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  1. My day today on the go where it's literally too hot to sit outside. Clear blue sky and none of CTs white lines in the sky. i'll keep looking Kev. Happy Days folks !!
  2. Don't be so picky Nonna, a bit of rain in yer soup will make it last for hours.
  3. I often feel like an 18 year old, but where can you get one this time of the day?
  4. Would have thought that could lead to some bugger copying your licence Brew. Shoulda showed your Nostalgia membership.
  5. An' I worked in Bestwood colliery, in the lower seam to my older brother, God rest him.. I remember on one afternoon shift, after coming out the baths, I saw a mate of my brother. He said, quite nonchalantly, "Don't bother waiting for your youth ! He got buried down pit". He neglected to tell me that my brother had been brought out and taken to hospital.
  6. It's sad when reality hits you Phil. Just polish your zimmer frame and carry on.
  7. Been having a listen to some of his songs on Y.T. Col. Most enjoyable and amusing to hear. Makes quite a pleasant change.
  8. Glad you liked it Kath. Took many a bus round Minver crescent in me time.
  9. Weren't the Bestwood band known as the 'Black Diamonds'? As an aside, I once went to Annesley to collect a cheque for Nottingham Spastics society. During the evening some kindly locals relieved me of my rear light clusters from my car !
  10. An apology to DJ360, sorry Col, I've only just noticed your post on the last page regarding Allen Smethurst. If I'd seen that I wouldn't have posted the above. As stated, I never gave it a thought, but when that song came out I'd never heard of Wroxham, or East Anglia come to that!
  11. Morning Margie, you know, I never gave much thought to that song afore, but sitting here looking over the river at the multitude of swans and boats, that I'm in that place of the song... "I gotta gal, a real nice gal. Down in Wroxham way", "Heya gorra loight boy, heya gorra loight"?
  12. Sorry Col, I'm afraid I couldn't understand a word of it. Like the melody though. Cheers.
  13. You have to remember Ian. My rubber brick is on a very long piece of string. That way I can retrieve it if I miss. But you're safe, it won't reach Regina.
  14. Lord and Covid willing, we're here all week. Had a brilliant drive up. Love it when we pass through Elveden forest. Clear blue sky all the way.
  15. Nowt to do wi owt, but we've finally made an escape. A view from our window. Weather fantastic... Margie, threw my rubber brick through your window but missed.