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    Photography,video filming,painting, reading and volunteer work @ local hospital & Sheffield park garden.

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  1. Beekay

    Beekay's paintings

    The picture is my interpretation of the seven sisters, cuckemere, Sussex. PS. Thanks for the reactions Ben, Phil and Kath, kindest regards, Barrie.
  2. Beekay

    Beekay's paintings

    Here's one I've just finished. Thought somebody might like to take a look.
  3. Beekay

    How's your day?

    As thee got a Wetherspoons in Caithness Compo ?
  4. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    It did have a pillion seat Ben, it were a Raleigh Supermatic I believe. I used to sit back and lean forward to lower wind resistance. That way I could achieve 40mph. Gotta admit, never thought about girls in those days. Soon changed me mind though !
  5. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    I once had a little motorbike, this was before the days of mods/rockers ( whatever they are !). Thought I were the bees knees til I fell off. Soon said goodbye to it. It were a 125cc James cadet. Got meself a Raleigh moped instead.
  6. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Thank you SG, for your reply. It will be interesting to see how you get on. You can always send one to Gem for her miniatures. For myself, where I work, it's the opposite end of the scale, mostly Sequoia Gigantium ( Giant Redwood)., or 400 year old oaks, (still bearing fruit). B.
  7. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Whose an ex mod then ??
  8. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    What on Earth are you alluding to Brew ? I was referring to SGs attempt at Bonsai on an Acer. I would be most interested in little trees, especially if SG can successfully miniaturise the said Acer. What do you think I am ? Some sort of tree pervert !
  9. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Show us a picture SG.
  10. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Do you suppose she may be on steroids ?
  11. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Maybe I don't look like I did twenty years ago, but then again, I'm not presenting a programme on TV. Not referring to her size but appearance. There's no excuse for not putting a comb through ones hair. As to my appearance, my gp still won't accept I'm 76, not with my skin,she says !
  12. Beekay


    Incidentally Phil., how does she wear it on her wrist ??
  13. Beekay


    Five 3 minute eggs !
  14. Beekay

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Kath, I agree with you and Ayup. She looks a proper scruff nowadays. I know we're all getting older but oh dear ! Surprised she's even let on television, she's not doing herself any favours. Wouldn't be so bad if she washed her hair and brushed it occasionally. Can't stand to watch the programme now. She's not the working mans crumpet any more !
  15. Beekay

    Out and about with Compo

    Any idea why it was abandoned Compo ? Seems just up sticks and bugger off. Liked the image of Captain Haddock, standing guard with his steering wheel, (he of Tin Tin fame !). Must be a bit eerie wandering around those rooms with all that furniture in. B.