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  1. This should be it.
  2. I had mine last week and when I asked about waiting they said don't go out and jump in your car and drive immediately. Wasn't a problem as I had a 10 minute walk from Bulwell Riverside Centre to back of Wilkos car park, made it there O.K so got in and drove home. The only effect I had was a slightly tender jab site on my arm the next day.
  3. 1973 Pearts, from Picture Nottm
  4. First photo of the final resting place, no credit shown but came from;
  5. The King George V1 vault was built for 3 monarchs and their partners. It's said that King George didn't want to be buried with the rest of the previous Monarchs Requested and paid for by QE2 King George VI QE2 KIng Charles III (or a.n.other if Charles didn't make it) Princess Margaret was cremated as there was no room for her otherwise in the vault. Just to note, the cost of QE2's funeral is split (unkown cost as yet, between UK Gov and the Royal family)
  6. There's been a delay in both live T.V and live Radio transmissions for many years. On the occasions they have to use the magic button to cut the transmission if someone is swearing or something else happens, then they loose the delay. However by the magic of technology for the following few minutes they slow down the transmission from real time to recover the delay. What you tend to notice more nowadays however is the delay when a satellite link is used, sometimes for a single camera. If you watch a major event like the current one where all channels are cover
  7. B-K, I'll do a bit of a guide tomorrow for you.
  8. B-K, yes the link Rob put up, this is what you see. You can rewind and see historic info, This was the C.17 leaving yesterday.
  9. I followed the C17a from when it was near to landing at Edinburgh, caught it by chance. Then later as it took off, then again as it neared Northolt to land, but didn't follow the middle bit of the flight.
  10. Just got Covid jab invite and have booked for this Saturday.
  11. I'll wait till I'm invited for a Covid jab as I'm due a follow up PSA blood test soonso don't want too many holes in my arm and don't want to confuse the testing.
  12. I've declined a Shingles jab. I've got a Flu jab booked at G.P in early October. I've not been offered a Covid boost yet.
  13. Think it depends on which century you were in, seems to vary slightly over the years;
  14. Re the Silver / Black hearses. I've just found the reg number of the second hearse ,WP 3283 and it will be no surprise that DVLA think it's also a Silver car. I'd guess that black cars were specified and the silver hearses had a black wrap hastily stuck on them. As the hearses and funeral directors were "Operating under the Lord Chamberlains authority" and were part of a Police Scotland convoy then I doubt any offence of not notifying colour change has been committed.
  15. Maybe this explains the uniform.