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  1. In total agreement. Another favourite is crushed eggshells. Dried, crushed and scattered in a nice blanket. It would be like us walking barefoot on cinders.
  2. I understand you can still obtain fly paper, that you open out from a sticky roll and hang up.
  3. I recall an engineer at Blubell railway, once telling me, that if you had a team of six or more firemen all wworking on the footplate of Duchess of Hamilton, and all stoking together. They still could'nt work fast enough to bring t'owd lass up to her full potential. I had no reason not to believe him.
  4. It is'nt necessary to deliberately kill ants. I would'nt do that, but it is better to deter them from taking residence. They are certainly not in favour of talc powder, so they take the easy option and move elsewhere. If you see a column of ants going to and fro, in a straight line, they're usually in the process of survival. If you put a little stick across their path, just watch what happens. They are thrown into total confusion as they cannot follow set pattern, because they think as one.
  5. Iv'e always used Talcum powder. Because ants breath through their skins they avoid it like the plague. Certainly deters them.
  6. Well they all look like bloody teachers to me ! How old were they Phil? The school I attended, we never heard of '6th formers'. We just muddled through and our teachers were glad to be shot of us. I finished up in class 4A. ( thats as high as we went).
  7. Always thought they were on Hot Tin Roofs.
  8. Green Arrow was berthed down at Bluebell Railway for a while. Don't know if she's still there or not. ( It's only up the road from me, but never bother going. Just across the road from where I work too. Lazy bugger, that's me).
  9. Welcome to the land of Nottstalgia Simon. Hope you pick up some fond memories from our fellow members, also share some of your past thoughts.
  10. Filmed Sir Nigel coming out of Toton. My pal Tony can be heard yelling, " He ain't just set out from Toton. Not at that speed he ain't" !! Thedriver gave us the full bore if the whistle as he passed.
  11. When I worked at Bestwood colliery, I had to catch 3 buses to get to work. A 39 to Canning circus, then 43 to Bulwell market, followed by a Makemson's to the pit. Whilst training, it was a 39 then a Trent bus to Hucknall further education centre. On pit week, it was walk up to Hucknall no.1. If the weather was fine, and the 44 came first, I would go right to the terminus at Bulwell Hall then walk over the railway past Bonemill and carry on to the pit.(Bestwood)
  12. Back in the late 80s, I took some vhs video of the 'Duchess of Hamilton', but she did'nt have any streamlining on then. I think it may have been at Toton sidings, but not sure. I vividly recall standing on an outside track, filming the approaching 'Duchess' thinking she was was on the track next to mine. The fact that I could only see her through a 1.5" viewfinder in black and white ( video was colour), it was only when she was getting up close that I realised she was coming on the track I was standing on ! Just managed to shift the camera and jump out of the way as she trundled past. For
  13. And that were only last week, eh Jill?