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  1. Maybe this helps with the roofs. I think this view is looking back through the area that later became NCV. Houses in the background are Southglade Road / Andover road The roofs are 2 of at least 3 as there is the start of one on the extreme left Below is a view in 1951, note the triple northern light shed roof on the sidings. If the photo was taken off the end of the Platform for Bulwell Common station the scene would be the same. I've seen a reference in my search re Rigleys of them possibly having a shed on the Common sidings. Now go back to the first photo and look at the lettering facing out on the roofs, possibly another mystery solved. G L E Y
  2. Aldi have boxes of assorted heat shrink from time to time.
  3. Can't see anything in the nest, they must have nipped outside Macdonalds for lunch.
  4. I'd have stood in the Post Office and eaten the fudge then sent a cheque for £3.40 and asked him to buy his own. We're not exactly short of Aldi's in and around Greater Nottingham, there must be at least 20 with plenty more planned.
  5. Re the garbage, it's been there for years, I've seen it on older videos. It's been tipped down one of the Pepperpot air shafts presumably through a hole in the side as they stand up from the ground. There are only 3, one on Woodthorpe side, one you can see on the New road video just to the right of the road and the other is at the back of the area of what has in more recent years been Woodthorpe Scout Hut. I suspect it was from previous land user, not the Scouts. Viewed at low level in this link picture no 2, Viewed from above;
  6. Apparently he collected Laundry, much to the annoyance of the owners..
  7. And the new houses to be built next to Brooklands garden centre just along the plains. And all the new houses to be built close to Stoke Bardolf. And quite a few other small developments about the area. There's a visualisation video down the route here;
  8. I'll take a guess, it's an old machine identity plate (working on more helpfull response now) Lots of chatter on here from former employees; Instructional film /video video of one of their ironing machines; i
  9. They won't be hanging about with the new road, completion of it is a condition of completion of building the bulk the new houses on Gedling pit site.
  10. Bridgford Hotel /Civic Centre site Pictures here;
  11. Maybe that's the bulletproof / bomb proof glass that's distorting the colour. I've got nets on my upstairs front windows and front door. I did have Vertical blinds when I first moved in the house but got rid of them after about 10 years, horrible things to keep clean. Net curtains are so easy to wash.
  12. Its the building on the corner of Hucknall rd / Haydn road, self storage and others now , but might have been Meridian originally
  13. Yes going to have to agree it's not Wollaton Hall, I'm assuming it's viewed from Woodthorpe flats