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  1. @mary1947, thank you, I must admit, it's another diversion. But don't you need special brushes and paper? What sort of paint do you use, I tend to use Acrylics or Enamel, depending on what medium I'm painting on. Would love to see some of your work. B.
  2. Thought I'd try my hand at sign writing...
  3. Take care then Petal, and enjoy your vacation. B.
  4. So where are you then Mrs.B ? Clacton, Bognor Regis or perhaps Sutton on Sea?
  5. @Cliff Ton, this is the one I was referring to. Apparently, it's in St.Leonards on Sea and not Bexhill. (But they are next to each other)..
  6. Last time I was in the area, Judges was a postcard printers in Bexhill, East Sussex.
  7. P.P., or more commonly known as, 'La Mumba' in EspaƱol.
  8. Is that where the 'Heart of the Midlands' was?. If so, been there a few times for the owd 'chicken n chips' in a plastic basket.
  9. Wonder what happened to all those little glass cups and saucers?
  10. Pardon me gents, for my omission of an essential accessory.
  11. @mary1947, you've forgotten to mention 'frothy coffee', that putrid sludge that you got in those little glass eyebaths, when everybody thought they were the cats whiskers if they drank them. But nobody knew what they were or what was in them. But it was 'cool' to sit in a coffee bar and drink one.
  12. Wouldn't be without my Kobo e-reader. Could carry 6,000 books in me pocket, but in reality, I've only got about 52. Was buggered when I lost me broadband for 4 weeks about March.
  13. Ya never know, Trogg might have enjoyed Miss Colthorpe handling his 'other bits', wherever they might be.