked past again and muttered.. "Plenty of Mustard". I didn't reply. Still.. we had a nice natter and a bit of a laugh, which was the general idea. Always nice to see how quickly my great neices and nephews are growing into young adults. My brother and sister in law drove me back to their place for an hour or so, then I jumped back onto the bus for town and walked down to the station. Quite a lot of obvious drunks wandering about and most of them seemed to get on the 18:47 for Liverpool, along with yours truly. None of them were aggressive or troublesome, but they were pretty loud and inconsiderate. Mercifully many got off at Ilkeston and Alfreton. Experience has taught me that a quick change of seat direction while stopped at Sheffield gets you facing the right way, as the train goes in forward and then out 'in reverse' as it were. A young lady joined the train at the last minute and flopped down in the next seat to me after running to make a connection. Turned out she'd had to take an odd route back from London to Liverpool due to train problems further south. She was from Brazil. Married to a chap from the Wirral. Very interesting conversation about the difference between our two countries. Swapped trains at Manchester Piccadilly for Wigan, only to be met by another load of loud drunks. This time a party of girls drinking champagne, playing loud distorted 'music' on their phones and entering into a loud, though good natured debate with other passengers about the merits of various pop 'singers'. Good natured, but again, inconsiderate and potentially intimidating to some. I always get more annoyed by the insensitivity than the actual behaviour. Anyway.. I put on my headphones and MP3 player and and drowned them out with some 'proper' singing. ( Dylan.. Van Morrison, Temptations, Impressions... ) Straight off the train and onto the 352 bus. Home just before 10:00 pm. Excellent day out! Col
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    Gus & Sandy from long ago. M
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    This happens all the time TRD. I doesn’t bother the majority of posters at all. Just a single word can spark a memory for someone, but in this recent instance Chulla was referring to a comment that went off subject previously. Lack of post numbers is a bigger niggle for most of us. Was it an issue when Gem posted in a Word Game that her husband had recently passed away? Not for me. I rarely look at the Word Games these days but did notice the first few words she’d posted, so I read it.
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    Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and messages i appreciated them very much. At the moment NS is not a good place for me, maybe in a few months when things are not so raw. I also enjoyed all the interaction on my own comments and i thank you all for that. Take care of yourselves Gem.
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    Here's a cracking picture of the top of Woodborough Road showing Mapperley Methodist Church and the top of Porchester Road - hope it inspires some memories
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    Rob, I think the picture would have been taken in the 60's when they started building on the land behind what was once Wardles's garage (i.e.before Wheelhouse had it). We used to play football and go sledging in the fields which stretched downhill all the way to the railway line. There was a small access path alongside the garage from Plains Road. The following picture is a reminder of what Somersby Road used to look like, circa 1948. There have been a lot of changes since then!
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    Thanks for the encouragement. Of concern is the fact that my PSA score is now higher than when I was first diagnosed four years ago (not three years as I previously said). This did not seem to bother the oncologist, who said it was not unusual. He said that they had a number of treatments to try, but for the time being he just changed the steroid, and said he would see me in 12 weeks time. So doesn't seem to be any urgency. On the positive side my nails have grown back and my hair is coming back nicely. I like it when my appointments are in the 11 to 12 o'clock period because I can then have a bite to eat in the Eat Well food place. My favourite is the bacon and cheese Panini, which they heat up before serving. Yum, yum. I have to be secretive, Jill, with regard to my Tibetan tipple. My religion forbids me to drink alcohol but the voluminous saffron robe is ideal for hiding a hip-flask with a drop of John Smiths in it.
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    Always a roast dinner on a Sunday in our house, in fact it still is, we love our roasts. Dinner cooking, Mum doing the Sunday Express crosswords, Family Favourites on the wireless with mention of such ‘exotic’ places as Christmas Island, with no indication of what our soldiers were doing there! Dad down the pub having a pint, wearing his best suit. If it was lamb on the menu Dad would watch us like a hawk and keep reminding us to leave some mint sauce for him! To save any moaning Mum started giving him a little pot of his own. Roast beef without Yorkshire Pud just isn’t the same but quite often Mum forgot to get it in the oven in time so we ended up with it as a pudding, with butter and jam. Just as nice!
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    ...and very good quality too. Starts on Nottingham Road, Basford.
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    Me Lulu , Lily and Misty url=https://postimg.org/image/mrqx9ij39/][/url]
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    Cracker of a day today, the lady and I were invited to my old troop sergeants birthday party at lunch time. 85 and still as spritely as them come, the party was arranged by the old comrades association at the local Victory club. When we arrived it was like stepping back in time, the place was packed, people we had not seen for 30 years, many, many happy memories and smiles today. I eventually left with an invite to France later this year to travel the route of the regiment from the D Day beaches up through France and into Holland. Also a trip to Germany for a 'fun' weekend later in the year though I am not so sure I could manage that these days........
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    Dark clouds over the City Ground.
