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  1. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    I know, I won the day on Friday, ( most likes or summat ).
  2. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Doesn't mean a thing to me, I'm afraid Margie. I happy in the twilight zone. Would you believe it but I still use pen and paper !! How antiquated is that?
  3. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Like I said earlier, I was on Facebook for about 15minutes and was snowed under with pictures I've never heard of. I think the phrase is, you friend someone, then you get bombarded with unwanted pix from their friends. When I contacted my cousin I got hundreds of pix of Malvon Shiloh dogs. Couldn't get off quick enough !! B.
  4. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    If going on Facebook, surely you need an email address? All I have is a name from picture the past. B.
  5. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Yes CT. He is the 4th from the right. I emailed my sister in law with the PIC and she thought it was as well. Blimey you were on the ball. Well done !! B.
  6. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Don't care wot the others say abaht you, like you.!
  7. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    I'll be your friend Phil.x
  8. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    I'm losing the plot on this one, AGAIN ! I once signed on Facebook a couple of years ago, sent an hello to my cousin in Alberta and within a couple of minutes I was inundated with hundreds of pictures of peoples dogs (Malvon Shiloh's). All from folks I've never heard of. I think I was on Facebook for about 15 minutes. B.
  9. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Unfortunately I don't go on Facebook and I've never even heard of William crane site. How does one investigate?? And thank you all for your help and support, Barrie.
  10. Beekay

    Query?? About Old Radford

    Whilst I have been perusing picture the past, I came upon a picture of Douglas school, Harvest festival, 1957. Among the toddlers on there I could swear I saw my youngest brother John. He is sitting on the bottom row. WHAT A SUPRISE !! Also there was a written article by a Val Jayacoddy who talked about Christ church garden, that used to be on Ronald street. She mentioned about playing in the unkempt side of the grounds and finding some money in the old wall. That really was a shock as I was the miscreant who knocked the brick out and found the dosh. In the rush of kids, I got the princely sum of 1/3d. I can only think that it must have been an very old donations box set in the wall. Did anyone else live around there between the late 40s to 1957? It really took me back to those days. I still bear the scar from injuring my leg on an old broken gravestone. Cheers everybody. B.
  11. Beekay

    Richard Baker

    NonnaB, just checked on google, Richard Baker was listed as 93. (Not that I would have a clue !). B.
  12. Beekay

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    Like all folks, when it's on your doorstep you tend not go. A lot of my time is taken up across the road at Sheffield park and garden, where I volunteer. I may have been driven by Bill Brazier but when they're covered in soot and coal dust it's hard to recognise them. Cheers Phil. B.
  13. Beekay

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    I understand you can now get a train from London via East Grinstead straight onto the Bluebell line. B.
  14. Beekay

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    It is the kindness of people such as yourselves that have helped us through the years. It makes you realise it's not bad world after all. Fly2, I see from your description that you have an interest in steam engines. Me too,and I live only a couple of miles from the Bluebell railway, my missus reckons I'm never happy unless I'm covered in grease and smell of oily smoke. Back on the subject of our sons, one of the saddest drags was handing back Andrew's wheelchair. For ages it was painful looking at the vacant space where it used to stand. Still, we have many wonderful memories. On one occasion when I worked at the water sports centre (holme Pierrpont), I booked my wife and son on a fishing weekend, 3 nights. When asked where I was going to sleep I told Tina that I wasn't going ! (I was ranger on duty that weekend). IT WAS MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY PRESENT. I believe they both had a great time !!
  15. Beekay

    Who was at Radford Bugole in the 50's

    Thank you Carni, it certainly wasn't my intention of spinning a sob story or look for pity. I just felt that I was sharing an experience of earlier days and how we coped. It was a privilege to have the boys as long as we did. If we learned anything it was humility. Thank you all for kind words, Barrie and Tina.