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    Most Nottstalgians will have some memory of life in the backyards of terraced houses - in amongst the sheds, clothes lines, bins, and toilets. These backyards are in the Meadows in the early 50s. Someone might even recognise their own washing. The car is on Tealby Terrace with Glebe Street at the top. The diagonal road from the left to top centre is Kirkby Street, and just appearing on the right is Agnes Street. The road going up the left is Lammas Street, with Kirke White Street East just in the lower left corner. TBC...
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    I've just signed up for the second year of my OU Master's degree. Oh, the pain! Four thousand quid gone from the meagre savings from thirty-odd years at the chalk face. I know - should've saved more and frittered less but I do love a good fritter! As I posted previously, I tried to apply for a post-grad student loan but they said, 'Bugger off, you're too old.' I just accepted that but a fellow old student has contacted her MP and is starting an age discrimination case! So the summer idleness is soon to end and I'm to wrap a damp towel round me 'ead and start back to work.
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    The tame Robin is now almost in its full adult plumage and the local adult bird has begun chasing it around the garden. Looks like the fight for territory is now on. Luckily for me it seems to know that when I'm around it is safer with me than alone and so it comes to hand quite readily. Here it is seen landing on my hand, looking around whilst saying hello and then feeding. The camera was held in my right hand but the bird doesn't seem to mind me moving a little whilst it is settled on me.
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    Since the last photos, the Robin has grown more of his/her adult feathers and has become more tame. This morning it was practically knocking on the back door for food.
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    Thanks for the kind words, all went well, they have offered me very good money, plus more work at their other locations, so all in all as Rog said in the words of Del boy, i must have knocked em bandy,,,life in us old uns yet, will celebrate with Raquel tonight, could be two months in espana this winter,
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    Well thank you so much, I do feel loved ! So far I've had a lovely day. Had visits from my brother, some friends and neighbours. Also had florist deliveries from my two sons and running out of vases now. Got enough boxes of chocolates to last me til Christmas (maybe), everyone is doing their best to help me get some weight on. Would have been nice to have gone out for a birthday lunch but I'm still struggling a bit with my tum so don't want to venture too far just yet. Got an appointment with my consultant tomorrow so we'll see what he has to say about my progress (or lack of!)
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    I was lucky with all my family........mam,dad,grandparents,Aunts,Uncles,.........they all made me happy...it seemed to be their mission in life.......i suppose i was sheltered to a certain extent,....even Teachers were great people..........then into the world of work at 15........again consider myself lucky...had some great Bosses.....who's words still resonate with me after all these years..........and still working, i find myself repeating to younger colleagues the things said to me.........''keep calm'' bide your time'' ''don't react'' ''you'll get it right'' keep ya gob shut'' take the rough with the smooth''..''don't get carried away'' tomorrow is another day''.etc,......like to think i'm helping them with my experience,.........i think more people should go out of their way to help youngsters at work.......instead of jumping on their mistakes,..........i'm working with a young bloke at the moment..........who knows his job inside out.......but only works 16 hours a week,he lives with his partner and young child..and claims certain benefits.......trying to get him to work full time, but he's scared of losing certain benefits.........all he needs is confidence and he could go a long way.....but he's let certain Bosses bring him down............nowt worse than a bad Boss............
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    For any youngster reading this. If you want a great education free and are prepared to work hard join HM forces as an officer. My friends grandson went to what is now known as Arnold Hill Academy, not the best reputation but he studied hard both at school and outside. At the age of 15 off his own bat and with out telling anyone he went to the recruiting office and made enquiries as to what he would need exam wise to join as a naval officer. Getting the required amount of O levels he was accepted for the next stage and sent to Welbeck College for two years as a boarder to study for his A levels (this is when we found out his intentions). As well as academic subjects they did plenty of sport, outdoor pursuits etc all paid for by the navy. Two years later with the required amount of A levels and wanting to be a RN weapons technical officer he went to Birmingham Uni his choice out of the three offered by the navy. Here he study engineering and came out with a first. Again this was all paid for and he was getting paid by the navy. Being paid allowed him and his three mates also recruits to have an extended touring holiday in America one summer including one week in a big red Mustang and winters were spent skiing in Austria or France or mountain climbing. The final stage was six months at Dartmouth naval college doing officer training, he did well and my friend had the great pleasure of buying him his own naval sword for his passing out parade. My friend died soon afterwards aged 83 but having been a lower deck matelot in the 50s there was no prouder man in Arnold than him. It is not easy, you will not be going out on the town very much and if you have to be picked up of the floor pissed you will get kicked out. Your academic progress will be checked every six months in front of the CO of the officer training corp. you will have to pass fitness exams at the same time. But now 2 years later he sails the world is well paid with plenty of leave and due to his Uni qualifications has already been approached by the private sector including Rolls Royce in Derby. No student debt and a healthy bank balance...............
