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  1. Well that dint last long !!!
  2. Ayup, I cannot believe how quick your response is !! Considering how far apart we are. Technology still amazes me. At least a great diversion from the current nightmare we are all in..
  3. It was only years after before I found out about the music. Of course it was Gustav Holtz, "The Planets Suite". I've still got the album I bought way back in the early seventies, (will have to transfer it to cd or MP3). When we first moved to sheltered housing in 2005, I was introduced to Mr.Quatermass, I thought it were a joke. A bit embarrassing really as he remarked that I wasn't the first to disbelieve. All this about fifty years after watching the series.
  4. The thing I remember most about Quatermass, which always put the wind up me as a child, was the intro music= "Mars, the bringer of War". Incidentally, for the last 14years, my next door neighbours have been Mr. & Mrs. Quatermass ! They moved to Seaford, about 3 months ago. They are both in late eighties.
  5. Excellent pictures DaveN, thank you for posting the link. Has there ever been views like this before, I wonder.
  6. Just trying to lighten the load dear boy. Bring in a bit of levity, that's worr'i say. Stay safe Ben. B.
  7. Wots Midlands new got to do we'it? Ben
  8. Have a look on You tube for, "Ballad of Dunny Roll". It's from Ozstalgians neck of the woods.
  9. There were a film on last night, on horror Chanel, I think. Title =Contagion ! Nuff said I think.
  10. I misread that post Lizzie thought, "hope she's gorra bog roll.