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    I've just looked at the forum rules. I was of the opinion that political discussion was outlawed here yet didn't see anything in the rules to confirm this. Not having a go at anyone. Just asking. People have strongly held views and conflict will without doubt ensue. The referendum was ill thought out and the campaigns on both sides very poor. Clearly the result they got was not the one they expected or wanted and had no plans for a Brexit. There lies the problem. Like it or not the public were told that out means out. No customs union etc. I can't recall being told of leaving with 'a deal'. The recent viral video showing many of the leading remainers promising to honour the referendum result just shows the two faced hipocrassy of these shallow self serving elected individuals. I don't believe a second referendum (why call it a people's vote) would solve anything and on the contrary would be disastrous. I doubt that a decisive result would ensue and we'd be back to square one and furthermore if we overturn the result of the 2016 vote where does that leave democracy. The whole event has been a shameful sham with the worst government in living memory, possibly ever. It's divided the country and made us a laughing stock abroad. There was a vote. In or out. Get over it and get on with it.
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    I'm partial to the odd steak and chips, with a little side salad. I think I'm a bit of an omnivore, with a hint of cakeivore thrown in!
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    Been to Milton Keynes today so Paul could enjoy his birthday present from one of our sons. He, along with our son, daughter in law and two of the grandchildren had a go on the 'iFly' facility there. After the initial anxiety, he loved it, even deciding to have the extra boost to fly up to the top of the chamber. The instructor was excellent and certainly works hard. I just sat watching and videoing them from the viewing gallery! I don't think my back would have withstood it! Afterwards we went for a great meal - all of us really enjoyed the day and it's something we'll never forget.
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    Got up this morning and my leg seemed okay. One of my boys was being taken on the full walk we usually do but thought I would take the other one to the nearby park. Waited half an hour after the first one went out and then decided to try half the usual walk just to see if everything was okay (if it was no trip to physio). Did that, sat down on bench and felt okay so have done full walk, Wolf met his brother in the woods, lots of greeting and silliness, would think they hadn’t seen each other for days. The bluebells looked amazing, glad I did it. I am back home now and so far so good, no pain or ache as yet. Just have to wait to see what tomorrow will bring. However on the way back came across dog owners with 2 yappy snappy small dogs, one of which was muzzled. They seemed to think it was okay for their dogs to run up to my two big boys who were both on short leads barking aggressively and the muzzled one would have bitten if it could. It really annoys me, if my boys had reacted and bitten they could have been badly hurt. They didn’t know how my boys were going to react and got narky when we fended them off. Dog owners like that really p**s me off.
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    Not my ailment .. my aunty collapsed last week and became unconscious but our wonderful ambulance service got to us quickly. As she is 96 we panicked but they got her to hospital where she stayed for 5 days, today we are in Harrogate for the flower show only difference is she is in a wheelchair and happy to be here. You don't always get a happy ending when people are old but she's a stubborn old b....r and is going nowhere.
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    Me Dad took me to my 1st match stood in the TrentEnd 1974 lost 3-1 to Nowich City, I was well & truly hooked , he'd like this, got him on the TrentEnd wall.
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    Just to throw a contentious spanner into the thread. I don't think water companies should be run at a profit. It is one of life's essential elements and for private enterprise to control it is wrong, doubly so when they have a monopoly. They own the water in the ground, in the rivers and streams. They would I'm sure, if they could think of a way to do it, claim ownership of the rain that falls on your roof - they already charge you for collecting it.
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    Not been out all week,,until this morning......Big Toe been killing me (ingrower) finally went to Doctors this morning,,rang them and booked me straight in,,no problem i was amazed........Anyway now got 'Anti-biotics'' for it.......... Then went for my Bulwell breakfast,,,bumped into a chap from my Bulwell Marsdens days (1961),,,then another from my days behind the bar at the BRSA Bulwell 1963.............had nice chat and catch up with both,.........Marsdens man mentioned 'Tub Butter''.........and BRSA man 'Brown and mild''......then went to ''Geezers'' for a number one cut,,by the lovely ladies.......asked for a Tony Curtis....it fell on 'Stoney ground''..........
