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  1. There appear to have been 1 or 2 mid air collisions in Notts over the years; 1956 1958 1966 1971 Plus 1 in Derbys 1955 It may be that some have got blurred together. There's a non verified list here;
  2. There were probably some leaves on those lines that coudn't be removed, so new bridge it was.
  3. I'm sure my Wife's wedding ring came from there,she worked for M&S across the road. That's one of the infamous Mr Gerald Ratners businesses, Who'd have thought a few words could cost so much. (approx £500m wiped of the value) Whilst speaking to a few businessmen he was asked, So Gerald “How can you sell this jewellery for such a low price?”, Gerald answers, “Because it’s total crap.”
  4. The only help I can be is that it's parked outside Pearsons, a shop which as a child I used to love going in.
  5. Brilliant, couldn't find it on Scania or Alexander-Dennis.
  6. I found a picture of the opposite side and there isn't any rail anywhere on that. Must be for trees then This bus has them both sides front;,_Reading,_2_April_2011.jpg
  7. I was looking all over at low level, then spotted it. First thought, deflecting Tree branches maybe? Or is that side front window an emergency exit.? And I woner if there is one on the opposite side rear?
  8. So what's it's all going to be replaced by. Student flats with Shops under or Shops with Student flats above??
  9. Did you read what the plan is?
  10. There was just on T.V, (half an hour ago ish,) a picture of Whaley Bridge res empty about 8 years ago when they carried out repairs and re-enforced the inner side of the spillway. Oh, I hear thunder in the background outside, looks like rain coming. Found an article from 2011, doesn't mention re-enforcing;
  11. Yes that earth embankment hasn't shown up on TV as big as it actually is. No-one has mentioned it on TV yet but Carsington is an Earth bank resevoir and that cracked and partially collapsed during construction.
  12. I assumed the concrete was historic but not original and water had got under it, initially through cracks then lifted it up and scoured the soil away.,+High+Peak/@53.3270113,-1.9891088,242m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487a35b9af05d563:0x4a4b4e120fd421b6!8m2!3d53.3298746!4d-1.9841743,-1.9895447,3a,30y,167.97h,85.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqF0gM-r-98WEhhqUbCZGbQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Looking at the video of the massive amounts of water running over it I wonder if it was just shear weight of water that dislodged the concrete being as it was just a skin. I'd imagine they'll be bolting and grouting it in as they do on embankments once things settle down.
  13. No I'm NOT a flat Earthist, but the curvature could have been caused by the glass in the plane window.
  14. No point going back, there wasn't any Cheese after all. Think the Man in the Moon must have eaten it all.