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  1. The first remote controls were wired, then they brought out ultrasonic ones. You could change channel by jangling a set of keys (accidentally or on purpose to annoy someone!)
  2. My dad worked for DER (Domestic Electric Rentals) from mid-1960s onwards as a TV repair technician, having been trained by Rediffusion a few years before. He would carry three or four spare sets in his Anglia/Escort/Fiesta estate car so that if on-site repair was taking too long he could leave a good one and take the faulty one back to the guys in the workshop (in Bulwell at first and later in Broad Marsh). I think they were told to leave a slightly upmarket one (i.e. bigger) to try to get customers to upgrade (more rent!) DER was owned by Thorn and was later joined by Radio Rent
  5. Another factory that was actually on Morley Avenue was Fewkes Lace Embroidery (previously Charles Farmer Lace)
  6. I recall an engineering manufacturing works, Claude B Barton, at top of Mapperley Rise, between Morley Avenue and Woodborough Road. It was demolished and a block of flats was built there. Companies House shows the company as dissolved with officers having been Mr John Dalton Barton and Mrs Sandra Jean Barton, both appointed in 1992.
  8. I recalled seeing this video before. Okay if you don't mind the late Dennis McCarthy of Radio Nottingham fame back in the day.
  9. Probably referenced here before but noticed this when browsing
  10. Translation: "Prince William pushed Prince Harry into a dog bowl"
  11. The site at Dorket Head has survived and is thriving; currently owned by Ibstock (referenced in that blog).
  12. A blog about East Midlands brickworks. This link details Mapperley and Porchester works.
  13. History of Haywood Road and surrounds
  14. I asked the General Manager of Vic Centre if they were aware (someone shared the Facebook post with me before it went viral). He said they (management) had spent most of Monday dealing with it, supplying police with CCTV, etc. I guess it would be classed as theft, though had they worn wellies it might have been 'going equipped'.
  15. The former Parcel Sorting Office between Bath St and Brook St (mentioned earlier in this thread) is now undergoing demolition. They started a couple of weeks ago. I'd say about 15-20% is done so far. Stood watching them this morning: there is something fascinating about destruction! As built (late 1960s) it was called PSO (Parcel Sorting Office) and was fitted out with various automated conveyors and bespoke sorting machines. During rationalisation in later years, some other PSOs around the country closed. Nottingham was retained and became a PCO (Parcel Concentration Office).