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  1. I have swam many times at that lock Pianoman, either in the lock when full or in the upper pound. Could have only been about 10/11/12 ish. Wouldn't be allowed near water at that age nowadays.
  2. Thank you Jill, just watched it. Scary or what? The close up at the start was bad enough, looking at their eyes...Oooer!
  3. Watched it Jill, but I can't dance in French. Didn't see any slomo.
  4. Allus thought the black lead were called zebrite.
  5. Wenslydale as a matter of fact.
  6. Another one was Barnips. Little squares of rock hard something that cleared your sinuses, loved 'em. Another one was Zubes. Did find both of them in Boots, Norwich, about 4 years ago. Must have been in a time warp. Jill, there's nowt wrong with Black pudding. You should try it sometime, (your cats would like it too).
  7. Hi Gem, glad to hear your OK. Sorry about your Aunt. Your not on your own with isolation. We have been self isolating now for 222 days, with no end in sight. It's getting to the point where we dare'nt go anywhere. Take care. B.
  8. Will make it better still....I'll come round and do it for you. Cut out the middle man.
  9. You can also make it a full screen Carni, by clicking on the icon in bottom right corner of Stu's image above. We're always here to help, fair maid.
  10. There you go Carni, StuartC has come to your rescue and beat me to it. Cheers Stu.
  11. I don't personally believe those times Carni, nobody's that fast. I also sometimes change the numbers of pieces, if I like the image and there's not enough.
  12. I'm still using the Barnsley museum link that CT posted. Some great pictures on there.