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    The problem is that a majority of the people don’t appreciate the seriousness of the situation. The same thing could happen here the way people are ignoring the safety messages on a ‘can’t happen to me’ basis. The Government are between a rock and a hard place in trying to stimulate the economy whilst controlling the spread of the virus. Until we get a workable vaccine the situation will get worse and it will primarily be the fault of a large part of the population.
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    Thankyou RR. It's times like his that we need them.
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    I am very difficult to offend, chiefly because I was brought up to laugh at life and everyone in it. If I hadn't, I don't think I'd have survived until now without spending time in a strait (as opposed to a gay) jacket and a padded cell. I consider myself to be a balanced personality who would never dream of going around hurling abuse at anyone. I think it's called resilience. I also think it seems to be in short supply these days.
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    I let the chickens out for the first time yesterday. they were very tentative at first and kept going back into the wired run. They gradually built up confidence and foraged around, keeping close to their home. One of the cats attacked but put his brakes on when he realised how big several hens could become when startled. Then the other cat stalked up menacingly to the two Aurucanas, who stood their ground and stared him down. The cat sort of shrugged and stalked off with that bored look that only a cat can do. They returned to the coop without a problem, lured by some maggots left over from fishing. Today they were far more confident when let out and followed me around the garden. Lovely creatures and quite funny.
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    I had to smile the other day. Was almost at my house, driving along, and saw 2 Quail running across the road so I slowed down. Then I saw they had about 20 babies with them, who can only be described as walnuts on legs, they are so tiny. They were all running like the clappers to get across the street.
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    My mum always said she didn't want any flowers at her funeral. She would rather have them while she was here. If she met someone she knew while out shopping, she would always buy them a bunch of flowers. Similarly, if she went to visit anyone, she took flowers. It always cheered people up. Misery and feeling sorry for yourself were things mum had no time for. Always had a smile, bless her At her funeral, in February 2010, everyone was asked to bring a bunch of cut daffodils, her favourite flowers. They were given a photo of mum and asked to take the daffodils home, put them in a vase with mum's photo next to it and smile!
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    So ISIS bride Shamima Begum will be allowed to return to the UK to appeal her loss of citizenship, she committed treason which should be still punishable by death, a slap in the face to every true Brit.
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    Thankyou for understanding we've just heard that we are "free" to do what we want. It is now 8.15 am The hospital has been quick in informing us. I can now go back home, I've been staying at my daughters ( both separated). Both her and my husband can go back to work which is a great relief as if the tests had been positive all the staff and maybe their families in both their restaurants would have had to have been tested too. So happiness has returned . Keep safe everyone , because even if you have this test for any reason whatsoever the waiting is intolerable but the relief is overwhelming. On top of all this I fell down , banged my head, arm, shoulder, knee and hurt my already painful wrist.But I'm ok now. I can go out to show all my bruises.
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    A friend of mine is a school librarian at a large Notts Comprehensive School. She has worked for only half a day since lockdown although the school has been open for children of essential workers throughout the Summer Term. She has now been advised, without any discussion, that from the start of the Autumn Term she will no longer be a Librarian but instead a teaching assistant for Special Needs children. The Library is to be used as an extra classroom, allowing for the necessary social distancing. She's given them a month's notice as she is not trained to be a teacher. They've twisted her arm and she will stay on at the school and her job will be as a cleaner, wiping down, spraying anti-bacterial stuff, etc. I'm wondering how long she'll stick that job. It must be very difficult for the Head Teachers to organise everything within a school, large or small. I don't envy them.
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    I’ve just taken a photo of your photo CT, using my plant app. It’s European Dewberry (a species of Brambles) Also known as Blue Bramble, Dewberry Botanical name: Rubus caesius The app I’ve got is ‘Picture This’. £20 pa. But you can get free apps that do the same thing. Next .......... !
