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  1. Looks like vaccine supply is outstripping demand at the moment, probably because they stopped doing 1st dose during April. Couple of local sites saying next available slot is right now. Four more say tomorrow morning. I am also hearing more cases of 2nd dose being pulled forwards, sometimes by several weeks.
  2. Had the same text yesterday, directing me to a secure website (https) to pay £2.99 shipping cost. Suspected it was a scam as I am not expecting any parcel. Googled the mobile phone number and sure enough, others had reported as scam. On the real RM website they have a section on how to identify dodgy emails and texts - there are many examples of what these look like.
  3. I have heard (from a reliable source) that locally they thought it would be okay to go to 40+ but totally underestimated response so they revised to 50+ within a matter of a few hours. As of now, only four of the ten local sites are showing appointments available. They are going to honour appointments made for the young ones this morning. It remains to be seen whether there is a rise in those declining the jab due to the unfounded scaremongering about AZ and blood clots.
  4. Local news just now: someone cocked it up. Now showing 50+.
  5. Swiftqueue Nottingham now offering vaccine to over 40s. Appointments available at most sites.
  6. What is a man these days? Where does fluid or non-binary gender fit in? Would female police officers have to patrol the streets to enforce a curfew (given that recent events mean that we probably can't trust male police officers)?
  7. Swiftqueue Nottingham now showing as 55+ can have the jab. Appointments available at 8 out of 10 sites (some even available today).
  8. I only saw the trailers but think Oprah was joining in on the acting when colour of skin was mentioned. She is a black American woman so her reaction ought to have been a subdued rolling of eyes conveying "I am not at all surprised" instead of wide-eyed and dropped jaw OMG! There seemed to be a striking similarity to the Diana interview - "I am a victim of The Firm." We all know that the Royal Family (and hangers-on) live in a social bubble that is far removed from what we experience and woe betide any outsider who tries to get a foot in the door. It will always end in tears. As for s
  9. Take up in Nottingham must be good. Yesterday, of the ten local venues, none were showing any future appointments available. Today only Forest is showing a few; computer still says no for the rest. Anyone desperate can go to Derby or Mansfield though.
  10. Nottingham vaccine centres accepting 60+ from tomorrow.
  11. How about providing access to each end of the Great Central tunnel from Vic Centre to whatever becomes of Broad Marsh and fitting it out with lockup stalls for independent retailers? They could divert the southern end to exit between the Contemporary Art Gallery and the caves. The northern end could have steps/ramp/lift to somewhere around the vacant Bon Marche shop on Parliament Street. Add a couple of ramped access points along the route for safety reasons (say Pelham Street and Bottle Lane). It is pretty empty at present, aside of the two DHS hot water pipes along its eastern side wall
  12. On Android phone I've had to use Desktop Site and switch to default theme to be able to see notification and PM icons.
  13. Off topic I know but we were living on Grundy Street when I went to Berridge. Our Mam could look over the garden wall to see if we were en route.
  14. Sussex Street top centre (same area: 1884, 1901 and 1915)