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  1. AS above post, in a showroom at 14.45
  2. CEX are buying the Boon sets for £15
  3. I've got a friend who was with BULB, he's been with a few others in the past, some of whom have folded. He was transfered to BULB as his previous supplier folded on his first day with them. He's all electric with storage heaters. From the start BULB said they couldn't get readings from his Smart Meter and needed manual readings, he tried to get them but even with help from BULB couldn't. BULB said they'd book a meter reader, no-one ever turned up in the 18 months he was with them. He managed to get some readings but the bills were always high. Prior to him
  4. BeeKay Was The Larkins filmed in Kent? Yes! Given the rural Kent backdrop was just as much a key part of the show as the Larkins themselves, the show could hardly neglect the Southern county. However, the show did not reuse Buss Farm in Pluckley, which was of course the iconic home farm used in the original Darling Buds of May – instead the series was filmed on a different Kent farm, which has not been identified. Production then moved to the surrounding areas of Kent for scenes that were not farm-related, including the villages of Underriver, Eynsford and West Peckham
  5. I remember the original with David Kossoff. (Larkins) And watched the remake with David Jason. (Darling Buds of May) Caught half of last nights and the Darling Buds of May was referenced, so Larkins / Darling Buds of May must go hand in hand.
  6. I'd seen the photos in the past but unsure where. I Googled Players Sherwood rise and in one of the results spotted this text and clicked on the link; There was another photo there which I've also seen before Photo Credit : Stephen Mayes
  7. Here's an advert relating to Wells Rd but I can't see any date on it or the PDF linked on the advert. A bit of concrete should been enough to preserve the planning. My Son owns a farm with planning for development of the outbuildings, all we had to do there, with agreement from the Planning Officer was to lift up the stone floor in one and remove the timber upper floor in another.
  8. This is it I believe, or rather bits of it. 2nd photo by Robert Lee, guessing the first one is as well. (not from nottstalgia)
  9. I'm sure there's photos of it on here somewhere from a previous thread.
  10. On a plan attached to the planning application for the flats, the land shows as a Crane Depot from 1968. On a 1978 plan it's just a Depot. On a plan dated 1966 it appears to be the original garden? layout with no buildings shown. Planning for the flats lapsed in 2020, unless someone has done some work to consider the development started. The planned flats sit above a parking area.
  11. On the left looking down, from here;
  12. Looks like it was the garden for the house / shop on Woodborough Rd in 1938.
  13. I only ever remember it as a sunken car park with a modernish building on it in the 70's/ 80's. May have been Don Greenwood Cardboard boxes, (same D.G as the founder of the Private Hire car company.) Looks like Google managed to go in there by mistake;,-1.1306051,3a,75y,332.21h,79.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4UEmDltktDH5A2CXcBkPqQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  14. Lambley Lane has now re-opened , via a short section of the Gedling access road;