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  1. Far from it, I can assure you. It's called keeping one step ahead of the law. When we do a witchhunt Phil., we do it in style.
  2. Far from it, I can assure you. It's called keeping one step ahead of the law.
  3. Why do I get the feeling I'm not wanted, North of the Thames?
  4. Not much space to put me tripod. And where's the refreshment shed?
  5. 'Er indoors used to work with an Irish girl, (when we lived at Snape Wood). Wifey went to tea with her and she did no more than filled the kettle with cold water, put the tea leaves in it and then put it on the gas stove to boil up! When poured out, it were like tar and tasted unbelievably stewed. Needless to say she didn't drink much.
  6. I'll know what to expect then, when I call round for a cuppa.
  7. Cheers Phil, knew I could rely on yus.
  8. Who on earth uses a teapot nowadays?
  9. I'VE GOT A BLOODY CAR !! I knew I'd done wrong posting that picture.
  10. I did, I did, or at least I thought I did. just call it attention seeking.
  11. Don't know how all those posts came up Kath, honest. There were enough to make a fence. SORRY
  12. I don't just drive a bloody shuttle ya know! I do have a car, contrary to popular belief. Any road, ya can knock 5 miles off that as I live North of Lewes. Besides I've gorra 700 mile charging lead, so there!
  13. You'll have to take me with you P.P., and I'll bring my video cameras. ( got 3).