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  1. The style of chimney stack on Sherwood station master's house (photo above from Catfan) helps to identify two other station masters' houses on the Suburban line that still exist: one on The Wells Road (St Anns Station) and the other at bottom of Porchester Road (Thorneywood Station).
  2. The first I knew about Nottingham Suburban Railway was when I was buying a house on Mapperley Rise in the early 1980s. My solicitor said: "Do you know there is a tunnel under there?" He showed me a plan and sure enough the Sherwood tunnel was directly under the lounge. His next question was: "Do you want to get a structural survey done?" I thought that sounded prudent so went ahead. The surveyor said there was minimal risk as the tunnel was bored through sandstone.
  3. Welcome Ian! Could it have been Moss Bros or Huttons (Pelham Street)?
  4. Where is the bottleneck with this vaccination programme? Is it really a logistical nightmare? At least every few years 'the powers that be' manage to organise a General Election where all over 18 can attend a local place on the same day and spend a few minutes in the process. They find the buildings and the administrators. All that we need to add is a supply of vaccine and the medics to inject us. It surely doesn't need to be a sterile environment (we all had jabs at school?). Sourcing domestic freezers (-18C) is not insurmountable. Even the Pfizer vaccine is good for five days at -18C.
  5. One of my late uncles was a ten pound pom, departing in Feb 1968 (he was 39 at the time). Six weeks to get there by liner (via Gran Canaria, Cape Town and Fremantle). Stayed there for two months (Brisbane and Sidney) and didn't like it. He said the cost of living was much higher than back home and he failed to secure employment. With savings diminishing, he paid about £200 for his return (another six weeks by boat via New Zealand, Tahiti, Mexico, Panama and Barbados) and had to pay the Aussie government £150 compensation (for not staying there two years). He put it down to experience and
  6. The Wells Road. What's left of the northern side of the Suburban Railway bridge, next to where the Gardeners Pub used to be.
  7. So, GCSE candidates get to find out which topics will be covered in the exam and the marking will be more generous. Good opportunity for adult students to get in there and add a few qualifications to their portfolio!
  8. The science and regulation is good enough. I'll take it when offered.
  9. I'd say air-cooled V twin with a capacity of 1.6 litres.
  10. I never saw my first computer (early 1970s). For each program I created a bundle of punch cards (one line/80 characters per card). Left the bundle for computer techs at the Poly (the computer was in the basement). Returned a week later to see whether the program had run or failed and collected a printout (the old green and white stripey paper). Usually it had failed, I re-did a few cards and left it for another week. After a month or two I might get a result. A few minutes waiting for a cassette to load on a 16k Speccy was rapid by comparison, even if it fell over once or twice.
  11. I am with Sue B. Highfields, north western bank of the lake. Highfields Park Boating Lake
  12. Brew, you can still congregate in a public area provided that you observe 'rule of six' and keep 2m apart if possible. So... you and matey could park up somewhere (say on the street outside one of your houses), open the boot/hatch of you car to reveal the PC, stand back and allow your friend to take it away. What you can't do is congregate in a house or private garden. Travelling in and out of area is guidance (so not breaking the law per se).
  13. I don't recall when I learned it but nowadays BODMAS is covered in Primary School. The order in which the mathematical 'operators' are considered is: Brackets Order (meaning powers and roots in this context - sometimes cited as Indices, making the acronym BIDMAS) Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction
  14. I doubt that art is a consideration for the court. The question would be whether it was criminal damage. If the owner of the wall did not give someone permission to paint it and if the painter committed the act with intent, knowing that they didn't have permission, I'd say the owner of the wall wins and the painter is probably ordered to pay compensation to have it cleaned off (it helps if someone admits to painting but a little tricky if you can't find them).
  15. DanielHST: It is difficult to speculate what is wrong without inspection/testing. I designed and built the electrical control panel from scratch (think that was 2012 - how time flies!) so I'd like to think that is still okay although I was not to happy about the temporary storage arrangements when it was moved from Birmingham to Nottingham (it may have been in a cold humid place - not good for things like the pins of plug-in relays and a barrel cam timer with microswitches). Previous issues have been failures of geared motors and damaged/maladjusted sensors/limit switches/barrel cam timer.