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  1. I tell you Ian I felt so humbled that day Rog
  2. I found a bumble bee on my garden path when I came home from a bike ride on Monday, poor thing hardly moving so I went in the house and put a drop of honey on a tea spoon, went to where the bee was and carefully picked him/her up, offered the tea spoon with honey to the bee and wow, from the front of its head/mouth came a black tube like thing and from that out came it's tongue and it started to "drink" some honey, anyway after a few minutes it stopped drinking and after a few more minutes it stretched it's wings and started to flap them, a couple more minutes and it took off buzzing away like
  3. I used to get all my gardening stuff from Stewarts back in the 1970's/80's, great staff who always gave me great advice, I remember all those little draws that had seeds and bulbs in them and the garden tools (although way out of my price range) were a joy to hold, just goes to show that by spending that bit more on quality tools does pay you back, I still have my long handled rake and hoe that I clean after every use and I wipe boiled linseed oil on the shafts every season end Rog
  4. Not that I liked your post BK it's just there was no provision for sad if you know what I mean' a lot of teachers back then were ex military and they thought they could treat the pupils on similar lines, (well thats what I think) however a lot of todays teachers just seem to want to pass on some other agenda that generally has nothing to do with education (once again thats what I think) Rog
  5. Absolutely hated my time at school, had no interest at all, Their sole purpose in life seemed to me to beat the living daylights out of me, learned more or less everything I know since leaving the dreaded place Rog
  6. My grass was quite long and as you say Phil far too wet for cutting, however I got the petrol strimmer to work and just gave the grass a light cutting using that, looks much better now although still a bit long but at least it's all the same length so looks much better, the mower would have ripped the grass out and looked a right mess but the strimmer does a much better job on wet ground Rog
  7. Have done that in the past Phil and it works a treat but not having any baskets this year so moss killer it is Rog
  8. Barrie, I worked in the extractive industry (mainly gravel) nearly all my working life so I think I'll pass on your idea, thanks for the suggestion though Rog
  9. Big problem with moss in the grass at the back of my place it's an area that never gets any sunshine on it even in summer, I have tried aerating the area using my garden fork and raking in some sharp sand, I have used my powered scarifyer and also a good going over with a lawn rake all to no avail. I don't like to use chemicals on my garden so upto now that has not been an option, however I was told about using "Iron sulphate" on the moss as this doesn't damage the grass so I bit the bullet and gave it a go, mixed some of the powder up in tepid water and poured it into my sprayer, one light sp
  10. Nice to see the blossom out in Newark yesterday, even in the rain and Trent bridge through the mist Rog
  11. Might be of interest Rog
  12. Sometimes switch mine on but there's very few people on the airwaves out here just the odd trucker, the scanner gets more use these days listening to the red arrows most days doing their practice routines also get A2A and A2G from RAF Waddington, Marham, Lakenheath and Mildenhall Rog
  13. I still have a Midland CB and a power pack and several aerials plus my scanner that can pick up military air waves Rog
  14. and spreading throughout the whole country Rog
  15. Regular occurrence around Boston so I'm told Barrie Rog