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    On the news yesterday it said that students should all have access to mental health support to help them cope under pressure. What the feck are they doing at Uni in the first place if they don't like the pressure of study?!
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    Started badly but great finish, hubby decided to open up our basement which has been bricked up since 1937 according to mum. from inside old door is also covered up. With help from two of his mates took them nearly 3 hours, our house was built in 1860 and made to last. There was no lighting but from torches i have found a treasure trove of jars, bottles, furniture and heaven knows what else, also old range. Tomorrow hubby will try sort out lighting and my days will be spent living in the past. Utter bliss.
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    We had Max put to sleep a few years ago as he was very ill. Hes buried in our garden and Misty our dog now goes every evening with my husband to say goodnight. No matter how late it is when hes finished work he says " come on Misty lets go and see Max". Up she jumps and gets there before my husband. Faithful.
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    I have mentioned before about my 'shaky left hand' (i am left handed) when writing,shaving,eating etc,(its called essential.tremor)......its only when i try to use it that it shakes......,Pills work for so long then have no effect..............now doing a fair bit of writing with one of the jobs i do.......and must admit its a bit embarrassing at times. Anyway been reading up on writing with the less dominant hand..........they reckon if you practice about 15 minutes a day after 1 to 2 months you get proficient,.............so from today thats what i'm doing,.........be interesting to find out..........also going to try shaving and eating with the right hand,......so if you come in Wethers in Bulwell and see a chap with face covered in 'Plasters'.........and throwing Garden Peas all over you'll know it has'nt worked'
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    Came across this whilst browsing... don't know if it's been posted before but might prompt some memories.. http://railwaymaniac.com/2017/04/nottingham-business-adverts-1950s-onwards/
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    I met the mother of an ex-pupil who gave me a piece of writing she'd saved from when she was in my class; called. 'What our Teachers do' (Dangerous title that.) I eagerly scanned it for what she'd said about me. 'Mrs H does assemblies and waves her arms when we sing. She breaks up fights on the playground. She gives us a jelly baby when we're good.' Is that it? Not a word about the inspiring and memorable lessons from the wise one? Oh well -- to see ourselves as others see us -- to coin a cliché.
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    What a cracking meetup in Wetherspoons Bulwell this morning,I'll leave the writeup for Chulla but here's a couple of pics anyway from left to right, Chulla,Jill,Denshaw and his good lady Margaret same line up in second picture except Chulla taking this one and me on the far right next to our Ben who is studying the menu Really great turnout for a bank holiday,thanks to all Rog
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    Brilliant thanks Ben. Passengers had a whip round for the driver, abot £100 or so, driver thanked us & said that he gives all tips etc to Guide dogs for the Blind & RSPCA .Somewhat restored a bit of my faith in human nature, top bloke !
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    We are all posting with memories that cover an approximately 60 to 70 year span. We might share some of the Memories and photos of grandparents. There's a limited perspective of Nottingham history that any of us can address. I think one of the great values of this site is that more current issues of our day are addressed from a Nottingham vantage point. I really value that. It has kept me coming back for some nine years. Each time someone new comes on and stays they have much to add each time. I love NS just the way it is.
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    My sort of morning every one i met (in bulwell of course) was happy and cheerful...........started with my trip to the Nurse in St Albans medical centre,this would be their third time of trying to get my blood for my 6 monthly PSA test.............after failing 3 times the Nurse called on her senior to try,........great pair of ladies full of banter.....saying things like 'were you a delicate child'....and 'have you always been a trouble maker'.............anyway they eventually succeeded,but best of all the older lady gave me a rendition of ''my boy lollipop'.............NHS ? how can anyone complain..........superb........
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    Don't tell our Ben. He'll want to come round and play shops!
