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  1. With regard to that site, I noticed the car dealership "Speedoo and Eddie" (site previously occupied by Millennium Motors and World of Cars) had closed a few weeks ago and the summer houses (big sheds) to the left have all but gone (just one Wendy house left). Today there were a couple of guys putting a metal fence up at the front of the plot and I saw demolition signage.
  2. Needing a set of AF spanners/sockets before metric was on the scene and maybe Whit/BSF if you go back further. BA for the small/electrical bits.
  3. Fuel tanks that you could syphon with a bit of hose if you didn't mind the occasional mouthful of petrol (don't think I would have wanted to try it with diesel mind you!)
  4. Dynamos and regulators before alternators. Distributors with points/condensers (capacitors) and carburettors before electronic fuel injection. Propshafts under the transmission tunnel and long gear sticks. Cigar lighters (now accessory sockets) and ashtrays. Chromed hubcaps, bumpers and door handles. 8-track players.
  5. Cross ply tyres and inner tubes - the days when you could repair punctures or change your own tyres with a couple of tyre levers.
  6. Telescopic radio aerial on the front wing. You could splash out a bit more and get an electrically operated one.
  7. On obsolete car functions, I recall a foot operated windscreen washer (rubber plunger of sorts) on some cars. I'd almost forgotten that we had manual chokes and being told that it drank about three times as much petrol if you forgot to push it back in when the engine had warmed a little. Those were the days when you could flood the carb through inexperience. Anyone of an age will remember 'static' seat belts before they introduced the 'inertia reel' type as a chargeable option.
  8. Was at a vaccination site yesterday afternoon. The pattern of low demand continued. I counted 30+ NHS staff (vaccinators, nurses, pharmacists, a GP and a few admin), about 10 volunteer stewards and a handful of council staff who run the building. At no point was there a queue; I'd say there were fewer than 10 people jabbed per hour (capacity 96 per hour).
  9. The building on the left of that picture is the magistrates' court (now called the Nottingham Justice Centre as it hosts tribunals as well) and the one on the right is the courthouse for family proceedings. The Bridewell is tucked away behind but its entrance is in the corner between the two court houses.
  10. The Bulwell Church Lane premises (which became computer shop) is covered by Graham; there is a photo. I remember it being built but can't put a date to that.
  11. Graham, I found your article most interesting. If I may add a few comments (and pick up a couple of typos): Page 5 - Bridgeford to read Bridgford Page 10 - Ransome to read Ransom. That location is now Shepherd's Race garage (there is some history around that name). The road on the right with the tram is The Wells Road (continuation of St Ann's Well Road). Page 11 - Would Gorsey Walk (and associated 'gardens') have been off Gorsey Road? Resident map experts might help. Page 20 - The brickwork (original plus bricked up doorway) is Flemish Bond (not English Cross bo
  12. One thing I spotted is that you have to choose between "with ads" and "without ads", with the latter costing a tenner more! There are other (true) Android tablets out there at similar price points but watch out for the amount of memory. The operating system and bloatware that you can't delete can take up quite a chunk of an 8GB tablet. 16 or 32GB gives you more headroom. Also check screen resolution (HD obviously better than standard def).
  13. I haven't had hands-on access to a Fire though I read that they are based on Android but have moved significantly away from the standard Android operating system (to the point where they call it Fire OS). Amazon doesn't like Google so have stripped most of the Google bits out, including the Play Store app (where an Android user can find thousands of free apps). The Fire probably suffices for web browsing (and buying stuff from Amazon of course). It depends what you (or SWMBO) wants it for.
  14. The same Ray Holland ran a café on Pelham Street some years later; early 1970s I think. It was near the top, maybe where Wired coffee shop is now (No.42). I remember whitewashing the basement store rooms with my brother and being rewarded with apple pie and ice cream. Any idea what that café was called back in the day?
  15. Those riding after a few sherbets need to be careful. Drink driving law applies (mechanically propelled vehicle). Minimum 12 months disqualification and obvious ramifications when later trying to insure a car.