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  1. Glad all went well Jill. My jabs are all in the stomach. (Been involved in your m'gramms when I worked for NCB medical services, years ago)......Take care. B.
  2. Can agree with that Ben., just picked my prescription from pharmacy and my injection are of the right dose. So now I can do one 4.5mg injection rather than three 1.5mg shots that I've had to do for the last 3 months. Fortunately only once a week. B.
  3. You hope too much Col. Where there's no sense, there's no feeling.
  4. Our house down Kennington Road had an outside bog. Bloody freezing in winter, but at at least you could sit and listen to the birds shiver.
  5. I can assure you Ben, it's not Brighton, not enough shingle.
  6. It looks like there's only me, Annswabey and Buckrats. So goodnight cockers. B.
  7. Not quite sure it was Hemlockstone Phil., it doesn't seem to be the right shape. But I could be wrong. B.
  8. It dunna look like anybody else is on @ 11.00pm. So.... Good Night Readers, Sweet Dreams. B.
  9. Don't drink a lot Phil., I spill most of it. Especially when drinking out of camping stoves.
  10. So what's wrong with Brut ? Its quite a palatable drink with petit fours. Or a cheese and onion roll.
  11. I can remember one of our youth club leaders always used to take a bottle of sterilised milk (remember them) have a swig out of it, then he used to top up again with Camp coffee essence. Give it a good shake and drink it cold. Possibly an early version of Frappacino.
  12. Me too Margie. I looked forward to our morning milk, sometimes if there was any left you got seconds. In truth, as a youngster, under 11, living hand to mouth in those days, it was one of the only decent drinks of the day we got.
  13. What about "Nelson Eddy and Janette Macdonald" ? Saw the tiniest clip of Eurovision. Is it a shouting competition? Couldn't switch off quick enough ! Where did we come by the way?