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  1. We're hoping and praying for you Catfan. Just noticed...6,666 posts !!
  2. Whole heartedly agree with you Mary. I don't regret paying one penny of my National Insurance.
  3. Bit of beef laced with sleeping tablets usually does the job !
  4. But most of the clips were terrible back projection , WW. Good song though.
  5. Hi Margie, glad you liked it. One of the happiest clip was of some little Afrikaan children, they were only about 6/7 and the grins on their face was infectious. Also on the Swiss police, I thought funny was a female officer dancing away, with a gun strapped to her hip !
  6. I do try to do my bit CT. But sometimes wonder if folks get fed up. For me, this the best thing since sliced bread. What I found though, is although I correspond withloads of people, I could pass them in the street and never know.
  7. How are Syd and Babs doing Ben? I trust they are settling down now. My Dad's name was Syd, God rest him.
  8. If Iv'e got to be nabbed by the Fuzz, this is the lot I want to do it !! This has got to be one of the Happiest songs Iv'e ever heard. Don't believe me, Watch it on You tube. All versions.
  9. Well done CT. Another mystery solved and an enigma shattered.
  10. Maybe they're having a meeting Col., to see how much compensation to send you.
  11. Agree totally with you Woody. My missus said she hoped they never needed one. I disagreed, I said I hoped they did need one. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't one of 'em a female?
  12. All the very best from me too Colly. Had a similar scare myself a couple of years ago. Thankfully, it turned out to be an enlarged prostrate. Prescribed Finasteride tablets to shrink it back. When all was back, the consultant said I could stop taking the tablets, but I said if it was OK with him I'd carry on with them if it prevents a recurrence. Best of luck to you mate. B.
  13. Not for me though Monsieur. You can add on another 105miles.