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    Not done much horse riding but did a mule ride down into Grand Canyon. 8 hours on a huge mule, I never thought my legs would get back together again! (no mucky comments, you lot)
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    Had a Great Uncle who after doing over forty year's corporation heavy work was a Caretaker at the Oliver Hind boy's club, early 1950's. Found this.. http://britishhomechild.com/dakenye-farm/
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    @Willow wilson Was it like this? We came to this caravan every year until I was 11.... loved it
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    Here's the other one. Not sussed out how to do two at once. Enjoy . B.x nb.Hope you don't mind me taking liberties Col.
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    This is the photo which disappeared from an earlier post due to the Photobucket Blackmail Dept. Tom Sanderson's Tripe Shop on Arkwright Street.
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    Ask them for the recipe?
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    Face coverings will mean that we don't have to put our teeth in
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    But this is not migration as we have always understood it, it is invasion. The Kalergi Plan in full flood.
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    I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’d need to plough through 47 pages of this thread. In October last year my son went to Japan for 3 weeks to watch the Rugby World Cup. He returned in early November. For the last week of his trip he was poorly with a temperature, bad cough etc. He was still ill when he came to us for Christmas and spent most of the time lying on the sofa and coughing. I insisted he make an appointment with his GP when he got back home, which he did. The doctor was in two minds whether to call an ambulance for him as his oxygen levels were so low. However she put him on a course of steroids and antibiotics which slowly did the trick, but he did have to go to hospital for X-rays too. We and the other Christmas house guests were perfectly fine and never caught the virus from our lad. One of our party was 89 at the time too.
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    Healthy meal today with veg picked fresh from the garden - spuds, runner beans, carrots, chard leaves and spinach. They went very well with a beef casserole - yes I know it's a very hot day, but it was lovely!
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    Is that a smirk on your cats' faces this morning, PP? Surely not. Seriously, I hope Netty doesn't come to any harm and returns to you.
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    The first time I went through Northern Ireland, I couldn't get over how beautiful it was. Previous to that, my only idea of N.I was terraced streets, soldiers having stones thrown at them by mainly children, and bombs going off, never a view of the lovely cities; rolling hills, etc. The media show you what THEY want you to see. Good news is not good news to them.
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    I don't know if it's the same location, but the name Oliver Hind Boys Club still exists, on Edale Road, Sneinton. https://goo.gl/maps/FJUW6c7kY8PW9NVE8 And there was/is also a Monty Hind Boys club. Monty's real name was Jesse Francis Montague Hind, and according to this link he was a nephew of Oliver. https://secure.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/RollOfHonour/People/Details/22191
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    Stuart, don't you mean, "Elf contained" ?
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    Easy for you to say!
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    No Boris and the Government are not Asking / Telling the all the over 50's to stay at home. More hype, from some of the media again.
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    One of those sort of occasions when you could give a million pounds for camera, eh Margie.
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    We don't use a lot of flour, so it tends to be in store for a while and we throw more away than we use due to those tiny black weevils. I've cleaned everything so I'm convinced the little sods must come in on the packaging. Excellent tip about the freezer. I'll make sure we freeze the next pack before it gets into the cupboard.
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    Until a few year ago I never had butter or marg on bread or anything else. It was a lifetime habit not to add salt, sugar or butter to anything. I still don't add salt or sugar to anything but spread Flora lite on my sandwiches. I get all the sugar I need from fresh fruit and honey, and all the salt I need from that used in cooking and the ingredients. Why people pay for an expensive meal then whack salt on it before tasting is beyond me
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    I can see them. I wasn't using any magic formula - I just clicked and they appeared.
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    Can't remember which thread it were on, so here you go, I've dumped it on here. No doubt some clever boffin will move it if need be. On the subject of Pom Bears, I've just had a delivery from Iceland (other shops are available) of two multi packs of Pom Bears and my Broadband is back online after 4weeks, so I'm a happy bunny !
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    Wasn’t that the one with the ‘dubious’ clientele?
