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  1. The first time I ever saw stereo headphones was in a record shop that sold other electrical gear. That was back in 1966. The shop was on Mansfield Road, Sherwood , next door down from the Garden Gate pub ( I think). We happened to be looking in the window and the shop owner came out and invited us in to take a 'proper' look. When he showed me some posh looking headphones and plugged them into a music centre and I couldn't believe what I was hearing, music coming from both sides of my head. Couldn't afford them at that time. Another amazement was at Holme Pierrepont water sports centre. Ni
  2. Had our covid boosters this morning ( me and 'er indoors). Its now 5 hours later and not felt any side effects. Here's hoping. Flu jabs a fortnight ago. Not tempting fate but Covid, if yer watching, I'm ready for yer !
  3. Hope you'll be feeling better soon Lets. Mind you take care and look after yourself. Best wishes to the grandkids too. B.
  4. It's reared It's ugly head because folks have been very lax this last few months. Government lift restrictions and people think it's all done with. Been watching local news down here and watching the figures climbing daily (in Lewes) from low double figures to 224 on last night's news. Suspect a City like Nottingham will be a lot higher.
  5. When I had me last jab, a fortnight ago, the nurse said, "did I hurt you"? I said, " only when it came out, the other side of me arm"! She didn't laugh.
  6. You're lucky Ben. Down in Brighton, near us, they've got mountains of rubbish due to a collectors strike. Local news say it could carry on into next year !
  7. Took Tina down to our surgery this am,to drop our repeat prescriptions in and lo and behold, they booked us in for our booster jabs this Sat at 9.10. Can relax a bit then.
  8. You're right Mary, she does LOVE her handbag.
  9. Mrs.Beekay allus holds my hand. It helps with her balance but ! Primarily to stop me dipping in her handbag and purse.
  10. Could he not stop off at Stilton?
  11. There might be highwaymen near Grantham CF. Or you might losea shoe off your iron 'oss.