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  2. Quote Phil Mayfield,, I couldn't get black pudding from our farm shop last Saturday. Someone had just been in and bought 20!! Maybe they had prior knowledge of them being Outlawed soon and were stockpling?? Oh Crap, can't say "Outlawed" as Outlaws were usually white Male and should now be represented by all Genders and all races.
  3. I'd not heard of them either CLIFF TON till I googled electric trams Nottingham. I found them wanting the track sections on the road to be finished in weeks not years like in Beeston laughable. Do they not realise all utilities have to be removed from under the track route, where they follow the route and those across the route relaid in ducting as they won't be accessible in the future and that has to be done one utility at a time. Just a list of the obvious ones, Gas, Water, Telephone both local and National Trunk network cables and others that can't be mentioned
  4. In the ((very) long) time it would take to get the Electric Tram route(s) finalised, finance sorted and Legislation for it through Parliament, the City council would have plenty of time to open up the Thurland St tunnel for visitors /tours and recoupe the costs. Is it actually a City Council proposal or just the thetram unofficial group, who's thoughts on how fast the new network should be completed border somewhere between totally unrealistic and fantasy.
  5. It's looked worse, B-K,-1.1721462,3a,75y,156.58h,78.72t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sd9yF6hQmNt3ADc0eYYVXYw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  6. Are the trees still there? I suspect that may be a crane on a Sunday (possibly more than one) and Porchester road closure.
  7. NO. Still fake. 2 clues; The NHS UK don't use the term Covid travel certificate NHS UK call it a PASS And the NHS would not give a deadline NHS Northern Ireland do use the term I've just sorted out all the tests / bookings / paperwork etc required to travel to Spain /from Spain for a couple of friends and Covid travel certificate doesn't ever get mentioned. It may appear identical to the NHS site but it's all fake to con people into parting with money, well actually parting with Card details that can be used or sold on elsewh
  8. NHS asking you to apply for a Covid travel certificate? It is to allow European travel. Fake, Scam
  9. Even if it is easy to fake a Lateral Flow, a positive outcome will have consequences for the rest of the household and will need an immediate follow up PCR test. If I was in a household where anyone tested positive with a Lateral flow, whether a child or not, I'd want to see another test done in front of me.
  10. Was that this one, said to be one of three but it has an Ops room. 15000 sq ft total site. Jump to 5.30 in the video
  11. I googled "Why is Britainfromabove off line" a week or so ago after I'd been failing to get on and spotted this link in the returns
  12. Yes I've got 3 cards in total, but they aren't any use for proof of vaccination. You can get proof of vaccination either by phoning 119 or using the NHS app or online. Printed copies are only valid 30 days. A couple of friends have just had the paper version via 119 for travel to Spain. Only took 5 days and that was including Xmas.
  13. There is also a Planning application to remove the 7 Sycamores (TPO) on Porchester and replace with "Hornbeam (Carpinus betulu)". I doubt the Sycamores would survive given the excavation required to provide underground (with respect to Porchester rd) car parking.
  14. There was previous planning approval for 10 flats, (Jan 2014) That may have expired or may have been preserved by some initial work being started before the expiry date. Also another for the same scheme in June 2017. Total Reclaims are doing the demolition, according to the planning application. Their methodology, as submitted in the planning application for demolition, stipulates hand demolition initially due to the proximity of the neighbouring building, extract below,, Slight correction on earlier statement, now removed,