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  1. Someone's heard toilet rolls are back instock in the local supermarket???
  2. Re Driving to the Peaks the problem is the same as it was when National Trust closed the houses but left the parks open, same number of visitors but all outside. 1 person does it, someone else sees them and thinks it's a good idea and others follow suit.
  3. Probably trying to read the shopping list written by a Female.
  4. As Letsavagoo suggests it does look like a pocket watch chain fob, maybe a Company presentation watch for long sevice. Google image reverse search found this.
  5. CAN cause loss of taste as can many respiratory and other issues.
  6. When the picture is blown up in size, looking at the letters NAI they look well positioned so were most likely factory / expert produced Whereas the 1905 only the 19 looks well positioned, the 05 seem to have been added after by others. So I think would probably be a membership badge given on year of enrolling and that year added. However it could be a membership number and the badges were bought in batches of 100 pre engraved with the first 2 numbers. If it was membership I'd have expected the name to be on the back. If it was for a reward / Honour I'd expect that to be identified on the badge.
  7. The name Alan Surgey rings a bell from the 60's, can't remember whether he was older/younger/same age as me. I'd go for older so he would be 70 now? May have been at Arnold High or possibly Methodist Sunday School.
  8. Russ Abbot was at Freddie Starrs funeral last year, not seen him on any T.V for a while. Last T.V seems to be Boomers in 2014
  9. No problems for me using a P.C. Don't have a tablet and don't try on the phone, couldn't read it if I did.
  10. Just a thought from that picture, what are all the Pigeons (and the Rats) going to feed off now McDonalds and all the other takeaways are closed.?
  11. ISS is visible quite often, subject to no cloud cover. The location can be changed on the website;
  12. Re Chleo as with others they are saying no underlying issues. I read that to be, no known underlying issues. They may have had undetected issues which presumably would be discovered in post mortem and revealed at a later date.
  13. I've only heard a few things about N Korea on the news. They did have someone with the virus, presumably entering the Country, but isolated them in the early days They had 100 soldiers with it, strange that as I doubt soldiers are allowed to leave the Country so must have picked it up inside the Country. They've asked for help obtaining more test kits. And finally N.Korea fired more test missiles recently, landing in the Sea of Japan.