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  1. Skegness was open the other day as well, apparently Hays are opening all of them to start with. Depends on rent agreements if they continue.
  2. Took a bit of playing around but got there. It shows as West Bridgford and has a lower number of deaths than shown elsewhere;
  3. Meadow Lane gates were made in 1886; Incinerator Rd gates made in the same year 1886; Didn't realise they were Grade II Listed;
  4. The four octagonal structures are either; Anti tank gun pits,,, unlikely Anti Aircraft gun pits,, quite possibly Riffle and ammunition storage pits,, most likely
  5. All pictures from 1923 St Marys top centre for reference; 1934 houses have disappeared ; 1949, St Marys in the middle of the picture, looks like the Council houses are up, top / middle right of picture;
  6. From here, bottom of page; When the site had been made safe a small area of the chancel was fitted with a temporary roof and a limited number of services were held. With the reduced population numbers of the parish and the preference of the City Council to redevelop the area for commercial use, the church of St John the Baptist Leenside was finally closed and demolished in 1946 ending its one hundred and two years of service.
  7. Why the enquiry about the location? Is someone in the picture known? Is it Definitely Nottingham, if it's a school team they could have been playing away in the County?
  8. One of my Ancestors hid in an Oak tree with some bloke called Charles II. Don't know what they got up to but Charles was quite gratefull.
  9. Someone's not telling Porkies here are they??
  10. I bought a couple of kids bikes from his shop in the 70's. I suspect at least half of Nottingham did as well. My last ex partner lived in one of his posssibly hundreds of rented flats /houses for a couple of years. She found him surprisingly approachable considering he was a property Landlord and he always got problems sorted quickly.
  11. You associate red cars with strong, outgoing people who can be a bit bossy.” Completely the opposite to me, I don't know why I was ever attracted to Red cars then.
  12. Both my cars are Grey (metallic). One is a Focus Estate and the other one is probably not age appropriate, although I know at least one person my age or older with similar. I've had 2 Red cars in the past, the paint faded on both.
  13. Assuming it's Nottingham, Looking at the size and spacing of the houses in the background, it's somewhere like Beeston, West Bridgford or Wollaton,, maybe.
  14. From here; (being at the bottom of Coppice Road, now Ransom Road. By 1851) From the bottom of Coppice Road and up to Mapperley were gardens and the Rifle Range (the Butts) where the local Volunteer Regiment did their firing practice. That may be the area down from the Huts