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  1. The privately-owned scooters (usually all black) are the worst. Speed not regulated like the 'Wind' ones you can hire. Probably okay to own one but totally illegal to ride on public roads, pavements, etc. I clocked one doing at least 30mph down Porchester (easily keeping up with cars). No crash hemet and tiny wheels that are bound to find a pot hole sooner or later.
  2. Not seen or used for decades: repairing car bodywork with fibreglass. Maybe cars just don't rust the way they used to since zinc treatment of the body shells became commonplace. I remember buying kits in the 1970s/1980s from the likes of Motorists Discount Centres, containing resin and hardener together with pieces of fine and coarse fibreglass matting. Think it was David's Isopon P40 (a quick Google shows the resin is still available).
  3. Watched Episode 1 of Sherwood. Very slow to start (was thinking "so what is it about?" after about half an hour). Then someone whose favourite tipple was a pint of mixed (is that still a thing?) was shot with a bolt from a crossbow, with the hackneyed 'half the cast had a motive' plotline. I was struggling to decide when it is supposed to be set: I saw one of the youngsters with a smartphone with three cameras (fairly recent?) and mention of social media. However, the police set up a temporary investigations room (in a chapel?) with not a laptop or mobile phone in sight. Just a map of
  4. I think Barrie Judge may still be around (he is on LinkedIn). We need him to give us the full SP.
  5. From The Bread and Bitter was officially opened by Barrie Judge on December 5th 2007. Back in 1991, Mr Judge shut his bakery on the same site. Now fully restored sixteen years later as a pub, his bakery ovens remain built into the wall in the central area of the pub, along with a "Brewers Graveyard", full of artefacts from closed down breweries of yesteryear.
  6. I looked at the palimpsest this morning as I walked along Mapperley Top. I don't think it could have been HUDSON'S; there is not enough space to fit 'ON' before the 'S. I am sure it was simply three lines JUDGE'S HOUSEHOLD STORE replaced by two lines JUDGE'S HOUSEHOLD STORE
  7. Yes Mrs B. Usually 5 amp for lighting circuits, 15 amp for immersion heater, 30 amp for power sockets, cookers and showers. It was tinned copper wire and not as sensitive as modern circuit breakers. Fuse wire would 'fuse' or 'blow' (melt) when the current got to about three times the rating.
  8. Beekay, the round pin plugs came in a range of sizes (2 amp, 5 amp, 15 amp and 30 amp). Similar style but varying physical size. The ones in houses for power were 15 amp.
  9. Round pin plugs survived in stage lighting; at least the 5 amp size. We also used them at work for the control circuit of electro-mechanical actuators (1970s).
  10. Electric lighting was around before electric power sockets. Early vacuum cleaners had a bayonet plug so you took the light bulb out and plugged it in there. Obviously you had to get the cleaning done during daylight hours.
  11. Before the ubiquitous moulded-on 3-pin 13 amp 'mains' plugs, most readers will recall that when buying a new portable electrical appliance, the question "do you want a plug with that?" would be posed. This meant that plugs were a commodity and whilst not particularly expensive, some folk would try to avoid the need to buy new ones. Students spring to mind and memory fails me here but think it was Nottingham University where they tried to combat unauthorised removal of plugs (for use on personal items), by installing bespoke power sockets that had one pin at an angle (again, memory
  12. Still there (St Matthias Rd). From their website: WELCOME TO ROSEHILL SCHOOL It is a pleasure to welcome you to Rosehill School, an outstanding special school for 115 pupils aged 4-19 living with Autism and a range of associated communication, social, sensory and learning differences. We are committed to and passionate about the learning and progress of our pupils.
  13. David, I lived in Bulwell during the 70s. I didn't go to AWD but some of my younger siblings did. I knew Rob Radford; he used to drink in the Oxford in later years. He died in 2019. As for the Mee family, could it have been June, Malcolm, Melvyn, Paul, Karl, Denise, Karen and Mark?
  14. There was a large Radford family in Bulwell that had Chris as the youngest (Ralph, Brian, Maureen, Paul, Steve, Rob, Dave and Chris).