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    Yes Lizzie,,,each to their own,,,,been going Spanish destinations for 50 years now,,,,and for the last 15 or so the same resorts,,,its called getting older,,found a place i love and know just what to expect.....i'am known by the locals,,,there are lots of romantic venues in the area....Also not too many British,,,don't get me wrong i quiet enjoy some British folk....lol,,, I do visit other places while i'm there,,but take the bus or cycle the transport, buses and trains are so cheap..,,,love the Weather and the food and chatting with the locals of similar age,, I love Spain and its people so much i almost wish the Armada had been sucessful....Not been for almost 2 years now for one reason or another,,and really miss it,,,hopefully back again soon,,,
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    Nonna, my sincerest condolences my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    Nonna so sorry to hear about your mum. it brought back so many memories for me, I was out walking my dog when i got a phone call from my mums home, but when i arrived she had allready gone. Even now i still remember lots of good time spent with my mum. It is hard but you to will allso remember the good times. Just would like to quote small verse that was told to me by an Italian lady. God saw the hill was hard to climb, so closed you eyes , and said peace be thyn, God's garden must be beautifull as he only choose's the best.
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    Sorry to hear that nonna; deepest sympathy to all your family and relatives.
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    Condolences to you and your family Nonna.
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    Eastington, Bourton on the Water, Bibury, etc, all places where my ancestors lived. Lovely part of the world.
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    Remember me Dad had a old Morris Oxford, parked it on the front, when he came back the wind had stripped all the paint off it! Honest!
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    Nottingham Token Post... Sorry...
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    I'm late on this. Blame US UK time difference. Sincere condolences Ben. We know all MILs are not what the media painted them as. I know I had a great one. You and the family are in my prayers. Dave
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    What lovely comments about MILs. Obviously they are not all the same.I had a fantastic one and she is greatly missed. My condoleces Ben , no one can take your memories of her away. Keep them coming, have a laugh or even a cry, she will still be remembered of how she was. My condolences also , even more so to your wife.
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    Sincere condolences Ben, from down this end. I know how you feel, it was the same with my M-I-L, she dragged me out of just existing to living. She once said to her daughter, 'don't go down to his level, bring him up to yours'. We've been married 55 wonderful years. Take care Ben. Regards, Barrie.
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    I’ve sent Kerry a brief personal message. I don’t want to type out a long story if you can’t receive it so respond if you find how to and I’ll send you details of my encounter with Sonia.
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    I don't believe this earth belongs to any of us. We're merely guests and not very responsible ones at that. Look at the almighty mess we've made and continue to make of it.
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    Yes indeed. Bernard was a real rude guy wouldnt have gotten into a club nowadays
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    July 6th saw the death of Charlie Daniels aged 83, best known for his hit country classic "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" Other hits included Uneasy Rider, (What this world needs is) A Few More Rednecks and Long Haired Country Boy He was an accomplished guitar, banjo and mandolin player but an awesome fiddle player as can be seen on many of his recordings. RIP Charlie Daniels.
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    @nonnaB what a relief for you and your husband .... waiting for any results can be a tense time, and in this case even more so. Now you can relax.... xx @LizzieM pity you couldn’t get a meal out today, but it must be nice to have a change of scene (instead of Nottingham). ... or are you wanting to get back? It’s been lovely weather here as well.
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    We weren’t on mains drainage in Bleasby in 1962. We had a septic tank. It functioned perfectly and never required pumping out. It wasn’t until the 80’s that mains drainage came to the village and we were the last house on the lane to get it. I think there was a nominal connection fee of £50. Being over 100 yards from the lane our hook up cost was extremely good value. All the properties further along the lane have septic tanks but I never hear of any problems. The tanks act as a mini sewerage works with water coming out of the drain and the sewage decomposing through bacteriological action. Mains gas came much later. Prior to that we had a Calor Gas tank and solid fuel before that. We never had to draw water from the well though!
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