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  1. It's remarkable how this thread has taken so many twists and turns since its inception. That's one of the things I find fascinating about NS. Learning all the time about areas I thought I knew. (but still not come across anybody i used to know).
  2. The only bit I knew about the Cedars was that Tina went up to the top of Upton drive to a rear entrance to go to work. Wasn't sure where the main entrance off Mansfield rd., was. After all, it is 42 years since I went up that road.
  3. Pssst, wanna buy a jab guv? Only used once by a lady I know.
  4. Slightly off target but at the bottom of Woodthorpe, is "The Cedars" opposite, (across Mansfield road)?. 'Er indoors worked there as ward orderly, on evening shift for a while. I believe the Ewing school for the deaf is in the grounds. My lad attended there for some reason I can't recall. Sorry to digress.
  5. Thanks CT, gotta admit, it's difficult to visualise images that were, when one looks at the area present day. Another pub that come to mind is the "Cross Keys" that was up Commercial road. At one time my Aunt and Uncle had the place, so I was informed by my Gran, who lived on that road.
  6. HSR, absolutely no harm in chancing your luck mate. It's a good way of finding out information from knowledgeable compatriots on here. That's how I've had my memory cells jogged about things as diverse as, Colwick woods, The Park tunnel, City transport, Radford, Wollaton canal, etc. to name just a few topics of which there a wealth of stuff on NS. CT has bailed me out many times. I like to think I've made lots of 'pen friends'. So keep 'em coming mate and I'll do me best. If not me, some bugger will know.
  7. Is that anything like snobs or marbles Mary??
  8. Following on from Margies post, the putting area on Valley Road was a very simple affair, like some had just mowed a few rectangles and stuck a hole at one end. You collected your putter and ball from a little shed at the end of the field, (over a little pathway) this was another stretch of field that had I think tennis courts and bowling green. It certainly wasn't near Woodthorpe drive HSR.
  9. One of the things that get me, is all those bloody bins on display. Front gardens ruined.
  10. Did as you suggested Phil., and had a virtual walk across Valley Road. Wouldn't want to live up there now.
  11. We used to live opposite that field Phil, on Upton drive until 1978. I remember seeing that field flooded many times. On one occasion my lad and I were looking at this "lake" and my young un said, "Can't we play football then dad"? (This from a lad in a wheelchair) There used to be a little putting area there too. The only place 'er indoors managed to score a "hole in one"!
  12. Alpha, if you referring to Valley Road Park, the culvert you allude to carries the Day Brook (not the area, but stream). Don't know if it still happens, but to used to be prone to flooding.
  13. Don't mind helping you out little sis.
  14. I mentioned counting the wagons from our ward window. My brother and I were in an isolation ward. When we were on the mend, we were allowed outside for a short walk. We used to walk across the field in the hospital grounds toward the railway line, as the hospital kept some pigs in the top corner. From memory, I think it would be towards the direction of Arnold road/Hucknall Road Xroads area. Looking on the maps, I suspect the rail line came from Bestwood to Leen Valley. It was always coal wagons we saw, with empty ones going the opposite way.