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    Cycling on my trike,airgun shooting,old Nottingham,bird watching,growing old disgracefully

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  1. plantfit

    Beards and Tashes

    and had beards Rog
  2. plantfit

    Buses in Nottingham

    My collection of said caps and wooly hats Rog
  3. plantfit

    Beards and Tashes

    And look what happened to him, (Allegedly) Rog
  4. plantfit

    Buses in Nottingham

    Sorry Phil, first thing that came into my unshaven head Rog
  5. plantfit


    Looked like an air rifle to me, BK,you can clean your own car now Rog
  6. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Nice ride out this morning,wanted to go to Whisby concrete plant to see some old mates who I've worked with in the past,nice weather so took off about 08.30,arrived at Whisby via Hykeham at 09.20, great to have a catchup with some great people,nice coffee too, left there about 10.30 and arrived home after calling in at Bassingham surgery for my monthly prescription at about 11.20, Rog
  7. plantfit

    Buses in Nottingham

    Depends which way I put me head on Rog
  8. plantfit


    I dunno,just asking the question Rog That is on the wall of the Hykeham memorial hall Lincoln
  9. plantfit

    Recent update

    Some have something to say,some have to say something Rog
  10. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Does your house have bikes in it? Rog
  11. From Lincolnshire perhaps? Rog
  12. plantfit

    Buses in Nottingham

    I grow them in my beard,I used to grow them on my head but then I started shaving my head to look good and they wouldn't grow there anymore Rog
  13. plantfit


    Acceptable graffiti ? Rog
  14. plantfit

    Climate change protesters...

    In cuckoo land it is possible,in the real world is a different matter, Rog
  15. plantfit

    Boring Repetitive Posts

    Good for air rifle target practice Rog