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  1. Mandarin Drake on the river Trent near Trent bridge Newark, I took this picture at the beginning of June this year Rog
  2. My vintage cycle display in front of a vintage bakers van at last weeks Lineside vintage weekend Swineshead near Boston Lincs Rog
  3. This is/was the site on which Collygate school was, just a couple of what looked like old Nissen huts when I was there in about 1957, I took this picture a few years ago from Holgate road Rog
  4. Thanks Siddha,here's another of my vintage cycles, 1937 Hercules model T gents three speed with front and rear Sturmey Archer drum brakes
  5. A couple of classics here, My 1934 Humber ladies sports cycle with child seat and basket and a Humber Imperial motor car from 1965
  6. Sounds like it's going to be a good day Phil,sadly I have to stay in for the day but I'll keep my tracker and scanner on and binoculars at the ready when they start to return home Rog
  7. Don't think the RAF have any Tornado's any longer since the Typhoons became the main platform Phil Rog
  8. Often seen around our local lanes, a friendly bunch and always ride single file if a car comes behind them, at the other end of the scale we get a lot of lycra louts who refuse point blank to move out of the way of motorists and it's those that give the leisure cyclists a bad name and in a lot of cases put off (new or returning to cycling) people Rog
  9. Lovely stuff BK, just love seeing the things people do with their time and keeping the little grey cells active, much better than sitting in front of a tv or newspaper, life is far too short for that Rog
  10. Lovely story Benjamin, you wouldn't get stuff like that if you drove passed her in your car, keep them pedals turning mate Rog
  11. Adjustable handlebar stem and suspension seat post
  12. Looks similar to my Raleigh Pioneer, and like you I find it a very easy ride, done many hundreds of trouble free riding on it, I do like the Dawes though
  13. Here's a better picture of the Ordinary for you Terry, the seat I covered with some foam then a piece of leather and used furniture dome headed nails to secure it, the pedals I made from M12 coach bolts for the axle going through some 15mm steel tubing, the end plates I cut from some 50 x3mm steel plate, the rubbers I bought from a bike shop, they do work and they do have a period look about them, the rear wheel I managed to get off an old pram at 12" diameter, forgot to add I made most of the spokes myself out of 3 mm steel bar, riveted over one end to the shape of the inside of the wheel rim
  14. Look forward to seeing those Terry,