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    There has been an awful lot of pressure for kids to go to Uni ......trouble is an awful lot of them shouldn't be there they aren't good enough. There should be good craft training for more people, no debt and earn while you learn and end up well paid, sometimes in excess of what graduates earn. God knows what these kids are going to do if they can't handle the 'pressure' of Uni when they get out into the real world, I like the new term 'Snowflake' for the delicate little darlings.
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    Emotion is a strange and wonderful thing ,i can get emotional over lots of things.......and i don't think it detracts from manhood......to me it enhances it,....................................i can get emotional and sometimes it brings tears.......such as the other week when meeting a chap i shared my schooldays with and for years after played football together.....he had recently lost a son who used to watch us play......tears were in evidence from us both........cruelty to anyone or any animal as the same effect.......yes we can have the stiff upper lip as British.........but to show emotion is a God given thing......
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    A Cracker of a day...............first things first it was my 71st birthday last week. About 11am today an old army buddy turned up with his wife ( both very good friends) "Glad rags Col" he said with no further explanation. Dressed, off we went to Thorsby Hall up the 614. Whilst the ladies sat in the sun in the court yard we went for a walk round our old regiments museum which is along side the Royal Lancers museum. Had a load of banter with the curator he is ex Scots Guards infantry or to us 'grunts' do to the sound they make when we drive over them. Any way when he found out who we were he was very welcoming and even found a couple of pics of us in the 70s. We were dragged in to give advice about a Ferret scout car they are doing up as that is one of the vehicles we were using back then. A round 2 o/clock "You peckish" he asked "come on". Led into the hotel afternoon high tea in the Blue room had been arranged complete with champers, I have to admit I did over do the cake stand. All in all a lovely surprise, I can recommend Thorsby not cheap but top notch.
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    I was watching a news programme today about Boris Johnson's visit to the Virgin Islands and standing behind him was my son !!!! He was only on view for seconds but so nice to see him so unexpectedly. I was a very proud mum, he wears his green beret with pride.
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    Depressing thinking back to my 40th birthday party, although it was a fabulous evening when we took over an entire French restaurant to party with 60 close friends and family. It seems like yesterday but it's 28 years ago for heaven's sake. I hope the next 28 years don't fly by so quickly, I'll be 96 if I get that far !!
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    It fascinates me that they all die in alphabetical order?
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    Eye Up! Back on for an uncertain time. Wind is now really strong and forecast to get stronger. We are in a tropical storm now right across the state. Trees are bending and the power was off for over an hour this morning. Now back on but who knows how long for? As the the bus conductor used to say, owdyertite! Staying inside keeping the dogs company. If I disappear for a while it will most likely just be a longer duration power outage. See ya later Dave
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    Can relax now, as heard from daughter that she is OK now that Irma has passed over where she is. No power or water, and still tropical storm winds and rain, though.
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    I was born in the mid 50's and grew up in the shaddow of Players Radford factories. The smell of raw tobacco filled the air. I always found it a sweet pleasant scent, nothing like the smell of cigarette smoke. I worked at Raleigh offices for 3 years when I left school but applied for Players. They rarely advertised for staff but wanted about 20 men for what they called 'the pool'. I was encouraged to apply by my dad and father in law. Job for life, you'll never look back etc. Hundreds applied as Players were acknowledged as a decent firm to work for and I was lucky and taken on. This was about September 73. The idea sold to me was that you were in a pool of men that could be called on if someone was off sick etc and fill in for short periods. I thought this would be pretty good as you would get moved around and not get too bored. The reality was you were stuck in one department doing a crappy job no one else wanted. My job was in the 'stripper'. When the machine starts making cigarettes the first few hundred are mis-shaped or too fat/thin etc until they get the machine calibrated properly and those reject fags were sent to where I was and tipped into a long machine which split them and extracted the tobacco. It was in the basement, no windows and I was on my own at the end of a vibrating chute collecting the paper into a big sack. It was noisy and dusty and I had to cram the paper down and swap sacks when it was full. I had been at Grammer school and was enquiring and bright and it was so mind numbingly boring I couldn't believe a human being was expected to do it. When I enquired how long I'd be there he told me the last chap did it 4 years. I was horrified and on the third day I went to the personnel dept and told them I was leaving. To their credit they told me they would move me and did so. I went to the primary where the dry raw tobacco was steamed and cut. I was with a number of other men and on a mornings and evenings shift system with early finish Friday's and although it was boring still it wasn't so bad with others to talk to. There were several different tasks and so I got moved around doing similar but not the same job constantly. One day I came out at 2pm and found it had snowed heavily. I hadn't noticed all morning. I don't know why but it came over me at the that moment that I couldn't be stuck inside a factory for hours on end and I left soon after. I'd been there about 18 months. A few basic jobs followed but I then went on to have a rewarding but stressful career elsewhere and outdoors. The management may have been male dominated but my god to a youngish lad several hundred Players angels could be quite intimidating and very rude!. Sexual harrisment or what. The girls outnumbered the boys many times in the factory where I was. I didn't particularly enjoy my time there but strangely now have fond memories and in a way I wish I'd stuck it out there as I'm sure I could have got on. Over the years I've met a few I was there with who did quite well there. Having grown up next to the factory I'm glad I worked there and saw what went off inside. All gone now.
