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  1. plantfit

    'How does your garden grow?'

    Plenty of Comfey growing on the grass verges around these lanes, also good as a green manure Rog
  2. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Get restoring/building stuff Phil, keeps the old grey cells alive and problems solving keeps the old dementia stuff away Rog
  3. I think more and more people are buying on line, clothes,food and other goods, don't have to struggle around town with the shopping, car park charges are over the top and as you say beggers/druggies/drunks outside the main shopping centers and big store doorways, local business being let down by local councils again Rog
  4. plantfit

    Three words to sum up your day

    You in it? Rog
  5. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Thankyou for that Phil, It's an interesting project and some of the problems are quite unique, most of the stuff being blacksmith made I should imagine probably built in a small workshop or shed like mine, another project I have on at the moment is trying to restore an old Petter single cylinder petrol engine that has not run for many years, It's the other side of the village so I'm doing that in the guy's garage, took the magneto off last week and fettled it,now got a good spark, carb all cleaned and oil drained, I'm going there next week to put everything back together,so from a completely dead engine that the guy was going to have as a garden feature is now looking more like a working engine,got to keep busy mate Rog
  6. plantfit

    Three words to sum up your day

    Take care mate Rog
  7. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Cutting the 5 BA thread onto the 3 mm bar,the other end had have a rivet head hammered into it,I had to make a small die to put the other end of the steel in, I did this by drilling a 3.5mm hole in a steel plate, to get the rivet shape I needed I had to counter sink that hole, I heated up the end of the steel until it was glowing then fastened it in the vice and put my home made die over it and started to form the "rivet head" by hammering it into the counter sunk hole, perfect, a nice rivet head hat fits into the wheel rim hole, then I cut the steel to the correct length 412 mm and started the cut the thread (are you keeping up with this Ben?) nice spokes ready for fitting, I have to buy more steel bar this week, not cheap but I'm in no rush to finish the project Rog
  8. plantfit

    Bunny & Bradmore

    Can't remember Jonab,I know at the time everyone was saying "the old man" so whether he was the father i'm not sure, if I see my mate Gren I'll ask him, he was a farmer from Gotham and seemed to know all the farming families around there Rog Edited to add;_ylu=X3oDMTByZzJoOXByBGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwM0BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1537745165/RO=10/ This might be of interest to you
  9. plantfit

    Bunny & Bradmore

    I think that area is now caled "the old engine yard" on the right as you are leaving the village, I can remember about 17/18 years ago old Mr Beeby's funeral at Rempstone church just up from the cross roads, his coffin was bought up to the church on one of his old Fowler ploughing engines, very sad, the church was full, about 10 years ago the Beeby brothers held a ploughing match on one of their fields solely for steam and horse ploughing, once again the place was full, Rog
  10. plantfit

    Bunny & Bradmore

    Thats what this site is all about Jonab, I worked at a quarry near Rempstone, about half a mile up that lane from the church, East Leake sand and gravel quarry, they used to hold the Rempstone steam rally in the fields before the quarry moved in Rog
  11. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Your chance to buy some goodies from the meet Phil Rog
  12. plantfit

    'How does your garden grow?'

    You can have some of ours if you want Ladybirds Compo Rog
  13. plantfit

    Bunny & Bradmore

    One of the brickworks chimney's being demolished in May 1995, the write up says the chimney's were 100 years old, two chimneys altogether one extracting smoke and fumes from what was locally called the new kiln and the smaller of the two chimney's extracted smoke/fumes from the old kiln, the old kiln chimney was about half the size of the one in the picture but it did have a steel section fitted to the top of the brickwork in the early 1980's, I took this photo of a Evening post newspaper cutting dayed May 23rd 1995, The brick company was called H J Baldwin and company LTD and as well as making bricks and clay cable covers for the electricity companies from their own clay quarry they also made pre cast concrete products including platform edges, cable troughs and lids for the rail industry, concrete beams used in the construction industry, apex cable covers as used for covering electric cables in trenches Rog
  14. plantfit

    How's your day?

    When I've worn the knees out in my work trousers I cut them down,sew up the hem with my sewing machine and hey presto shorts, recycle and re-use Rog
  15. plantfit

    My Bike rides

    Always remembered the phrase "Triple eared knock off hub caps" hit them with a mallet as you say in the direction of the arrow to unscrew or tighten Rog