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  1. @Jill Sparrow Yes Jill: The house on Grundy Street was mid-terrace, two rooms and a scullery downstairs, two bedrooms and box room (in which Mam and Dad squeezed a bed) upstairs. Front door opened onto the street. Small backyard and outside WC. Tin bath and all that. @Cliff Ton Yes, that must be it. We only rented of course but I do wonder how they afforded that on a single wage (Dad was a TV repair man) and bringing up 7 children at the time.
  2. @Cliff Ton: Yes, that is it. The two detached outbuilding at the top would have been the greenhouses.
  3. @Jill Sparrow there are another thread or two hereabouts where I have mentioned Stoneycroft. It occupied a whole block between Wilton Street and Wallis Street, with the main entrance on Arnold Road. I think it was Nos. 77-79 (I don't know why two numbers). I was told it stood in an acre of land. The house itself was set towards the rear of the plot so probably not that obvious when passing by. There was a Bulwell stone wall all around (mostly still there), with shards of glass cemented into the top (I doubt that would be allowed these days!) I think it had double gates at the
  4. Good research @DAVIDW. I found a bit more information here, from Dr Keavney, occupier of Stoneycroft before we were there: Looks like there was a fire in February 1959 at the factory, with a fatality. Lesley Moore and Angela Dean (both posting comments there) appear to be living descendants of the Pearson (dyers and finishers) family.
  5. Were the Pearsons who developed the furniture/department store related to George Pearson & Sons, bleachers and dyers (factory on Arnold Road, Basford afaik)? We lived in 'Stoneycroft' on Arnold Road (1963-64), a large Bulwell stone house that stood in an acre of land between Wilton St and Wallis St. Previous occupant had been Dr Keaveny. Mam said it was one of two houses built for daughters of the Pearsons who had the department store, the other one being Rosebery House on Waterford Street (nearer Basford Crossings, built 1884). Stoneycroft was demolished and repl
  6. Should open Issue 66 of Nottinghamshire Aspect with an article about the Clock and Yours Truly.
  7. Petrol lighter fuel? Also saw this but no idea whether it "does what it says on the tin"
  8. Car diagnostics are a bit of a minefield but for some of the simpler faults, you can DIY with a suitable reader. The system is called OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) and all cars built for the UK since 2001 (petrol) or 2004 (diesel) have to be compliant. There is a 16-pin socket under the dash that should be readily accessible. Stand-alone readers plug in there, while other types have a dongle to plug in and an app for mobile phones or laptops. Cheap devices might be 'read only' (can't reset the fault light or clear the fault log). They can usually only show historical d
  9. I think 5th from left on front row is Kathryn Dexter
  10. I had a phone call yesterday from Sonia Kataria (BBC online content) to chat about my involvement with the clock and she's posted this article: Separately, I had a phone call from BBC Radio Nottingham and recorded something that will go out in their weekend bulletins (I didn't think to ask what time to listen)
  11. @Beekay I prefer Pete! Here is the Notts TV video clip
  12. Notts TV on demand. I don't know how long it will be available. Segment on Emett Clock starts at around 38 minutes in.
  13. I think Bates is still there 434 Westdale Lane West I remember taking a cylinder head there for skimming. He also supplied a new head gasket and a set of other seals needed to complete the job.
  14. I was on Notts TV this evening. The schedule says it was Episode 448. It should be on again at 10pm tonight (my bit around 10:45pm) and repeated: Tomorrow 9:00am (my bit around 9:45am) Sunday 9:00am (my bit around 9:45am). Monday 7:00am (my bit around 7:45am) Monday 8:00am (my bit around 8:45am) The Vic Centre management surprised me by presenting me with a really nice acrylic painting by local artist Molly Moss of me standing aside the clock (explains the request for a photo of me last year on one of the days I was there to fix it!)