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  1. The future of cycling, look at the determination on their faces Rog
  2. Radio four in the house and Gem on the car radio Rog
  3. Originals are fetching nearly two grand and the new ones are on a first come first served basis, nearly all sold out Den, was you thinking of getting one?, a few years ago Raleigh did a re run of their "Tuff Burner" (BMX) sold out more or less right away, I think most were sold to the older guy who wanted an original back in the day but couldn't afford one but now they can so are they re living their youth? don't think I'd like to ride a Chopper now or the BMX for that apart from looking a total wally on one I don't think these old bones and muscles could cope lol Rog
  4. I agree Barrie but this frame is new old stock from 1999-2000 and I want to build it up using parts from that era, I have just been to the bike shop and got a pair of Shwalbe 26 x 2.1 tyres of the type used during those years fifty quid bargain, now to find new old stock original Shimano gears and brakes and CK stem and handlebars, I have some Shimano clip pedals, it all takes time but hunting down the period correct parts is part of the fun Rog
  5. The build so far, new wheels arrived and seat post and clamp, fitted the decals on the frame although not 100% happy with the way I put them on, now I need to buy, forks, tyres and tubes, gears and brakes and chainset, handlebars, headset and stem, looking forward to riding it Rog
  6. Isolate, lock off, test, test being the most important, I remember locking off a large rotating aggregates barrel that had flames blown into it for drying aggregates before being blended with butumen to make tarmac, pleased I tested the system after locking off because the system started running, previous to me getting there an electrician was doing some work on the starter system and when he put it all together he fitted the main switch back on upside down so when I switched the power to the "OFF" position and put my lock on it what I had actually done was switch the power "ON" Ro
  7. Coursey was and probably still is short for causeway, was told to stay "on causey" whenever walking along the streets Rog
  8. Same here Phil, rigger job specific gloves (riggers for welding/grinding, grip gloves for most other jobs), safety glasses for grinding, strimmer use or hammer work, auto headshield for welding and so on, safety welly's when I'm strimmering or using rotary mower plus gloves, it's a habit I got into when I was working and I still got all me bits in the right places so either been cautious or very lucky Rog
  9. Well I received a reply from my email to Warburtons about the smaller size of their teacakes, they say they can assure me that the recipe and size of the teacakes has not changed at all, however they will be sending me some vouchers as a gesture of good will, a nice letter and four one pound vouchers have arrived, I am sending the vouchers back to them as I didn't complain about the teacake size just to receive vouchers from them, I sent them the email to point out that I had noticed the smaller size and didn't think it was right that these thing should be changed without informing the custome
  10. Our area safety officer had a finger missing, apparently he lost it working on a conveyor belt, still I suppose he knew the hazards first hand (or what was left of it) nice bloke though, got on really well with him Rog
  11. And employing the right people for the job Mrs B Rog
  12. All sites have the "Accident book" but on one where I worked ever dare fill one in, if anything was reported it was straight in front of the UK president and probably loss of job, it has now become another box ticking excersise, a few years ago I broke my lag at work, slipped on some ice, it was never reported because while I was at the hospital the manager reported I had done it in the car park at home when leaving for work and what the manager says was gospel so you couldn't argue Rog
  13. Most company's now insist on seeing H&S reports and information before they will deal with you as a supplier or contractor, it all causes more expense for the company from a financial and staff points of view and it keeps them in a job, I'm all for Health and Safety in the workplace but I also all for employing the correct trained person for the job and that is where a lot of the troubles arise, low paid, inadequately trained staff equals accidents and in some cases massive fines and or imprisonment for the company owner or manager or even the injured person, there is no such thing as an a
  14. Been there and done that Phil, know what you mean about keep the guy talking, we had one inspector who insisted on having perimeter guarding around all the heavy brick making machines just a few weeks after they was all fitted with close proximity guarding, I argued the point with him saying that perimeter guards could be climbed over where close guarding had no access to moving machinery without physically removing a guard, he put a prohibition notice on the site and ordered the machines to be fitted with perimeter guarding within fourteen days, the boss was not best pleased with me but under
  15. You only need all the health and safety rules and regulations when you got idiots doing the job, proper trained time served workers already know about that stuff because they learned it in the first couple of years of their apprenticeship/ training just my opinion of course but it stood me in good stead for my career, WW not much use for a hairnet now I'm losing my hair but I appreciate you comment, as for the welding, I always wear rigger gloves, keep any exposed skin covered and make sure I have good batteries in my headshield, I agree with you WW about Fred and his shed full of ir