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  1. Yes it is a join. And there's another through the reptile centre next door, but not as perfect as the Informtion one.
  2. I'd like to present some evidence in the case of the missing Sherwood Police Premises. (p.s there's a link near the bottom of the page to 621) All images from Google maps, street views in the past. The first image labelled by Google as July 2008 is not easy to get, you need to be in exactly the right place on Mansfield Road to catch the past image. The address was 581a Mansfield Road Sherwood, even though 579a is one side and 581 is the other. (see snip from Traffweb at bottom of page) July 2008 Next image labelled by Go
  3. According to a paragraph in this article there were 45 AFS around Nottingham (presumably in the City as it mentions Nottingham City Police.)
  4. Col, the area used as a tip was excavated and carted off when Gala Bingo was built and Gala Way was constructed, later linking to Southglade Rd, thus restoring the levels roughly to pre tip times. Gala Way is quite a climb up to Southglade level, not apparent on the photo. Trees that are there now are new and I think your tree would have been on the line of Gala Way. The railway Oaks are still thriving. I planted a Canadian Maple in my garden when I moved in 30+ years ago (actually 2 but 1 didn't take) not quite swinging height, but give it another 50 years and it might
  5. Here's a map of the above, circled white. M1 J26 just off the top centre
  6. Yes, saw that D.J. It's been missing from around the Castle, hence the project to restore it there. I think I've been digging them up for years in my garden, I'm going to watch out for them now. My garden tends to be "Natural", I only dig out the rampant weeds. Other 'natural' things I find are, rusty bolts, lumps of iron and in 33 years only 1 broken wagon plate.
  7. Pay via app on mobile, 12p per minute. Driving Licence required, Provisional as a minimum, so minimum age also 16. The built in tracking / geofencing only allows completion of the hire if it's left in one of the many approved locations.
  8. OH,, Brother B.K you've failed, there's no hope now it's got you hooked. Were you shouting out the next stop name before the tram got there? I resisted, I went to Wickes to buy some decorative stone gravel to tidy up my block paving edges. I wonder if anyone else succombed but won't admit to it? And no, I didn't have an anorak / backpack whilst on the tube.
  9. Not only have I not watched that video, I've never been on the Tram either. However at weekends when I was on a 6 week training course in London in the late 60's I travelled every underground route end to end (except the circle Line ! ) and visited almost all the stations. Victoria Line was under construction at that time.
  10. Photo is 1934.
  11. The solitary Chick, with no name as yet, things he's found a new friend.
  12. He's still alive according to the reports. If I was a betting person I'd have bet he wasn't still around.
  13. Just testing, still not ready yet.
  14. "Defintely too windy for my first Test flight today, I think I'll leave it till tomorrow.."