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  1. Stuart.C

    Whatever happened to......?

    Sherwood Rooms /Astoria
  2. Stuart.C

    Whatever happened to......?

    Still one at Ocean, but don't know if he has a cart, I'd imagine they got driven off the streets by Environmental Health
  3. Stuart.C

    Top Gear

    I was so convinced about how good it would be I didn't waste any time bothering to watch it. Clarkson and co. were good and the show WAS great, but I'd stopped watching it before they sacked him. If they changed the cast in the Archers and moved the setting to Milton Keynes, would the original listeners still follow it, I doubt. It's time to drop the name Top Gear, it's just causing confusion and comparison to the original.
  4. Stuart.C

    Car Number Plates

    I'd have been rolling on the ground laughing at the £375,000, let alone the £381,916.67. I believe that if and when these priced plates actually sell then they don't go for anything like the advertised price. In 51 years of car ownership I've always resisted the temptation to spend money on number plates and I've never seen the point of having your own initials. I've had a few cars that came with low numbers or tidy lookin numbers but untill last year I've never paid for one. I spent a whole £250 direct from DVLA including fees, for a car specific plate.
  5. Stuart.C

    Talbot Street

    Let me guess Trent Poly (no it's not a proper Uni, it was a Tech College when I went there.) Student accomodation.
  6. Stuart.C

    Wilford Road

    Someone's wide a wake today, Outside the Revenue building opposite Waterway Street,,-1.1520114,3a,30y,278.46h,84.48t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sO6KYji60_ZNA3BMQp7OfxQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  7. Stuart.C

    Wilford Road

  8. Stuart.C

    Car Number Plates

    My Son is living and working in AZ, I was there 2 years ago and loved the look of the plates. Found an example but apparently is a banned plate.
  9. Stuart.C


    I'm on the first road, Rugby. Found this recently 1913., Hucknall, Nottinghamshire&latitude=53.035660&longitude=-1.211072 If you zoom in (top left of screen) on where Southglade Rd / Rigleys is, it shows the 1913 map with all the farms before Bestwood and with current layout very faint in the background. Use the slider in the top right of screen and you can fade the current layout in.
  10. Stuart.C


    Yes I live on the Old Rigleys site. Been here since they were first built and have been digging up old wagon bolts and lumps of steel in the garden ever since. Apparently Rigleys used to burn all the wood from the wagons, I think in what's now my back garden..
  11. Stuart.C


    I live between Bulwell and Southglade Park. I can assure you there is no Posh end, just our little Posh Island that the Police helicopter uses to hover over most Friday evenings looking into Bestwood.
  12. Stuart.C


    Yes Prescriptions over 60 Free TV Licence over 75, NO, not anymore after 2020. Bus / Tram pass Free eye test, although most people get free tests at most opticians. Seniors discount in some food establishments. I've recently been to New Zealand and got Seniors discounted entry to most tourist type places.
  13. Stuart.C


    The problem is remembering those memories
  14. Stuart.C

    Global warming

    It's cold, that's why.
  15. Stuart.C

    Free TV licences for over 75’s

    7 years short for me for the TV licence. But at least I got my State Pension entitilement at 65.