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  1. 'Serry'

    Back of the coal face behind the chocs where all the crap drops after the face moves forward Rog
  2. How's your day?

    reinforce it with sheet metal,nut and bolt to main frame and weld where the parent material is thicker Rog
  3. Bulwell

    I have just finished reading my book called Bill of Bulwell by Bill Cross,it's about his life as he remembers from returning soldiers of the first world war and miners struggling to earn a crust when he were a kid to his time during world war 2 and himself going down the mines, a great read and loads of memories of Bulwell and Highbury vale, I got my copy off ebay for about 3 quid,best 3 quid I've spent in a long time Rog
  4. How's your day?

    Thats an MOT failure if ever I saw one Rog
  5. Poppy's

    I hear on the news yesterday that some schools are encouraging the children to wear "white peace poppy's" as opposed to the red rememberance poppy's we are used to, any comments? please keep them sensible Rog
  6. How's your day?

    That can be welded or brazed mate,a man of you caliber should be a doddle, bit of T cut and you'll never know Rog
  7. Things that pee you off

    People who don't clean up after their dogs,especially on cycle/footpaths,had to get the pressure washer out this afternoon then dry the trike off then replace all the old grease and oil,cleaned the chain and re lubed that,,not saying there was dog muck on all those components just the tyre but with using the pressure washer it gets rid of most of the greases and oils,irresponsible dog owners Rog
  8. How's your day?

    Margie,The cupboards are spotless and the flour was in the sealed cardboard container with snap plastic lid, my first thoughts was weevils I agree, to be honest the flour was in the cupboard for a couple of months so they could have been in the last bag of flour I topped the container up with,anyway they are in the dustbin now and just to double check I cleaned out the cupboard again, my own fault I should have used it up before now but most of my baking lately has been with plain flour, live and learn and I will but a new airtight container Rog
  9. How's your day?

    Well the drizzle cake didn't work out as planned,got the lemon,butter and caster sugar from the local village shop,already had a bottle of Famous grouse in the cupboard, everything ready on the worktop,got the self raising flour out of the cupboard and guess what,it was contaminated with what looked like tiny corn flies, oh well I guess I'll have to pick some more flour up tomorrow when I'm on me travels,I was looking forward to having a piece of cake as well,never mind such is life, got the appointments sorted out at the docs,for some reason he want me to have more blood tests then an appointment with him to see how my heart,kidneys,liver and lungs are doing,I thought they were doing ok but hay oh it's a run out on me trike intit, Anyroad I hope you have all had a great day Rog
  10. Model Railways

    There used to be a saddle tank engine from Clifton colliery /Wilford power station in the 60's it was a 0-4-0 with the name plate MICHAEL Rog
  11. RIP George Young of the Easybeats

    Thanks for the music of my youth Rog
  12. How's your day?

    Got to nip down to the doctors in the next village,they want me to make an appointment for some more tests,usual stuff I think,I will go on the trike although it is a bit cold (I seem to feel the cold now,never used to) then back home,sausage sandwich, I might make a whiskey and lemon drizzle cake today,also prepare dinner,roast chicken with all the trimmings, should put a bit more weight on after that lot no doubt, Hope you all have a great day whatever you do or don't do Rog
  13. Things that pee you off

    Well with a bit of luck the sods won't breed and that will be the end of "non gender" and to think these clowns and the other "pride lot" are breathing the same air as me,disgusting Rog
  14. New Tram

    I must try that next time I come over to Nottingham on the train from Newark,usually jump on the tram but will look for the train to Bulwell Rog
  15. Things that pee you off

    Good point about the process Brew,is it a case of someone else changing the process because they think it's more healthy for us without consulting us? Rog