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  1. So there you are Phil., you did your 'self assessment' and thought better of it. Full English sounds a better alternative too. Better than my weetabix.
  2. I do feel though, that each and every job you look at, whether at home or in the garden, if you've got any modicum of common sense, you automatically do a subconscious risk assessment. Anybody who ignores the dangers will not only put themselves at risk but anyone working in the vicinity. For example, if you were planning to prune a tree that was overhanging a cliff, you wouldn't need H&S to tell you to be careful. You would tell yourself, "Ain't no way I'm going up there with a chainsaw". Bravado is a quick route to A&E.
  3. If I made you laugh MrsB., then my work here is done ! My role in life is to entertain and assist. If I cannot do this, then I've failed. My reward is your thanks and praise. Keep supping the syrup and make sure you stock up on Bog rolls. Your servant ma'am.
  4. I allus thought 'Syrup of Figs' was quite productive. You could go into production Nonna.
  5. When I worked at Smith Dennis on Berridge Road, back in late 1967, my tool room gaffer happened to go on the roof to check out something. Don't quite know what happened but he stepped on,and went through the glass roof and fell on a stack of big valve castings. He smashed both his legs and injured his spine, which put him off work for nearly a year. He was our factory safety officer !
  6. Whoopeee! The sun has emerged at last. Think I'll put me Polar jacket on and get the BBQ out.
  7. If it's any consolation Oz, the weather is exactly the same here in Sussex. I'm bloody cold. Never mind, it'll soon be Christmas. Cheers
  8. Ignore the above ! I've just found it. Amazing what you find, if you open your eyes innit.
  9. I see my post as been removed. Anybody tell me why that is?
  10. There's nothing you need to do Cherub. It's just me, I can't be arsed to join Facebook. Tried before and was inundated with pictures from people I'd never heard of. Enjoy your wine. Best wishes to you and yours.
  11. @plantfit, talking of attractive gardens. This is the view we have to look at outside our lounge window. Because ours is an Almshouse trust, we are not permitted to cultivate the bank. We have to rely on gardeners who come round once a fortnight. At least it's not a brick wall.
  12. And nobody there with a camera, to record what could have been a pleasant afternoon, lying in the sun.
  13. @mary1947, have a try of the tinned taters from Aldi. They're lovely with salad, sautéed in an airfryer or chopped up and add Mayonnaise for a super potato salad.x