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  1. Did some volunteering at large local comprehensive in the week. The phrase "they think it's all over" sprung to mind. No segregation, no social distancing, no masks (and that includes staff). Kid doing what kids do and mingling in groups and crowds. I did see one bottle of hand sanitiser though, so all is not lost!
  2. I volunteer as a steward at Richard Herrod. It is never too busy, quite the opposite. When I booked mine I could have got in the following day but left it a few days until I was there for my next shift. I think they are open 8am to 8pm daily but are shutting down middle of next week. Don't know what other centres are doing. I know they closed Forest rec for a bit.
  3. Neither PCR or Lateral Flow tests can show positive from the booster. Regardless of which you had for first two doses (AZ or Pfizer) you will most likely get Pfizer as a booster. The brand name for Pfizer is Comirnaty (you might spot that on the paperwork). PFizer is a messenger RNA (mRNA). It is a small part of the virus genome that tricks the host cells to make the COVID spike protein. Your immune system sees the spikes and generates a suitable response. The mRNA is unstable (that's why it has to be kept very cold before use) and is attacked by enzymes, which breaks it down within hour
  4. Thought it was supposed to have words across his jacket and some aeroplanes in the background (WWII reference)?
  5. Replaced by houses. Here is that thread:
  6. Can be a bit complicated to play from USB stick. Some head units only recognise USB stick in certain format (e.g. FAT32 or NTFS) or there might be an option to 'sync' to the USB drive. If the MP3 files are in a folder you might need to use an option to locate it. What make of radio system is it?
  7. I think something has been started - I saw some concrete wall formwork there a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Indeed. Pretty much every development I see, particularly in the City Centre, seems to be 'Luxury student accommodation". I wonder whether this will eventually mean the end of the multiple occupancy, often squalid, accommodation in Lenton, Dunkirk, Sneinton, Radford, etc. as students aspire to something better?
  9. Don't know why they are building houses. What we are short of in Nottingham is students' flats.
  10. Update: Site of former car sales "Speedoo and Eddie" (previously Millennium Motors) now cleared of all buildings.
  11. Probably this one in 2001 HSR, epicentre Melton Mowbray but felt across the Midlands. DATE 28/10/2001 ORIGIN TIME 16:25:24.9 UTC LOCATION 52.8347 -0.8493 DEPTH 14.4 km MAGNITUDE 4.1 ML LOCALITY MELTON MOWBRAY,LEICS
  12. I remember buying one of his matchbox-sized AM radio kits (Micromatic?) from a shop on Arkwright Street. Couldn't get it working so I wrote to him. Reply said that I had probably crossed over two wires from the aerial rod (still no joy, think I gave up). Still have a Sinclair Scientific calculator somewhere. Reverse Polish logic IIRC (you had to enter operator after the number, e.g. 15 x 13 would be 15 + 13 x =). LED display so the battery didn't last too long. Must have been during my school days as it took over from my slide rule and there was all the debate about whether calculators w
  13. I am with the biological/psychological school of thought on improved hearing late on. I have definitely noticed that a comfortable volume level on the TV during the day is too loud for me in late evening (and I don't live in a particularly noisy street/area). Maybe our ancestors evolved more sensitive hearing (or a different frequency response) as the daytime wanes to be more aware of predators?
  14. From a thread in 2010 about the Pigalle Club on this very forum... Posts by OLDACE: "At the table were the two Londoners, Jack Packham (fruit machines), Tony Woods (then chairman of Forest and owner of Jersey Kapwood) Dennis? Sheldon (car dealer and murderer to be)." "Sheldon was a gambler,when he got into money trouble, he would go to casinos, see who was there and then go and burgle their houses. He was caught and got 5 years IIRC. While in prison his wife saw another man. On release he went home and strangled his wife. He left
  15. Death of an Ann Sheldon was registered September 1969, Nottingham, and shows DOB as 01 May 1941, making her 27 at time of death (if she died April 1969). Records show birth of an Ann Curd registered in Derby Apr-Jun 1941 and a marriage of Ann Curd to Dennis A Sheldon Apr-Jun 1962 in Derby. They had a daughter Alison K Sheldon whose birth was registered Jan-Mar 1963 in Derby, making her six at the time of her mother's demise. There is a Dennis A Sheldon whose birth was registered Jul-Sep 1930, Liverpool (the Liverpool Echo carried the murder article). All a bit speculative but n