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  1. Things that pee you off

    Bad enough on the A46 near Hykeham at the moment Phil Rog
  2. Things that pee you off

    Be a bit chilly around the Trossocks today Have to keep a hot water bottle in me sporran Rog
  3. Things that pee you off

    Not bell bottoms,work trousers, if I wore bell bottoms when going down Canwick hill on me trike they would act as air brakes when they filled with air Walk round Lincoln Phil? prefere to ride me trike, Rog
  4. Things that pee you off

    I usually buy Royal Navy work trousers from a military surplus place and when the knees wear out I cut them down,sew up the hem and there you go,hard wearing shorts with one hip pocket,two side pockets and two velcro fastening thigh pockets,perfect, I also buy "Desert camo" shorts from the same place with the same amount of pockets and only about a fiver a pair. Rog
  5. Things that pee you off

    About the only time I wear trousers is when I come to a meetup or go to an official do, the rest of the time I'm in me shorts,good for riding me trike,I think this year when we go to Scotlandshire for our hols I might wear a kilt,nothing to prove just like to be comfortable Rog
  6. Rejoined.

    About time too mate,welcome back Rog
  7. Things you don't see anymore

    Thanks for the info Phil, we will pay the place a visit in spring, last antique place we visited was the one in Newark a couple of weeks ago. Compo, the Lancaster flies over our place quite regular in the summer months and every Wednesday and Saturday the one at East Kirkby does taxi runs,as you say, nice to hear four Merlins roaring Rog
  8. Things you don't see anymore

    Never been there Phil, I was given this clock by an old racing pigeon guy because I always wanted one, with them being good time keepers and a bit of a talking point Rog
  9. Things you don't see anymore

    STB Racing pigeon clock for recording the time the racing pigeons finish the race, I think they are all digital or sommat now days Rog
  10. Things that pee you off

    Lizzie, I put the mouse pointer on the word or phrase I want to quote,left click the mouse and drag it along the selected word/phrase, when you let the "left click" go a little box will appear above selected word/phrase saying "quote this" just click on that and it will bring up the reply box with your selction in it,take it from there,good luck Rog
  11. Image Attach Test

    Hotlinks for forums Rog
  12. Things you don't see anymore

    Or riding a recumbent trike through Newark!!! Rog
  13. Things you don't see anymore

    Interesting post Phil,thats what this site is all about,peoples experiences and memories,keeps the old grey cells working, I can remember being given a special invitation to the museum after closing on quite a few occasions in the early to mid eighties,a friend of ours was good friends of the then owner (forget his name at the moment) we were given access to most of the aircraft,that's when I first got to sit in the Vulcan as well as the Shackleton and Hastings, for info the Hastings was and probably still is fitted out inside to simulate the back seats of the Vulcan for training purposes, the inside of the Canberra was a very tight squeeze,on entering the small hatch on the right side of the pilots seat straight in front and above was the pilots seat,through the door and immediately left was the two back seats up a couple of steps,very cramped and with no windows must have been a very claustrophobic experience, Rog
  14. Things you don't see anymore

    And it was snowing, when the pilot landed the plane and taxied to the parking area he and his crew climbed out and just gave the keys to the then owner of the museum and left Rog
  15. Things you don't see anymore

    While on an aviation theme but not really related to the original thread,(things you dont see anymore) this is a picture I took a few years ago of the cockpit interior of a 29 squadron Typhoon (Eurofighter) on a visit to RAF Coningsby Rog