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  1. I worked for a maintenance company in the 90's that had MOD contracts (via 3rd parties). They had to adopt BS5750, then later ISO 9001 etc, in order to continue working on those contracts, that meant of course that the whole company including the contract I worked on (not MOD) had to adopt it. In the end it most of the major companies had it as a condition of tendering.
  2. And magically they reappear, some of them in their normal relaxed pose.,-1.163194,3a,75y,193.71h,67.13t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stQDMQDMd0m9s3GbVij9P9A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  3. Similar thinking here Bk. I'm expecting to be driving down the road one day and to be met by a host of riderless e-Scooters coming towards me. You can tell by the way they gather that they've got evil intent planned.
  4. B-K Person / Woman / Man in a van drives around and changes the batteries, presumably the E scooter reports its battery state to it's control centre. I've seen someone doing it. I'd assume it's probably the same person who collects up the excess scooters at any location and moves them to places they know there is greater demand. They're all tracked so they know exactly how many are in any location and the demand at any location.
  5. Just watched Sherwood episode 3. I'm going to have to see the series to the end now, I need answers. The plot or rather plots, thicken.
  6. I watched episode 1 and 2 of Sherwood on i-Player last night. If I'd only watched episode 1 when first broadcast I'd have probably not continued with the series. As Engineer I was confused over the time it was set in, firstly by the interior design of the modern houses, then the Smartphones, and thinking the producers had messed up, but the 70 plate car and other modern vehicles convinced me it's set recently. I remember the new Bride death and the searching in Annesley woods but not the crossbow in the street death. I can see the reasoning for the ser
  7. Old overlaid with new showing the steps from Cranmer St.
  8. Sadly no Barrie but his widow appears to still be around, From Nottm Live, Jennifer added: "It's a little gem which was part of Nottingham's history that was quite important to the city for a long time. It would be a shame for it to be hidden away and lost and we are potentially opening it up to the public in a fun way." There will be three themed escape rooms at the site, named Judges Escape Emporium as a nod to the bakery which was built in 1860 and taken over by C.W. Judge in 1889. The bakery, which had no drainage, moved to Mapperley in 1912 but shop above rema
  9. I'm supposed to do what,, jump and flap some feathers? I'm only 6 weeks old you know.
  10. Paddling pool Closed in may this year,
  11. B.K Escape room is where a group of (usually strangers) are locked in a room and to Escape they have to solve a set of clues which lead to releasing the door lock or way out. The rooms usually have a theme of some sort either to confuse or assist clue solving. Rooms have different levels of difficulty and people pay for the privelidge. Some companies use them for "Team building" I've never done one, not interested, but have watched a couple of films based on the idea. They seem to getting popular in the U.K now, just an example,
  12. Jill, there's some pictures inside in a article about it's new use as an escape room,
  13. The property with the sign on is 155 Woodthorpe Drive, where Judges bakery was. The property that the photographer is standing by is 1 or 3 Plains Rd, that would have been where Hudsons was, so 2 separate businesses? Maybe Hudsons moved out of 155 and into 3. Maybe no.1 was the Household stores?
  14. Whatever was used to over paint the original sign appears to have washed off or faded away, leaving only the original and later black lettering. In chronological order of painting it appears to have said, HUDSON'S HOUSEHOLD STORES Then either modified to, HUDSON'S HOUSEHOLD STORE or to JUDGES HOUSEHOLD STORE I can't imagine why Hudsons would have just changed the bottom line so suspect that Judges Household Store was more likely.
  15. Chicks having rings fitted a couple of days ago, gives you an idea of how big they actually are at around 3 weeks old.