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    Just a heads up for Catfan in case he would like a bus to play with. John Pye have a sale next week and it includes a couple of 1993 Leyland Olympia 77 seaters and a 1950 Dennis Lancet 39 seater. The Lancet would be ideal for you to take the Nottsalgia gang out on a mystery tour
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    Following previous posts..you don't see kids making trolleys..length of ply,piece of 4x3 bend over the 6"nail to hold the pram axles, piece of old carpet and 6ft of someones washing line to steer. Living in town....we 'acquired' things from folks back yards. We used an ironing board frame and plastic tractor wheels on the rear..went like stink! The gaffer that ran the traffic light bunker in Trinity Sq. carpark said he could'nt hear himself think ...for us lot drifting down 4 levels.
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    Today marks 100 years since women gained the right to vote, to celebrate Suffragatte Morrisons of Bulwell are giving away 1 free hoover bag to women who spend 10 pounds or more on cleaning products.
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    This from 1966 typifies why once a week i went record hunting, i purchased this as per the image on Demo Decca and still own it today 41 years later. When i got serious about putting together a real collection- i was only dipping my toes in the world of music. I was working in a nightclub as a chef and commanding a good wage, soon i was expanding generes and tastes from Plas Johnson to Pentangle. Hop of the 44 at Canning Circus and there was Sounds Good where i completed my Sun 45's and still blast Ooby Dooby by the big O. Marty Wilde,Duffy Power,Fabian...i scooped up mint singles for pounds. Across to Music Inn ...Sunbeam and Columbia labels..Johnny Horten, Little Eva and Bix Biderbecke..lovely US albums with fold over sleeves. American stuff on Rare Bird too. Contours,Cadets,Cash and Cramer. Apart from Pearl,Ludwig and Gretsch -Music Inn stocked some pearlers and the staff were perplexed but pleased that a young punk dressed in an old corpo jacket and drainpipes is asking for The Five Satins or Chet Atkins. Two record/ junk shops at the top of Cromwell St. Sleevless singles..but after a wash...some keepers and the Handful of Hank Locklin are still on the shelves. Past Ben Bowers and Something Special ...cast an eye on my bourbon importer and into Oxfam...a veritble gold mine. The Castle Rock LP was bought here as was Fill Your Head With Rock and Transatlantic Samplers. Those ,a few cravats and a Tootal paisley it was time to trot past my old alma mater and to Chapel Bar and Arcade Records...a home for rare stuff.German albums on Nova or Hor Zu. And Robert Parker stuff on Sue. A dj copy of Barefootin is loud! You'd need a brew- into The Palace Coffee House for a froth and rumbaba..or the Light Bite for a 'fold over'sausage roll and a rest. PT.1
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    He is alive and well mick. Will give you a bell later.
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    Bedrooms quite like this. Kitchens. Living rooms. Or Washing Machines
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    Greenfinch as promised, when I take a picture through the kitchen window I make sure I don't have the kitchen light on and I close the blind at the other window so that I don't have any backlight Rog
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    Good job I don’t get upset by topics veering off subject
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    You don't know how thrilled I am at this little, probably out of focus picture. If you look closely you will see the head of a 'Bluetit' and it is inside. Yep i said inside, not outside or near, our bird house. Hubbs went out about half an hour ago and I was sitting very still.....waiting, and it paid off. In a flurry of excitement there were, three scrapping robins, the Mr and Mrs thrush and their young adopted sparrow, all snaffling the currants and seeds on the table. But the even more thrilling bit is that after four years of disappointment we have two super quick 'Bluetits interested in our box. Here goes....you might have to study the blur. But I love it.
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    If you have the evidence on film and the police aren't interested, tell them he made a racist comment and they'll soon arrest him.
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    Has anyone actually been on any of the large cruise ships? I was dragged on to one quite a few years ago now, cursing "floating breeze blocks!", "floating Butlins!", "pretentious t***s!", "floating hotels!" .... absolutely loved it! Comfortable accommodation, attentive staff (that guy on the telly is a one-off!), the sort of food you'd pay a fortune for (steak, lobster, you name it). Mind you, you CAN pay a fortune for drinks, but on P&O bottled stuff like Doombar, Speckled Hen (they have a "real ale" menu) is under £4.00 a bottle. Plenty do do. Hilarious drunken games of shuffleboard, interesting lectures, climbing walls, ice shows, swimming pools. What's not to like. AND you don't have to be with the other 000's of passengers - go out early, get back early and have the ship virtually to yourselves until sailing. Going to San Fran and Alaska in June. Can't wait!
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    That's kind of you, Margie and I appreciate it. I have learned in life to never say never. I would certainly not rule it out. Finances are not the issue. Where to leave the 'boys' certainly is. That is the only downside really. We love 'em to bits but they do tie you down a bit. Time will tell. I would certainly love to see y'all too..
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    A bit too hilly for us two plantfit, that is one of the reasons we appreciate the towpaths. We do cycle on the roads, but it is mainly because we have to, to get to the area we have in mind. It is lovely round your area, miduck but I think you must be fitter than us two to cycle in the wonderful wolds. We are so grateful for the canals, the towpaths have given us so much pleasure over the years. In the 80/90s we cycled 30 to 40 miles on the roads, but after we both devoloped heart problems the towpaths were a god send for us. Hope to cycle for at least another 20 years.
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    Your comment about Watneys Red Barrel reminded me of this
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