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    Thank you for your compliment Nonna. Wanna see a wedding photo? We've changed a little bit.
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    Bless her Barrie,,give her my regards..........bet she still remembers me...........
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    Fantastic ………….. It's raining. After having only had 17 mm of rain in 5 months and almost all of OZ in severe drought we have had 20mm of rain in the last few days. Soft gentle showers that allow the water to soak in and not just run off. It's not the break in season rains but very welcome. It's amazing that I have tried to keep the plants alive with water from the mains and they have just survived and yet with the first drops of natural water they have all perked up and have their heads up and leaves open.
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    I wooden want to disagree Brew! I'll picket up from here.. I saw dust what was happening from the start, twigged immediately and was determined not to bark up the wrong tree. I'm determined not to be stumped by this and won't try to ply you with a veneer, or skirt around it.. however knotty... You deserve a plane answer... Oak Eh?
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    Most of us can remember playing in a back lane like this.
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    Yes it was time to change........my George Clooney days are over.......lol.................now back to Marsdens look..or as Jill says 'Granville'' thanks cliff ton,,
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    Tough going Fly. Hope you are soon feeling better. Let us know how the shed goes in the shed thread. We'll all have to come over for a shed warming. Bit of a long way for me though. Beautiful day here. Clear blue sky and around seventy five. I cut the front lawn with the push mower rather than the ride on. That way I could exercise me back leg. Sloooow going but it looks like a golf course. I'm about done for! Feeling of satisfaction though.
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    I'm not a socialist but I think that privatisation of such an essential industry was wrong.
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    I don't pretend to understand much about on-line sales or owt else on line............I reckon its killing the art of 'Conversation' i know i go on about my days in retail with Marsdens even before self-service,,but whats nicer than a friendly chat interlaced with good humour ? Even catching Shoplifters is now done with boring camera watching then passing on the info to the Police,,,who really don't want to know. Hello or even Ey-up,, Mrs Williams,, half lb of Lard,,half lb of Cheddar Cheese,,tin of Tarantella tomatoes,,pound of shoulder Bacon and an Ounce of yeast,,thats 7/8 thankyou.............oh yes,that tin of John West Salmon you put in your pocket,do you want to pay for that as well ?.........ok,thats another 4/6 then..........thanks Mrs Williams see you tomorrow.........what could be nicer a bit of interaction,,,
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    Happy St.Georges Day to all our English brethren No Surrender
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    Course she does Ben, thats why we live 200+ miles away.! PS. Your not the only one who can afford a Liberty Bodice !!! Ya know.
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    So as not to give the wrong impression, this is my humble tribute to my dear wife. Never regretted in minute. Beekay.
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    As I've said some months ago, we're mostly of a similar age, and are totally entrenched in our political views and opinions, and our take on life in general. If like me, most folks formed their views as they progressed through their teens, or earlier. No amount of cajoling will change people's opinions , but good debating, backed with facts is beneficial to all. Infantile quips and fabricated rants are no good to anyone.
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    I thought this might interest old Bestwoododians it is a photo of a Street party on Leybourne Drive on VE day 1945 with the Bankings in the background. I found it on the Facebook page of "Nottingham Way Back When" posted on 23 April. There is over 100 comments on it, even I can remember some of the family names in the comments ,I wasn't born then, then memories it has brought back well worth of a visit to the page. Has anyone else photos of street parties where they lived.
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    I'm glad you remembered me and my family Col. I knew Pam best as she was nearest my age but I remember all 3 of you well. Your mother was always very kind. I spent a long time in hospital in the mid 60s. Your mother and Mrs Smith went all the way - 2 buses each way - to visit me on my 21st birthday. I always felt I belonged to most of the families on our bit of Southglade.
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    Took her to Austria for our 25th. Anniversary, now it's our 54th. I might fetch her back.
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    Leave or stay those rules are now UK law and will remain so. There will be no reversal, no return to a golden age of sweetness and light - it never existed in the first place.
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