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  1. Nice steady riding with a few stops for drinks/food/toilet you should cover 60/70 miles easily, I usually do around 50 miles for a four and half to five hour ride out, thats only about ten miles an hour,easliy achieved, Rog
  2. Easy, plenty of room,not all crushed up underneath one of them,just the usual oils and filters albeit a bit bigger than your family car Rog
  3. Giz a shout if you want a hand with it Phil Rog
  4. Remember when he fell over on that beach, he made eye contact with the crabs and cockles that day,don't think he impressed them either fly Rog
  5. Our new village hall is now finished and ready for bookings, I took this first picture last year before demolition of the old one took place And this one on this mornings ride of the new hall, hope it gets plenty of use Rog
  6. I notice in a lot of these pictures from the forties and fifties and in some cases sixties the "workers" all look thin and tired yet the dignitaries look well fed and healthy and probably never done a days physical work in their lives, looking at Ian's last picture the Raleigh worker is around forty years old yet he looks a lot older than the suits who are all probably late fifties early sixties, about the only time the "worker" had ever seen a cigar would be at christmas time yet the bloke on his right is probably blowing ciger smoke over the poor sod, I'm no communist but can't help but feel for the poor sod stood there wringing his hands and knowing his place in society when all the others have not got a clue what his life is like and the hardships he has to deal with, and are they really interested? perhaps not Rog
  7. I seem to remember on the second floor of Sisson and Parker there was a section where us young boys could re-plenish the used chemicals and glass ware from our chemistry sets, this would be mid sixties,I should imagine these days it would be classed as supplying equipment for use in the illegal drug trade or classed as bomb making equipment,how times have changed Rog
  8. You'll have to ask Mrs P about that Phil Rog
  9. Loppylugs,where is he? not heard from him for some time, I know he did have a bit of ill health but thought he was doing ok, hope he's alright, miss his posts Rog
  10. I agree Nottingham needed a playhouse but to have lost these beautiful buildings? Rog
  11. I always used to call there for a fritter and chips on my home to Clifton from my grandmothers (Bathley street) at least twice a week back in the mid sixties,sit on the embankment steps to eat them then cycle home via embankment,Ha'penny bridge,wilford village,Ruddington, then over the GCR station bridge to Farnborough road Clifton,oh happy days Rog
  12. Guaranteed a sugar rush ther Ian Rog
  13. Sounds great Nonna,we have small local rides for the children (about 12-15 kids) from the local schools but nothing on that scale,makes sense to teach the children road sense,long may it continue Rog
  14. There have been quite a few post about the cemetery David and I think there was a link posted about where to find graves from grave numbers,I wish you well in your search and welcome to this site Rog