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    My father was in the Auxiliary Air Force 504 Sqdn in the 30s which I think was based at Hucknall, since it was the county of Nottingham squadron. He did weekend training as an airframe rigger. They had a fortnights training at Hawkinge every year. They flew mostly Hawker Horsleys think, from the air to air photos I have from his time in the AAF. The riggers often had to fly as ballast when the official rear seat observers were busy playing cricket etc. When the fortnight was up he would sometimes cadge a lift in an Airplane coming north. He left in the late 30s but the government caught up with him in 1943 when he was conscripted and stationed at Little Rissington/Windrush with No8 maintenance and storage unit. He was 35 when conscripted and quickly got his sergeant stripes. In his first week there a lanc was in for Mtce and the senior ac gave him a box of 96 spark plugs and told him to clean and adjust. Ha, what a task. Riss I think was also a conversion training unit and my father relates some tragic stories through lack of experience and the rush of training. He often volunteered to stay up into the night as official guard over the wreckage around the airfield and its environs. 504 was re-equipped with spitfires and sent to the southern airfields in 1940 finishing the war on Meteors. His advice to riggers on merlins, don't drop a plug down the V. I think all this is roughly accurate, put me right if it ain't. Sorry to go off subject but when I start rambling the thought train goes anywhere. Father passed away in 1992 after retiring as SEO in the civil service.
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    Here's a photo of me in the Fary Dell. I'm the good looking muscular one. If you can't see anyone that fits that description, I'm top left.
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    I think that most people went to Skegness, Mablethorpe or around that region when we were kids. Us kids prefered staying in a caravan to a boarding house because it was exciting and you got more freedom. It was more work for my parents but, as kids, we weren't really bothered about that...lol. The photo below is of me, my sister and next eldest brother making sure my mum hurried up with the dinner..lol. Even from an early age you could tell that I'd grow up to be a good looking, muscular, benjamin1945 lookalike.
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    Well I broke the news to the old fellow yesterday that I could not get his insurance below a grand, so me old man has been trying to give his car away to anyone who wants it, with no joy. I phoned his current insurance company to tell them thats it no more dosh from him, he's done with driving. Have you considered putting yourself (me) as a named driver on your Fathers insurance Sir? It could bring the premium down, comes out at £449.63 ...... the old fellows back on the road.
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    Been to Bulwell Spoons & met up with Mrs Cs sister & niece for lunch. Niece celebrating 12 GCSE results, 6 "A"s & 6 "B"s, clever sod Me & Mrs C celebrating 23 years of wedded bliss this Tuesday !
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    There are many examples of people trying to change history by removing statues and artefacts in order to remove them from memory. As already mentioned in this thread, it is wrong to try and impose today's standards on something that happened in the past when standards were different. That is not to say that the standards of yesteryear were correct per se but they were correct to the people who were living with those standards at the time. Statues depicting people and events in history are simply a representation of what happened and they do not need to have any other reason to continue to exist. This is all part of the social collective memory called HERITAGE and is a valuable part of our lives. Without heritage we cannot learn from past errors or preserve that which was best from earlier times. Amen.
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    Whatever happened to all of those wonderful summer holidays?
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    Here's a couple of photos of a fledgeling robin that lives in a think hazel hedge in the garden next to the polytunnel. If I sit still it flies onto my shoes!
