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  1. One,, Two,, I'm sure Mum said look after those 3 eggs, Can't see the third one anywhere.
  2. The lightest ones are the ones that break down into several lighter weight parts and then just slot together when needed. Bottom half of this article has a few examples and the part's weights. Typical heaviest part is 15kgs or 2 stone and a bag of gnats in old money,
  3. Date on the bottom of the above map , latest revision 1964, published 1966. Another map, updated to 1950, not sure what's going on with the layout on Brook Ave, seems to be artistic licence or from a plan that didn't quite happen This one is updated to 1944 but not published untill 1950, by which time the version above had been updated. This earlier layout would suggest the Kiddier Rd area was going to be Council houses of the same style as built around the other sides of the cross roads, maybe changed at the last minute to prefabs.
  4. Lizzie, map of said area including the unmade / unadopted part of Rolleston Drv
  5. It was one's shoulder. He fell orf an orse. My Mother in Law fell off a bus a short while after and the same surgeon fixed her shoulder up. She was right chuffed to be touched by the same surgeon as charles.
  6. The Drain is the Stream / Brook on the georef'd maps below There were at least 2 farmhouses on Sandfield Rd when I was around there, so the land may have been theirs, if not it was part of Arnold Hill farm which was roughtly where the school of the same name is.
  7. Chick no.1 yesterday immediately after being fed fresh meat. From video on youtube, link below
  8. Best 1957 Regal shots I can find, no-one seems to want to show their rear shot. Possibly the car in the earlier shot
  9. Mick2me mentions a Carribean club in Commerce sq near Ranbys in this thread, post #7. Possibly same premises different years.
  10. Jab 2 of Pfizer done yesterday afternoon. Arrived at the entrance exactly 5 mins early again but this time instead of getting in on time there was a 15 minute queue along the front of the old Lenton T.V Studios. Same amount of time inside including the 15 mins after wait. Same after symptoms as last time, arm aches a bit, that's all.
  11. I can see it's on Freeview ch 7 on mine, or Virgin 159 but don't very often watch. Also on demand,
  12. Big Brother, not forgetting also his Sister and all the non Gender specific Siblings, doesn't have to do much searching nowadays to find out what people are doing, people are stupid enough to broadcast to the Universe everything they do minute by minute.
  13. I've got no plans to stop wearing a mask when out shopping or at any mass gatherings and I shall continue to give everybody I can a wide berth.
  14. According to data from the Zoe Study, which I've been a contributor to since almost day 1, Nottingham city has an estimated 67 active cases (200 per million) and that's higher than any of the surrounding districts. That's not a lot. Jab 2 for me on Sunday.
  15. Both my Sons had the MMR. All of my Grand children have had the MMR vaccine in the U.K. My Son , D - in Law and 3 Grandchildren went to live in the U.S.A and the grandchildren had to have a different version of MMR as the strains over there are not the same as here. There was little choice, not that it was a problem. Children have to attend school as a condition of the Visa. To attend school they have to have had the U.S version of MMR (or equivalent). No MMR, no Visa.