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  1. Are you following this person, that seems to be the only individual user setting ,
  2. And regenerative only adds a small bit to the battery.
  3. Filled in and built on, apparently there's a manhole cover to get down into it,,-1.1544169,258m/data=!3m1!1e3 Where it was when first planned;
  4. Agree. Donnington; Actual cause, Pilot(s) error in shutting off the "Wrong", working engine. Real cause, Boeing making undeclared design changes leading to the pilots making an incorrect diagnosis. 737 Max, (x2) Boeing making undeclared design changes leaving the pilots unable to make a correct diagnosis.
  5. I flew from the U.K to Egypt in 1951 when I was 6 months old and back around a year later. Can't remember a thing about the flight or Egypt, although I doubt it was direct flight so we must also have stopped to refuel somewhere.
  6. Margarita did well out Clive;
  7. Well it wouldn't be daft if it was an Electric car..but I'm guessing it's not
  8. Maintains his innocence therefore if correct he could not know where the body is, although the evidence appears to suggest otherwise. If he'd have admitted guilt at the trial, whether correct or not he'd have probably been out 15 years ago or more.
  9. This is a 1965 Daimler Majestic (seems to be same shape from at least 1960)
  10. I've got 2 cars, both Auto, neither with flappy paddles tho'.. Both do have manual up / down shift option. I've had 3 others in previous years out of a total of 21 or so cars /van. Modern autos are as if not more fuel efficient compared to manual. Partly because of the number of gears 6,7,8,9 or 10, partly because they are computer controlled. If new combustion engined cars were going to be around in the future they would all have been auto's. As they'll all be electric they don't need gears, except maybe commercials
  11. I don't know where on James st they were, but looking at shop styles I'd say one of these, no butchers on there anywhere;,-1.2576492,3a,75y,158.19h,81.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s913OvUaMFKr5CFxK805DRw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  12. Yes the bit that didn't escape out the gaps in the building
  13. I started ACHS in 1962 and it was leaking and starting to fall apart then. Several of the buildings had been replaced. It was prefab, built using the CLASP system originally known as Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme , of which Notts CC were a leading player. Start to finish I believe was 18months. but later known as, Collection of loosely Assembled Steel Parts, (which were full of asbestos.) So in terms of fabric, it certainly wasn' the best Plus we used to get an oil slick in the Quad play area from the heating oil pipe that used to leak regularly.
  14. Have to disagree, ACHS it is. I think that makes it 2 all.
  15. Northern Ireland have used a mandatory R plate for years for novices with speed restrictions as well The Republic of Ireland use an N.