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  1. No Margie, it were Ian 'Beefy' Botham. When offered a third at breakfast, he replied, "No thank you, two's more than enough for me".
  2. So MrsB., your not Mrs Beaton after all, but Mrs Percy Thrower. Xx
  3. Are we on a week off at the moment then CT.? I'm still sitting here on the subs bench though.
  4. Allus said there were summat special about Col. P.P.
  5. It's said of smells, what helps sell a house is the smell of fresh brewed coffee or freshly baked bread. I realise it's not window dressing but when I belonged to Tonbridge model engineering society I loved the smell of oil and coal smoke from the 5" gauge steam engines. Very evocative of days gone. B.
  6. Is that one of Jill's liberty bodies on the counter Rog?
  7. Home and Colonial Jill, lovely smell of roasting coffee. One smell I never really got used to, despite working there for nearly 4 years, was Tom Straw's butchers shop. The smell of blood, raw meat and sawdust. Not only that, but come the run up to Christmas it was the dressing of chickens. The stink was awful when drawing out the chickens innards. Ugh !
  8. C.T., just a quick query. Looking at the above photograph, in the late 50s, did the road coming over Clifton Bridge just go straight up towards the Nottingham Knight Island? I assume the little road on the right headed towards West Bridgford. On Clifton bridge, I don't see any turn to Clifton. Alas, I never went over there until the early 60s, when I started work on the buses. (When visiting my relatives I traveled from Broad Marsh as a nipper).
  9. Talking of transport, at this moment, I'm watching a short transport film on Talking Pictures, with lots of coaches as described in this topic.. Noticed one with Mansfield and District livery on it. Going to sit back and watch it...."Days Out".
  10. Are you calling me a Pimp PP? Actually, I'm quite flattered that you consider me worthy of a paintbrush and mangle. Cheers Cocker !!
  11. Picked my wife up....literally. I was a conductor on the 16A out of what was Granby Street. She'd missed the 32 and we were the next one along. She had her young sister with her, who I thought was her daughter, but they sat on the long seat at the back so I was able to chat to them from the back platform. Her sister is 12 years her junior and to this day I still say I married the wrong one ! That was back in 1963, the service was 15.02 from town.
  12. I've got a DVD of the film, if anybody wants a copy. I used to drive a Dodge, but ours were twin wheeled 20 tonners. My uncle, who I worked for said we were like Hell drivers.
  13. Spot on Rog., Mrs P looks quite fetching with that ponch. Does she take in washing? Give her my regards and ask her if she bakes bread too. Cheers to you both.
  14. Stuart, 'Hell Drivers', some of the cast were... Sean Connery, Patrick McGoohan, Sid James, Alfie Bass, William Hartnell, Stanley Baker, David McCullum, to name but a few. The real stars were the trucks, carrying gravel, all speeded up on lanes.