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    I mostly agree with the previous two posts, but total equality is utter pie in the sky. You could distribute every penny in circulation between the population of the UK, and within a month, maybe less, there'd be millionaires, and then there'd be the penniless destitute. As for birth denoting which category one falls into, well, that's a good one. How many lottery winners have changed from lower to upper class solely on the result of winning a fortune ? Non I'll bet. I know folk with class, elegance and grace , but were born working class and had a good upbringing, and have worked hard for a better lifestyle. I also know folks who have been born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, and have squandered it woefully, and have plummeted down the social scale. Funny old world isn't it ?
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    Bill Gates' philosophy is nothing new to me nor, I suspect, to most of us. Heard all that from childhood. Basically, if you want it, earn it, life will never owe you a living and no matter how much studying you do, you will never be any better than anyone else...our house, our rules...don't blame others for your own shortcomings, etc. They both loved me to bits but had the sense to know that rules and discipline are the building bricks without which no one ever achieved anything. I am eternally grateful to them!
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    In agreement with a lot said on here and I certainly agree that we shouldn't be slipping into a political fight. Just so long as we each get to have our say. I've had mine except for this last point. I think every generation faces its own challenges. Our parents had it tougher than us what with depression and war. We had it tough on the material front. 'Things' were hard to come by. Nowadays 'things' are easy to get on the whole. We all ( i.e.not just youngsters.) . can get phones, TV's , computers etc. We would not have dreamed it possible 50 years ago. We look back on our times of steam trains and full employment with fondness, and rightly so.. But there was also appalling poverty, slums, Polio, poorer health care, smog etc. On the other hand, at least after WWII, which most of us just missed... we had a lot of certainty in our lives... and a lot of optimism. There was work if you wanted it. No, we couldn't all go to uni, or have cars, or posh houses, but we knew there was a World out there which we could make a success of if we were prepared to put in the effort. Kids nowadays see a very different world. The old certainties are gone. The big manufacturing and primary producers like coal mining, which used to 'hoover up' kids in their millions each September, are gone. The employment market is much more complex and so is the education system. The housing market iis loaded against the young. Our country is in danger of being pushed into the Third World by the rise of other powerful economies like China, India and so on. And who are we to blame them for improving their lot? We can no longer just rely on waving the flag, sending in a Gunboat and assuming we are 'Top Dog', because we aren't and in my view won't be again. And for what it's worth.. when we truly were 'Top Dog' in the late 19th C, we also had some of the worst slums, poverty and deprivation on the planet.. We need think very hard about how we meet these challenges as a country if our future generations are going to have anything better than a second class existence. .Rant over Col
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    I don't want to get into the university, Tory, Labour, Daily Mail, Mirror, Telegraph, Guardian, Thatcher argument either, as it will only get several of us embroiled in politics again. It will suffice to say that you only get out of life what you put into it. I've stated this several times in various topics. Needless to say...... Folk should get of their backsides and do something about it. Idleness should not be tolerated under any circumstances, although there are many these days who just want the world to be handed to them on a plate. I know of two young chaps in their late 30's and early 40's who run a very successful international business that reaps good rewards, but they work ridiculous hours, and travel worldwide drumming up business and partaking in very intricate negotiations. But.... They've got off their ar5es and are successful, by not resting on their laurels, and taking the easy road in life.
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    We have loads of old tat, and some quite sentimental stuff as well. Here is one of my favourites. While we were courting in the early/mid sixtys, we didn't have much money between us and what we did have went mainly on bus and train fares for the two and half years travelling to see each other before we wed. My hubbs spent what he could afford on a lovely cross with a star burst pattern on it for me, it was made of rolled or dipped gold (not sure of the difference)I wore it for our wedding. the chain has long gone and the gold has worn off all the edges of the cross, it is kept in my jewellery box and I would love to give it a makeover one day. Very sentimental, it has no monetary value, but worth its weight in gold to me.
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    8:30 a.m. We're still here. Power is still on though the lights are flickering sometimes. First gust of wind and rain and we sit in the dark. Most of our lines are overhead. Raining and blowing right now but no worse than it has been many times before. We will see how the day progresses. Dogs have been out so they will not need out again for a while. We try to get 'em in and out quick. If you've been around dogs much you know the smell of wet dog! Today would have been my 52nd wedding anniversary with my late wife. Hard to believe that 52 years ago almost to the minute I was in Gedling church. Sometimes time seems distorted to me now. Glad to hear your daughter is ok Rob. Hopefully things will soon return to some normality. Have a good Monday ya'll.
