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  1. So glad you cleared those bloody daft posts CT.
  2. I lost two Brew. One at 9 years and the other at 23 years. Will never know what its like to be a grandad.
  3. Oz.,I worked in -28° when I worked in Birds Eye freezer store at SPD, Glaisdale drive. Did'nt live in it though.
  4. Thing is, it were'nt just school. I had three brothers ( God rest em) and as a nipper it was a case of 'First down, best dressed'. Re school though, must admit, I had no regrets.
  5. At Radford Boulevard school, in the 50s it simply a case of "Survival Of The Fittest". You battled through the best you could. It was not only some Sadist teachers but also older pupils in classes above you. The suffering age was 11 to 14
  6. Now some folks would pay to witness that. ( Not me of course).
  7. Rog.,if you still get problems with the mossy area, you can allus dig it up and try growing gravel on concrete.
  8. @Jill Sparrow, I see your'e talking about me again.
  9. When we were nippers, always on the scrounge, one of the favourite scrumping places was a posh garden on the Ropewalk, Nottm. It was a plum tree and they were succulent fruits ! Three of us went up there with our bags but, not paying attention, we got caught. The owner wanted to call the police but his wife said, "No, if they like picking fruit, make them pick the rest for us". Which we thought was a let off from the law. So we stuck in, climbing all over the tree and picked the ripe fruit. The owner was so impressed and pleased with us that he gave us half crown each. The only time I ev
  10. Thanks for clearing that one up CT. Seen Russian and Pakistani, so wondered if I'd got to get some translation books. ( already got two books for Oz and Ian).
  11. But for some, more miles than others.
  12. Might not have been Richard. Like I said, was'nt sure. Of course I'm talking about the early to mid 50s. Iv'e done a bit of mileage since then.
  13. @Jill Sparrow, had a look myself, but it's not the same person. Had a read through to page 14 then stopped. Did'nt recognise any names.
  14. The name Richard keeps ruuning through my mind Jill, but I would'nt swear to it. As stated, Iv'e been wrong afore.x