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  1. What a lovely morning down on the upper river Witham at Stapleford, warm sunshine for a change and blue skies, anyway no fish today but had a great time all the same, sussed out one or two spots for future fishing trips, note to self though, must take sommat to eat and drink next time and not to forget my distance glasses Rog
  2. Season started yesterday, river has gone back to normal levels so might give it a couple of hours tomorrow Rog
  3. I use ordinary talc powder as well, in fact we had the ants in the kitchen last week but they have gone now thanks to the talc Rog
  4. I think someone/some company is building a LNER Gresley P2 which I believe is a 4-8-4 setup and that has a sloping smokebox and curved around smoke deflectors Rog
  5. Couple of streamliners, the A4 is at Lincoln the other at York Rog
  6. Hosepipe ban next, perhaps the farmers had sprayed the field with dry fertiliser as opposed to liquid spray and need water on it to activate it, Rog
  7. Ginger nuts in coffee, don't know about dunking in tea as I don't drink tea Rog
  8. He who hesitates is lost Phil, go for it Rog
  9. I think I will stick with my little Toyota, never gives me any trouble so I got nowt to write about it on here Rog
  10. I was in Barnsley last week for the market and the town walkabout, parking free for first three hours (need a ticket, just press the green button) and fifty pence for every half hour after that, can't beat it, Newark cattle market, parking is £1.50 for two hours, not too bad really, but I agree with you Ben, parking should be free on market days Rog
  11. I'm afraid it is Oz, Newark market is a shadow of it's former self and like you say the greedy councils putting up rents, same with the shops in Newark, the rent goes up so businesses close down so the council increase the rents on those who are left so the council don't lose any money but those businesses close down and so it goes until there is very little left to go into Newark for (and other market towns) councils aren't bothered because they have had retail parks built just outside of the market areas with free parking and all the shops you need (is this another way of keeping motor traff
  12. Newark market this morning for the fruit and veg and wild bird food, the sky was looking a "bit black over Bills mothers" or as they say in Lincolnshire "It's looking a bit black over grandads tates" anyway the market was vibrant with plenty of customers buying fresh fruit and veg, clothing, shoes and fresh bread and cakes, Nice to see the bees and butterflies and sunflowers decoration above the market, got back home just before the rain started, as soon as it stopped I fired up the strimmer with the hedge cutting attachment to trim the crown off the silver birch tree near the back door, I'm t
  13. Nice one Barrie, I know you don't do this work for reward but it's always nice to be recognised for all the effort you put into it Rog
  14. Snap, Well nearly, just been left for hay this year Rog
  15. Backup power should the steam engine fail Oz, they even have them on old diesel hauled trains now suck as the Deltic and class 45 (among others) enthusiast railtours Rog