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    Irma update. Hey Y'all. Just thought I'd give you a heads up after all the horrific pictures you may have seen on tv today/ Poor old Florida is taking a beating right across the state. We have had a cloudy windy day, but otherwise not too bad. No rain yet. The big day is tomorrow, Monday. She is traveling about 14 mph North from Florida. She will hit South Ga about early morning and is scheduled to reach here about 2 p.m. The good news is that she has taken a significant turn to the West, also passing over cooler water, she has slowed down and is now a cat 2 hurricane. Should be reduced to a tropical storm when she hits Ga. From there they expect an even more Westerly drift which will take her west of Atlanta. Not the best for us as the East side often carries more rain and tornadoes. The other downside is that we will probably get the worst part overnight.tomorrow. Everybody hates that because you can't see what might be coming at night. She will eventually end up as a tropical depression somewhere over Nashville Tennessee. That'll dampen those country music boys a bit. We will get some heavy rain, maybe five inches and 40 to 50 mph winds but not as bad as it was looking. Unless she suddenly heads East and ramps up again. You never really know. So there it is for now. Nottingham weather doesn't seem as bad now does it? Hope you've all had a good weekend. Dave.
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    Keep us in mind here. Hurricane Irma is aiming at Florida. The most powerful Atlantic hurricane in memory. Looks like Miami could take a direct hit by Sunday. I know Mudgie lives down that way. I'm not sure about any other members. The question then becomes, where does it go after Florida. There are various projections, but it looks almost certain that Ga. Will take a hit. The Ga state government has just declared a state of emergency. Mrs. L tells me that in the past they just result in bands of rain and wind by the time they reach here, but this is a bigun. I did not plan on having seafront property when I moved here. . The weather is beautiful here today, sunny and cool. it will not hit here, assuming it does until Monday. It doesn't scare me. Not much does at my age, but I hope we can avoid major damage. I feel for the folks in Florida, apparently many are now on the highways heading North. I would too! Better see if I've still got a Mac' and a brolly. I will update y'all as things develop.
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    Calling for Nelsons column to be knocked down what will the Pc idiots come up with next. Robin Hood because he took money from the rich, Earl Grey because they don't like his tea, Boadicea because she was a female warrior, the list could be endless. If these people are our future we won't have one.
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    Where I lived in Netherfield there were several houses that were still gaslit. I suppose their older residents were still suspicious of the newfangled electricity stuff. Related topic. Mrs. L had a grandmother that always got dressed up to watch tv. She thought that the folks on tv could see her. Sadly now days that may not be too far from the truth.
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    Just got back from a most enjoyable breakfast meeting at Bulwell Wetherspoons with his holiness the Dalai chulla, Plantfit, Bubblewrap, denshaw and his lady wife and....our Ben, dressed to kill and, probably, with liberty bodice. Very pleasant smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket bagel plus coffee. Poor old Bulwell, eh? Not been on Main Street since 1988. Hardly recognised it. Otherwise, a very enjoyable discussion about times gone by!
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    It is not most Americans. One of the things that impressed me when I first moved here was their sense of history. In comparison to the UK it is a short history but they still valued it. I used to joke that they were still fighting the civil war because of the Southern digs against the dreaded Yankees. You could tell though, that it was mostly good natured banter the same as we get on here. The problem really lies with a bunch of under educated clowns, born with a silver spoon in their mouths that are unable to think critically so are easily manipulated. They have been brainwashed into thinking that the US civil war was all about slavery. It wasn't but I won't go into a boring history lesson about that now . You can check out the facts online or at a library. Very often the first thing I say to Mrs. L in a morning is, welcome to another fun filled day in the loony bin. I don't major on it though, because this is her country. She was born here and I know that deep down inside it hurts her and even causes fear about the way things are shaping up. We are in deep do-do!
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    Magic day yesterday.........a get together of my family........as eldest son is off to Australia........biggest gathering we've had in years............several sons,daughter,step son,Grandkids,various Partners,ex wife,......Italian meal in Hucknall Mama Mia's............then back to ours...........was wonderful taking a step back and just watching and listening to them all reminising................ages ranged from me at 72........to a Grandchild of a few few weeks.......wife and ex wife catching up they have always been friends,......cast my mind back to how it all started back in the 60s a Date one tuesday night in the 'feathers' Stapleford,............then to now nearly 30 people........funny old life innt,...............