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  1. I have been advised that my appearance by the Clock has been pushed back a week - I now plan to be there Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March, same time (12:00pm to 2:00pm).
  2. During my repairs in November last year, I told the management that whenever I am working on the clock, I invariably get folk who want to chat about it when I tell them how I am involved. I suggested that I could do a couple of sessions where I would simply be there to talk to anyone who was interested. They agreed it was a good idea so they have sorted it out for Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February (next week). The plan is for me to be there from 12:00pm to 2:00pm on each day. They are inviting the local press.
  3. It was called the Eagle Building. See Nottingham City Council planning application 19/00937/PFUL3 (December 2019) granted for 42 apartments.
  4. @Cliff Ton Yes, that is/was the building. Google maps has a few internal photos of its use for Aikido classes.
  5. I see that the 'West Bridgford Aikido Centre' (in the Meadows) has recently been demolished (it's a pile of bricks now). It occupied a site between Riverside Way and Robin Hood Way, just North of the Toll Bridge, behind the Meadows Embankment tram stop. Anyone know whether it was something else originally?
  6. Alfred St North - Top of Huntingdon St to Woodborough Rd Alfred St Central - Woodborough Rd to St Ann's Well Rd Alfred St South - St Ann's Well Rd to Carlton Rd Mostly redeveloped.
  7. Had to smile at the BBC news item today on plans to introduce kerbside collection of unwanted electrical items. I thought we already did that (most items left out soon disappear around these parts). I presume formalising it will mean the Council becomes the collector instead of the peripatetic scrap metal chaps so we all end up paying through Council Tax, whether we like it or not. Also planned is for retailers being forced to take away large electrical items when delivering new without a fee so we can expect a hidden surcharge on future purchases.
  8. @Brew It was quite busy (understandable; opening day) but thankfully not noisy. They've done a good job on the acoustics and soft furnishings. Hard to say how many 'users' (as opposed to 'visitors'). It will no doubt calm down to more usual footfall.
  9. Meadow Lane lock (where canal joins the Trent across from City Ground) is having new lower gates fitted. There is an open day by the Canal and River Trust this Sunday 11:00am to 3:00pm, for anyone who wants to have a closer look.
  10. Back to the topic of visiting libraries... I went to the new library this morning. I was impressed. Light, airy, spacious, not particularly noisy (the children's area is out of the way on the ground floor). Local studies area (1st floor) was good; lots of resources. Still have all the old newspapers on microfilm rolls and things like electoral registers on microfiche. Microfilm/fiche scanners attached to PCs so you control it from an app. You can then download images to a USB stick or email to yourself. Maps are in a back room and available to view on request (though it
  11. 'Northern Branch' in Bulwell was my local library (Highbury Road, opposite 360 Club as Beekay says). The building is still there - now used by a dance school according to Google Maps. IIRC, we could borrow up to four books from the children's section (blue cards), rising to six books on attaining the age of 14 (buff cards). No computers of course - books stamped on issue and all loans arranged in order of 'due date' in those wooden compartmentalized trays. Gleaned most of my early knowledge of electronics there.
  12. @Jill Sparrow Was Stephen Holbrook elder brother of Christopher T Holbrook (a former work colleague of mine) who also went to Berridge? (think you told me that). Probably a year between them.
  14. A few more 'celebs' from around these parts (verified by Mr Google): Richard Beckinsale (Carlton). Bill Roache (Basford). Peter Bowles (London-born but moved to Hyson Green when a toddler; went to Berridge Rd school and High Pavement). Mathew Horne (Gavin and Stacey, Burton Joyce). Cherie Lunghi. Lucy Worsley (West Bridgford). Sherrie Hewson (Burton Joyce, Corrie, Benidorm, Loose Women). Ian Paice (Deep Purple). John Parr (musician, Worksop). Carl Froch (boxer). Mark Hoyle (aka LadBaby, novelty songs) More recently, some
  15. I had not heard of Mich Stevenson before I was introduced to him a couple of days ago. He spent a lot of time and effort saving some significant buildings in the Lace Market from demolition/redevelopment, including the Adams Building on Stoney Street and the Shire Hall on High Pavement. He was instrumental in developing the latter into the Galleries of Justice (and more recently the National Justice Museum). He played it down when we chatted but he is clearly a local hero for anyone interested in preserving the history of Nottingham.