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  1. A short diversion...Does anybody have any knowledge about Whiteley Mills Hotel, on Nottingham Road, Stapleford. We're looking for somewhere to stay, when we come up to attend a wedding in May.? Thanks in anticipation. B.
  2. Parked my trusty little Ford Anglia up near there, while taking my son to visit the castle. (Had two disabled badges, one for each of our boys),
  3. Careful Mary1547, you'll be getting snide comments from the diehards who will say that your post was nowt to do with Nottingham . Personally, I found it interesting. My neighbours Josie and Brian used to live in South Africa and they had a couple of servants. They tell us about times when they lived there, until there was a lot of unrest and said it was no longer safe. They too never mentioned Nottingham once. They did always say please if the wanted a drink or something.
  4. Sorry Colly, I'm not driving over two hundred miles to B + M car park for a PCR test. In truth, I've had a box of test kits sat on my coffee table for about 6 weeks now, unused except opened to read the instructions, (says Nasal test only). We've been isolating now for nearly two years, with exception of a visit to Notts in December. And even there, we kept apart from folks.
  5. Maybe this is why people don't write letters anymore. They're afraid to put pen to paper anything that might 'offended. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some form of scrutiny on these types of social media. Bring back the "British board of Film Censors" that's what I say, (with tongue firmly in cheek). Better shut up before I'm deleted...
  6. Who is this mysterious "They", who say you can't use this word or that word anymore? What happened to 'Free Speech? When, in God's name is 'common sense going to prevail once more. How long before Judge Dredd types will be walking the streets, watching everything we do. Free country, my a**e.
  7. Colly0410, a quick question from a Numpty. If you self test with a LFT and get a positive, where do you go for a PCR test? (I have no idea of the difference).
  8. In 1953, they never said of Edmund Hilary, " The first white man to climb Everest." Unless my memory is wrong.
  9. Could this be Benjamin, on his way to dance class?
  10. Can one still get Black Magic? Or....Black Pudding?
  11. When we were on holiday in Switzerland, during breakfast one morning, one of wifey's teeth came off the top plate after biting a crusty roll. Understandably, she was rather distressed and said she wouldn't go out. I told her it was no big deal as it wasn't a front tooth. I ended up walking up the road to the local supermarket and bought some superglue and stuck the offending tooth back into place. Never gave any thought as to whether it were poisonous or not.
  12. Do you provide the brushes and thinners too, Brew? Coincidentally, we have a paint store called Brewers.
  13. The trouble is Margie, that sometimes necessity forces you out. Then you have no choice, but try to avoid contact. I just wonder if things will ever be right, or is it something we have to learn to live with. Wonder if you'll be able to join us for coffee this year, at Wroxham?
  14. Sadly CT, the pub that was, now looks a bit of a dump. Not as I remember it.