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  1. Still got mine, although it's now a fibre glass arrow with plastic flights Rog
  2. This sounds like a good business idea in the making, welly snorkels, one way welly boot valves, look out dragons den the Nottingham inventors are on the loose Rog
  3. Just love the Nottingham logic in some of these answers, what size hole would you recommend Barrie Rog
  4. Would it be worth trying to put a snorkel down each welly to combat the effect of the vacuum? Rog
  5. Trying to resurrect an old topic/post, Wellington boots, why do socks always find their way off your feet and into the toe part of your wellies, mother used to say "your socks have gone to bed) but even today when I took my wellies off my socks were bunched up in the toe of the boot, it doesn't happen when you wear shoes or even walking/work boots but why welly boots? Rog
  6. I see he was going to Newark, terrible shame what happened to the east coast back then and not forgetting the west coast of europe who suffered a similar tragedy, was it global warming back then or just nature letting us know who's boss? Rog
  7. Danny Blanchflower (Spurs footballer) used to say "Pass the hot milk please" when he was advertising Shredded Wheat back in the late 50's early 60's Rog
  8. Common Blue, taken in the field at the back of my house Rog
  9. Thankyou sir, can't beat a D running at 700 rpm and the ST at 1100 rpm and the little Suffolk enjoying itself at 1500 rpm Rog
  10. Long eared Bat, on the wall in my old works office (an old farmhouse) was told I wasn't allowed to take photo's of Bats without a proper licence, oh well too late to apply for one, this little fella was about the same size as a matchbox Rog
  11. These seem to be multiplying at a fair rate out here, there was a big problem with some of them attacking motor cars and causing damage to the paintwork in one village, it seems they can see their reflection in the motor cars paintwork so attack it thinking it's a possible rival, I took this photo on my way to work a few years ago, they were blocking the road and showed no signs of moving out of the way until they were ready Rog
  12. Breakfast and first coffee of the day completed, car washed and inside cleaned, got rid of a bit more of the birch tree debris through the shredder/chipper, now time to fire up the vintage engines, cant beat a bit of "industrial music" on a Sunday, Rog
  13. Probably classed as another invasive species, Egyptian geese, populations are on the rise, I think a lot of these birds/animals was bought into the country by the wealthy land owners so they can show them off to their wealthy friends, trouble was they never gave a thought as to what would happen to these species after the wealthy owners passed away Rog