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  1. Nonna B When they say 60+ they mean 60 to 65 They've been doing 5 year blocks so anyone 65 to 70 like me got letters 2 weeks ago. Some people had been using a website link for Healthworkers of any age to book a jab when they weren't Health workers and the centres doing the jab weren't asking for I.D as they should have. 1 Residents in a care home for older adults and staff working in care homes for older adults 2 All those 80 years of age and over and frontline h
  2. Lizzie, My Son's got the opposite problem. He's living and working in the U.S with 6 years left on his work Visa, but cannot come to the U.K to hoiliday, visit and to arrange selling his house over here which he's been wanting to do for nearly a year as he's bought a house over there. If he does come over to the U.K he won't be allowed back into the U.S. He's got a Green Card Residency permit application in, from nearly 2 years ago and it's due to be issued any day now, when it is he would be allowed back in.
  3. P.P Payne according to the thread below according to philmayfield I know Paynes later moved from Sherwood to Giltbrook or thereabouts as we had a friend who worked there and lived just down the road, Paynes laid on a bus from the old place for staff. Metal Box may have been later.
  4. My neighbour has a WestiPoo. She previously has a Westi (West Highland Terrier)
  5. Photo Reg Baker 1979
  7. Falcons are back again this year. Both cameras working again.
  8. I'm sure it was him I took a portable generator to have fixed a few years ago.
  9. Might have been a lovely building but a developer thinks they'll get lots of lovely money for the 34 Appartments, some of them with added money for River view. (River Trent at top of picture) 5 floors plus Penthouse on 6th by the river 4 floors on the Wilford Lane block Plans approved in 2018
  10. I had the Pfizer one on Saturday and all I got was a bit of an aching arm the next day, just as though someone had stuck a needle in it.. I had it done at Lenton, Old Central studios, apparently Johnathan Van Tamm, him off the tele, was there earlier doing his bit injecting people, he didn't do me.
  11. CNT 925C (blue) is on the DVLA database showing tax due December 1980, but new V5 issued April 1987.
  12. Me too Denshaw, was there at 3.50. booked yesterday after the letter and text came from NHS england followed by another letter, different version, today from NHS Nottingham. Apart from no obvious directions to the entrance from the car park, all went smooth and quick.
  13. The last I read Lizzie was it was too risky to attempt getting to it while the river is high. They know where it is but can't physically see it let alone get inside or recover it. They had a remote mini submersible in there but couldn't see anything. I'd guess the Police will keep quiet about it now until recovered. It may also need a large crane and all that's required to get it in position
  14. Text today at 11.50 followed by an NHS letter through the door half hour later. City Hosp, just down the road, no appointments at all. Forest, only next Wednesday same day I'm having a new bed delivered. QMC, no appointments at all. Kings Meadow (old Central studios) I'm booked in for tomorrow