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  1. plantfit

    Famous 60's Groups In Nottingham

    Just famous 60's groups,mainly Liverpool Rog
  2. plantfit

    Unusual museums

    There is a similar cottage museum just up the lane from our village, Mrs Smiths cottage Navenby Lincolnshire,they have a pretty good website Rog
  3. Southchurch drive Clifton estate Rog
  4. plantfit

    Post Image Gone?

    Works ok on my laptop Margie,did what you said and logged in as normal, all my pictures are there Rog
  5. plantfit

    Events in Nottingham

    They're in the nottstalgia jokes thread now AG Rog
  6. plantfit

    Post Image Gone?

    I have just visited another website I go on where I have posted loads of pictures of my trike,a lot of the same pictures I've posted on here,they are all visible on the other website and all the pictures were downloaded from Post image,is there something wrong with Nottstalgia why we have lost the pictures? Rog
  7. plantfit

    Car park warning.

    Think it's the same in all town centers colly,it seems the local councils don't want cars in their towns/cities,Lincoln car park fees are expensive and the local councils keep asking the question "why don't people shop in the city", open your bloody eyes council and stop being greedy, the new bus station in Lincoln is a joke, people queuing up in the walkways because there is only eight seats for waiting passengers in each bus park,main door facing east so it gets the cold wind, like a fridge in there and 20 pence to go to the toilet,all designed to get even more money from the public, when the council was asked if there could be some form of heating in the place like other bus stations the answer was No it stops the beggars and rough sleepers setting up in there, caring council? bulls**t another example of councils feathering their own nests at the expence of the taxpayer Sorry for the rant Rog
  8. plantfit

    Things that pee you off

    Bout time this thread was closed because all thats happening now is nottstalgians are "peeing off" other nottstalgians Rog
  9. plantfit

    Things that pee you off

    Thats the trouble with the police today, Re active instead of Pro active, they won't do anything until someone or something is hurt or damaged instead of preventing possible damage to persons or property Rog
  10. plantfit

    Post Image Gone?

    A picture speaks a thousand words Rog
  11. plantfit


    Richard or Dick Le Flem,used to play down the left side Rog
  12. plantfit

    How's your day?

    Another cold day out here in the land that god forgot, up early though and washed the car,the roads out here are very muddy, went to see old fella and made him a coffee and sat with him for an hour talking about owt and nowt as you do, did myself a bit of breakfast when I got home, hash brown, sausage, egg and beans with two slices of fresh bread and butter,(I'll never lose this weight) thought I would do a bit of gardening so on with the boots and gardening jacket and set too with a spade and shovel, got a small piece of the back garden cleared of grass and a few weeds,managed to get half the area dug over but it was very heavy going,did'nt think the soil was that heavy out here,it is very wet at the moment so I left the other half of garden until it dries out a bit, my plan is to grow some peas and runner beans, (prompted by Compo's posts in the gardening thread recently), sweet peas and lupins are beginning to shoot now in the greenhouse but this recent spell of cold weather has slowed them down a bit,give them another two or three weeks and they should be ready for transfering to the pots and troughs that will go in front of the bungalow,new leaf shoots are showing on the silver birch tree in front of the kitchen window where I take the bird pictures,also new leaf shoots on the Acer tree in the front garden and the Swedish Hornbeam in the back garden, Time to go and see the old fella again now get him some snap ready and a cuppa,no doubt sit there again talking about owt and nowt Hope you've all had a great day Rog
  13. plantfit

    Mods & Rockers

    Not forgetting the Mods Rog
  14. plantfit

    Mods & Rockers

    Seen a bit of "Back Combing" going on there Carni and Sue Rog
  15. plantfit

    Mods & Rockers

    Interesting stuff Rog