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  1. BK, The road over Clifton Bridge turned to clifton just off the picture above, but in the top left corner of the map below. The road up the Nottm Knight didn't exist, but you can see the gap they left for it.
  2. David. Yes Sean and Stanley Baker and McGoohan Hell Drivers, the one with the mirror in the floor. They were all racing to get the highest number of loads from the quarry. The good guys won in the end.
  3. I rented a black and white T.V the first year we got married. Then a colour for the second year. (both from Southwell Tv rentals, way cheaper than the national TV rental co's) Then bought a colour in the third year. I've never rented any other domestic appliance, I bought a second hand washer, Hoover Keymatic, for the first one, then always new afterwards. I would think for the millions?? of people who currently rent houses and flats then renting appliances is not a strange idea, especially if they're younger and always want the latest models.
  4. Picture no 29 as above, says 1930, but is is Nottingham (close enough for us) Post, so it will be as dated 29-2-1932 Britain from above have photos 1931 / 32 showing Aspley well developed
  5. Re The Castle, This is a statement made on Jan 9th by the "Portfolio holder for Culture and Leisure at the City Council" He said: "We have already seen the development of an emerging new plan and proposals for operating the Castle. Whilst I cannot give you a definite date today, I can assure you that work is taking place at pace and I will be in a position to make further public announcements, including on when the Castle will reopen its doors, later this month." So to me that reads, later this month they will make an announcement about the date the Ca
  6. I took the 11+ at Arno Vale in 1962. I don't remember doing it, I don't remember being aware it was any particular day, I must have been aware it was going to happen. I do remember passing and having the choice of Arnold High or Henry Mellish, I chose Arnold High
  7. Majestic is listed (Sept 2020) so is unlikely to be demolished now. The Haunted museum moved to Hopkinsons on Station street. Recent photos inside the Majestic in link below;
  8. Brick is still by far the most popular choice of external material for U.K houses and is still common on new commercial buildings. The outer leaf on a cavity wall is decorative, not load bearing, so could be replaced by a variety of other materials. If Insulate Britain had the intelligence to organise a proper and successful campaign to insulate all houses, then brick would disappear under insulation and a thin render skim. And if it was all rushed through in the ridiculous timescale they suggest I doubt the render or insulation will stay on the walls for many years.
  9. Ibstock Dorket head currently have clay reserves till 2034. And have access to another 25 years of clay,(2.7m cu mtrs) at current useage rates, across the road close to where Podder Spares are, maybe still subject to planning approval I believe. And there's probably millions of tons of suitable clay in the surrounding fields for the future. I suspect Dorket Head was chosen as the survivior site out of all the other brickworks due to it's access to large clay reserves, without having to knock down all the houses built around the other brickworks. But as with co
  10. I can do you 2 for the price of one and I remember going to the Co-op in Arnold to get them. sometimes they were pre weighed / packed, sometimes done on demand.
  11. Similar view today. The old photo is White City Greyhound Track, closed down in 1970. The new track within Nottm Racecourse opened in 1980, I went to the new track once as I had friends who ran dogs, didn't bet, didn't loose..
  12. ROG 1 appears to be for sale at the moment if you want to fulfill your aspirations, Just £83798 (inc vat, hence strange figure)
  13. Fear not Beekay, work is due to start next year,, However I'm not convinced that the longest bench in the U.K is going to be such a good idea. It'll be perfect for cyclists, both pedal and electric, scooterists, skateboarders, skaters, freerunners to do stunts on and off and come nightfall a good place for some of the homeless to sleep on. It may also prove to be a good place for drug dealin
  14. Don't know which one the picture is of, from here, 3rd page,,