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  1. 'Thetram' is quite possibly a one-man-band called Greg Dawson, an IT specialist who runs Net-workedcouk Ltd and
  2. I was lucky enough to participate in one of the visits organised by Janine a few years ago, along with Enigma1st of this parish. The first thing that I noticed was how it was so mucky under foot, seemingly untouched since the rails were lifted (we left a trail of sooty footprints in the Vic Centre car park on exiting the tunnel!) You'd think they could open it up to provide some revenue; perhaps a series of stalls to form a 'linear market'? Sure it would need several access points to the streets and maybe a lift or two but all technically feasible. It houses the District Heating Scheme
  3. Trees were still there a couple of days ago.
  4. Bungalow on Sandford/Porchester now razed. Garden cleared. Polythene sheet screening attached to fence at Porchester side of plot. Development at top of Porchester stalled (still at street level). Plot where Speedo and Eddie (formerly Millennium Motors) was: nothing commenced (just an open expanse of flat concrete base still there.
  5. Cliff Ton beat me to it but it is definitely a scam. It may well be a 'secure' site (the s of https) but it is certainly not the NHS. Next is /.home (there wouldn't usually be a full stop before the word home). The next bit hints at NHS ( but the NHS is just appears to be based in Mexico. Fraccionamiento Club Deportivo, Calle Segunda Cerrada de Lomas del Mar CP 39690 Acapulco de Juárez, Mexico Something to do with financial services
  6. Other symptoms of Omicron variant 1. Mild hunger between meals 2. Feeling cold outside in the winter when not wearing a coat 3. Difficulty looking directly at the sun 4. Sweating while exercising 5. Becoming dizzy after spinning around 6. Inability to see in the dark 7. Water feeling wet on the skin 8. Tiredness at night 9. Thirst after long periods of not drinking
  7. Good research Stu. Looks like they are following the methodology then!
  8. Back to the bungalow on corner of Porchester Rd/Sandford Rd, they started demolishing it a couple of weeks ago. The roof has gone so far and they are stripping out the rooms. They have also cleared the brush from the large rear garden. Looks more like the work of a jobbing builder with mates rather than a property development company (no large machinery used from what I saw).
  9. The Astoria gets a few mentions in the new film "Last train to Christmas" (out now on Sky). Don't know whether Michael Sheen's character of Tony Towers who owned it is based on Barry Noble though. The film was written/directed by Julian Kemp, one of the first youngsters to attend Central TVs junior drama workshop, which now uses part of Richmond House, the building just to the back of the Ocean nightclub.
  10. Pre-COVID the old Majestic was the 'Haunted Museum and Oddities', complete with Scooby Doo type camper van outside. This article suggests it is Grade II listed:
  11. One year my son sent a photo of his fully decorated tree adorning his lounge about a week before Christmas. Mrs Engineer responded with a photo of our loft hatch with the caption "our tree is in here". I don't really 'do' Christmas.
  12. Back in the day Royal Mail had their own recovery trucks (part of the motor transport workshop services). I suppose that must have ceased since they moved to a business model of leasing those ubiquitous small vans and relying on 'professional' recovery! Are they owner-drivers these days?
  13. I use WhatsApp, mostly for messaging but it came in handy for family video calls during lockdown.
  14. Noticed today that Carlton Hardware Ltd, a single storey shop on Carlton Hill (opposite Ladbrokes), has been demolished and they have dug footings for a new building. Is that the place that used to be the Black and Decker shop back in the day (say 1970s)? I remember getting brushes and bearings to keep an 'old faithful' drill going.