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  1. In that case CT, well done !! Wonderful clarity and composition. B.
  2. Just goes to show PP, fishing should be listed among the dangerous sports. Maybe you should take up something safe, like swimming with sharks or bungy jumping.
  3. Often wondered what bait you would use to fish for flys. must be tiny hooks and rod too. What do you do when you've caught a fly? Does one stuff it and put it in a glass case or photograph it and put it back? It's tongue in cheek, before anybody extracts the urine !
  4. I've twigged it. His real name is J.R. Hartley, and he wrote a book on fly fishing, but can't find a copy anywhere!
  5. Thank you Lizzie darlin, but what does one research and develop in the autumn of ones life? Did think it might be rythm and dance.
  6. Maybe we could organise bus trips to view. A bit like the National Trust. Or better still, a meet up in the garden. Perhaps Trogg could do tea and scones.
  7. Get yer paints and brushes out Phil, try watercolour. Either from life or photographs, makes no difference as long as your doing something. Had my sister in law qnd hubby down last week and she's thrilled to bits with the bathtub I'd painted. She's furiously looking for a milk churn for me to paint, and not a little one but full size. Heaven help me.
  8. Found the picture I was looking for. I made the picture into a card for the lads birthday, at his mums request. He won this race!!
  9. When I first got married, I lived in that area. Used to live on Burford rd., off Berridge rd. I can remember that some beautiful houses on Berridge rd being demolished and the flats started. Remember vividly, the big cranes unloading huge concrete slabs to be assembled on site like lego. They were massive prefabricated sections, brought in on lorries. We always thought what a tragic waste of lovely houses. On the other side of the coin, an old mate of mine moved into the new basford flats which were built on a similar system. He said, after where he used to live, they were like palaces! He changed his mind after a couple of years.
  10. My neighbour's son races lawnmowers. He's got one that will do 60mph. If I can dig the picture out I'll post it.
  11. Phil, Trogg first post states a Hyundai, electric start.
  12. My sympathies Trogg, the solution would be to fit a trailer with seat on it, possibly with a roller underneath. Then if you fancy it you could soup it up and go mower racing! But seriously, if it's feasible, I would certainly consider adapting a sit on trailer. Regards, Beekay.