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  1. Phil, The suns shining, it's not raining, the wind has dropped and I'm posting to you. What more do ya want .
  2. That post was a fortnight ago Rob.
  3. It is good for coughs Ian. Also for giving up smoking.
  4. We've got a great postman, Ben's his name. Very amiable bloke, if you've got a letter to post he's quite happy to put it in the post, to save you a journey.
  5. Apparently, it's supposed to be good for constipation. Personally, I couldn't give a s#%t.
  6. We used to call it "Spanish Root", no idea why. I understand it's grown up in the Yorkshire area, but not quite sure where. There was an article on one of the magazine TV programmes. You can purchase it at Holland & Barrett.
  7. Think I flooded the carburettor.
  8. I know I parked the car around here, somewhere.
  9. How not to water your beer in Lewes.
  10. I vaguely remember being down at Victoria embankment and seeing the Trent in flood, to the point of only the top step was visible. It was impossible to walk under the bridge through the footpath.
  11. Radford Dread, I am not the only one who uses quote, or have you got a personal grudge.?
  12. Hi Stuart, as an aside, I had already sent a birthday card containing a money voucher. It's just that we saw the fudge while shopping and knowing bro-in-laws fondness for fudge we decided to send it as a joke. Maybe I should have just put a couple of 1st class stamps on instead. I'm sure it would still get to him.